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[FEATURE] Eva Marcille: Why We Love Her!

If you don’t know who Eva Marcille is, I’m going to assume you are well-rested because you’ve been SLEEP! She first caught our eye when she won season 3 of the hit series “America’s Next Top Model” and has since been reminding us why we love her. Now-a-days, we can catch Miss Eva Marcille on our television screens on “Girlfriend Confidential: LA” every Monday at 11PM on the Oxygen Network. Whether it is blazing runways, guest starring on different shows or being the diva that she is on her own show, Eva has never lost sight of her real passion: Fashion! Let’s take a look of the fashionista throughout the years:


"Chrissy and Mr. Jones" Premieres Monday!

The moment that we have been waiting for is almost here: Vh1’s new series “Chrissy and Mr. Jones” premieres on the the network September 24th at 9:30PM. The series will be following one of hip-hop’s most edgiest couple. The rollercoaster of their relationship will all be on our screens; touchy subjects such as children, marriage, and moving out are all on the table for the couple. The usual suspects are still in the picture: Emily B, Mama Jones and Freddie (Mama Jones’ right-hand man). To cure the overwhelming anxiety that us viewers have for the new series, Vh1 has released the first episode of the series on their blog.

Watch the premiere episode of “Chrissy and Mr. Jones” here: 

So, what do you guys think of the new series? 

On My Radar: Caskey

I really don’t even know where to start with this one. It ALL began when I came across a track titled “Dope Sh*t” through internet hunting. From there, research was done on the newly signed Cash Money Artist, Caskey, and… a groupie was formed. YES! You heard correctly: I am officially a Caskey groupie. As you readers know, I was starting to give up on rap altogether because the market was over-saturated with untalented wannabes with real talent sprinkled here and there. Listening to Caskey’s mixtape was the b*tch slap I needed to wake up and realize that rap is not dead.

The Orlando-based rapper made his name with his mixtape “No Complaints” and caught the attention of rap mogul Cash Money’s Birdman. Caskey’s mixtape was filled with something that many rap albums and mixtapes are missing now: real lyrics. I mean, to be honest, I’ve never been so motivated to hustle till I heard “No Complaints”… which says a lot because I heard “God Forgives, I Don’t.” 
This is the most excited I’ve gotten for the signing of a rapper since Drake got signed which, as we can all see, turned out to be a good deal. But will Caskey be the new Drake, or the new Weezy? My guess: no. Caskey will be the new category of rap that future aspiring rappers try to be. Don’t believe me? Caskey decided to give Baby and us listeners a treat by releasing “Cash Money Records 100 Bars” where he declares his spot in the rap game with a smooth flow over mixed Cash Money classics. Not the most creative title, but Caskey decided to leave the creativity for the flow
I know what you are thinking and you know I got the answer: Where can you get more Caskey? 
Twitter: @Caskey407
Download Caskey’s Mixtape “No Complaints” HERE!

Recap: "Bad Girls Club" Episode 10

Oh, the thirst is getting real this season on BGC because the girls are starting to look just as messy and weak as the girls last season! Specifically, the girls this season are turning to jumping and forcefully driving the girl that they are jealous of and threatened by out of the house. These girls are unique in their technique to drive Andrea out the house and do what I’ve never seen before on BGC… we will get to that in a moment!
Andrea takes Rima’s advice in apologizing to Ashley for her “fat sl*t” comment in the previous episode and approaches Ashley with a less than sincere apology. In fact, Andrea lets Ashley know that Rima put her up to the apology. The girls continue their side-eyeing around Andrea and continue to plot to remove Andrea out the house and Andrea’s only friend in the house, Zuly, refuses to get in the middle and help her out. As of now, I don’t know what to think of Zuly. I am a firm believer that if you do nothing, you are doing something and as a friend to Andrea, she should at least try to remove Andrea from the situation when the girls get to fighting. 
The girls all take a trip on a booze cruise where they do what they do the best: drink and party. They finally make contact with men and, like prison escapees, the girls have no idea how to act around men and jump their bones. I’m talking making out with complete strangers, humping, the whole nine yards. When they return to the house, Julie and Ashley are still sexually flustered and begin to look at each other a bit differently. This leads to some hot jacuzzi action between the two.

Still the outcast, Andrea decides to go out for a night of partying alone at the Pink Kitty. Forced to party alone, Andrea summons some random girls from the club to join her in VIP and orders some bottle service. Andrea takes a bathroom break and returns to her table to find the other girls in the house at her table drinking her liquor. To be honest, when I saw that, I instantly thought that Andrea was going to go crazy and fight all the girls especially when the girls got loud and tried to kick Andrea out of her own table. Andrea saved her energy for when the girls returned to the house and approached Ashley after the club because Ashley was the rudest with Andrea at the club.

