"Fortune" Review

This album was created for the HATERS! Just when I thought Chris Brown’s career would evaporate after his last album, he proved me and his haters wrong by dropping this album which let the world know that he is not going ANYWHERE! This album is easily a classic and is bound to be deemed one of Chris Brown’s best albums, however “F.A.M.E.” is still currently my favorite Chris Brown album.

I will state that this album has less “jamz” than his previous albums and is clad with more ballads than usual. Also, an avid Chris Brown fan (like myself) will notice that the structure of his songs are similar to most of his previous songs which is fine because his previous songs were amazing. Why not duplicate success? If you are looking for songs to blast in your car and get crazy with, this is probably not the way to go. However, if you need a new album that provides great music that you can FEEL and sing along to… I suggest “Fortune”. My favorite song on the album is DEFINITELY “Till I die” featuring Big Sean, although the song “Mirage” is sitting at a close second. Check out the album and tell me what you think on the comments below!


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