Things between Ashley and Andrea escalated really quick when Andrea got to pushing Ashley’s buttons leading Ashley to push Andrea… only to get DROPPED by Andrea. It is true: the bigger they are, the harder they fall. Don’t let Andrea’s size fool you because Andrea DEFINITELY wins the fight knocking Ashley down to the ground and delivering a beating that Ashley didn’t see coming. The girls turn to assist Ashley out and security intervenes. Later on, the girls decide that… Andrea has to go, gathering her things and forcefully packing her things for her. When Andrea fights back, the girls grab her stuff (including Andrea’s best friend: her stuffed Monk-Monk) and throw them in the ocean. YES, you heard correctly. The girls throw Andrea’s things in the OCEAN! After retrieving her things, Andrea approaches Julie about this stunt which only leads to 4 on 1 girl jump on Ashley… and cut! 
Next week, things get really crazy when the girls grab Andrea’s things and throw them out of a moving car on the side of the street! Oh, this sh*t is crazy! I’ve never seen so much effort go into throwing a girl out of the house but I sure hope that Andrea holds her own! #TeamAndrea!

Recap: "Girlfriend Confidential LA" Episode 3

Hmmm… I got some mixed emotions about this week’s episode. My reactions, like these girls, were all over the place but at the end we all got it together! Following last week’s episode, Denyce has distanced herself from the rest of the group. Missing their girl, Eva, Nikki and Kelly meet for a dinner to discuss how they plan on getting their boo back. After throwing around some ideas, the girls decide to do a surprise “intervention-like” meeting with Denyce. Kelly is in charge of delivering Denyce to Eva’s house which she gets accomplished but not without a fight. Denyce walks in suspecting a possible “intervention” and warns the girls that she is not having it. The ladies discuss the events that transpired at Eva’s barbeque and Denyce catches all the girls off guard when she offers an apology for her actions.

I, personally, don’t think that Denyce is crazy. Denyce is a strong, tried woman who is trying to deal with her cards as best as she can. An example of this is when Denyce tells the girls that she googled “anger management.” SEE! Denyce knows she needs help, too! Well, the conversation turns sour quickly when Eva suggests a life coach and Kelly suggests medical attention. Not excited that Kelly thinks that Denyce has mental issues, Denyce still talks to the girls with an open mind and understands that since it’s coming from her girls, it is just love and concern.

Nikki is dealing with some issues of her own as she tries to run away from a “problem” of hers. Miss Nikki recently met her father for the first time since she was 6 years old and is unable to figure out exactly how she plans to build a relationship with him again. This is understandable but Nikki ignoring her father’s phone calls may not be the best solution. Nikki seeks some advice from a friend who went through a similar situation with their father… Terrell Owens. T.O. advises Nikki that it’s fine to move at her own pace but closing her father out may not be the best option: proceed with caution. After many screened calls later, Nikki finally answers her father’s phone call and things go all but slowly when Nikki’s father tells her he wants to fly out to L.A. to meet up with her. This, of course, makes Nikki squirm but she maintains her composure… like a lady.

Eva’s career seems to be taking a rollercoaster ride of its own as Eva gets some good and some bad news of her own. After meeting with her manager, Eva learns that she gets to do a test reading for a part in a new series and not only did the casting directors not mind her hair color, they preferred it! Eva basks in her good news during a girls night out but receives surprising news in a phone call when it is revealed that her part is actually of a transexual! Eva doesn’t know what she should do but after getting some support from her girls, Eva decides that she is going to stick things out to get the part. How inspirational!

On next week’s episode, Nikki finally comes face-to-face with her father and discusses the issues that she has with him. Eva goes to her test reading for the new series which she realizes is a lot more than she can handle! Kelly goes out talent hunting and finds a serenader to die for!

YBTV Presents: Who Is P On The Boards?

I’m pretty sure you read the title and was thinking the same thing: Who is P On The Boards? Well, the guys at Yeah Boy Clothing decided to investigate this question in the first episode of “Yeah Boy TV.” This exclusive interview features Yeah Boy owner, Zachary Mars, as he delves into the mind of the A$AP Mob producer whose resumé includes “Bath Salt” and “Coke and White Bitches.”

Interviewer: Zachary Mars 
Director/Editor: J.D. Aronson
Location: The Archives Sneaker Boutique 

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[FEATURE]: Is It Violence or Is It Race?

A recurring issue that continues to rear its ugly head is the ongoing violence on television, specifically between women. With shows such as “Bad Girls Club,” “Basketball Wives,” and “Love and Hip-Hop,” it seems that the television violence among women have become more prevalent and somewhat accepted. Somewhat. Ongoing protests and petitions have been circulating in order to petition shows such as “Love and Hip-Hop” and “Basketball Wives” under the guise that it only perpetuates on-television violence against women, but we have to wonder: is violence the problem? Or is it race?

Before I continue, I am fully aware that we are all in the middle of a race struggle that is dated back to times of slavery and this post is not to add fuel to the fire but to raise awareness on a specific issue. Producers Mona Scott-Young and Shaunie O’Neal have been feeling the brunt of the storm as they are continuously being criticized for their part in creating shows such as “Basketball Wives” and “Love and Hip-Hop.” Their names have become household names as these women are scapegoated for being the reason why violence between women is so accepted on television. These women are also hated and petitioned. But why is that? Why aren’t we petitioning Mark Cronin and, more importantly, Johnathan Murray? I can imagine you readers are scratching your noggins and confused about who these people are but they are the executive producers of “Rock of Love” and “Bad Girls Club” respectively.

People are quick to point their fingers at Mona and Shaunie but ignore that their shows supersedes shows that were created also depicting violence among women. What’s the difference? Well, Da Boss Is Speakin has a simple answer: race. “Rock of Love” and “Bad Girls Club” depicted mostly white women who fight each other episode after episode. For example, the “Bad Girls Club” pulls together seven women with less than stellar social skills and put them in a house to do nothing other than drink and fight. As an avid “Bad Girls Club” Fan, I have watched the series go from a ‘zero-tolerance for fighting’ type of show where girls were ejected from the house should they place a finger on another girl, to a show that is ‘ejected per e situation’ where the fighting is more permissible and the girls are ejected depending on the situation surrounding the fight.

This is not a network problem. Bravo, Oxygen, MTV and Vh1 are doing what they are supposed to be doing: providing us consumers with what we want. We WANT the fighting, we want the drama, we want the screaming matches. They know this based on the ratings of their shows every week. Why do you think that Shaunie continues to bring new seasons of “Basketball Wives” to TV? It isn’t for her health (maybe for her wallet). It is because her show gets great ratings because we watch these shows. The problem lies with us viewers. The same people willing to criticize Mona and Shaunie are the same viewers who tune into “Bad Girls Club” every week. Why are there no petitions against BGC? We need to really think: is the issue the violence… or is it race?

Recap: "Girlfriend Confidential LA" Episode 2

Oh, this episode of GCLA had my neck rolling both left and right! Things are definitely starting to get rowdy amongst the girls and contrary to popular belief, it isn’t just lipstick and cocktails with these ladies. The group dynamic and friendships are definitely tested this episode, however, like true friends the girls stick through it. *Group Hug Y’all!*

Ok, let’s get into the nitty gritty of the episode. The girls gather at Eva’s house in preparation for a red carpet event for OK! Magazine and Eva fills the girls in with the events that transpired in New York, specifically, the absence of Eva’s boyfriend Anthony. She tells the girls that Anthony missed his flight to New York due to oversleeping after attending a Grammy event. Much to my surprise (and Eva’s) the girls were not as hard on Anthony as she thought they would be. This may be because of the fact that Anthony has been making it up to Eva by throwing down some g’s… Gifts that is.

After attending the OK! Magazine red carpet (Oh, so fabulously might I add), Eva invites Denyce and Kelly over and surprises them by announcing she is going back to rocking her platinum blonde hair. Kelly LOVES the idea and cheers Eva’s decision on, while Denyce has a slightly different response. Denyce warns Eva that with the upcoming pilot season, dying her hair to such a color so unnatural for Eva is a big mistake. This concern of Denyce’s is also a concern of Eva’s manager and becomes a problem later on when Eva is asked at an audition if it was possible to change her hair color!

Nikki invites the girls to a party in celebration for the completion of decorating football player’s Terell Owens, a.k.a. T.O.,  house. The girls are all pumped except for, you guessed it, Denyce. Denyce expresses to the girls that she feels uncomfortable going to T.O.’s party because she and T.O. were friends for over 10 years until T.O. unexpectedly dropped Denyce. We’re talking no phone calls and deletion off BBM, Facebook, and Twitter… OH NO, HE DIDN’T! Denyce eventually becomes a team player and agrees to go to the party.

The girls arrive at the party and the party host T.O. greets everyone but Denyce! They eventually cross paths and give each other the most awkward hug I’ve seen. Denyce tries her hardest to hold her tongue as much as possible but eventually calls T.O. out for not speaking to her anymore. Like a man who just got caught cheating, T.O. was hymning and hawing and gives her some crazy excuse!

Denyce calling T.O. out becomes a problem for Eva that she addresses at dinner the next evening. Eva (rightfully) thinks that Denyce should not have called T.O. out in his home at his event that was created in celebration for Nikki’s work. There is obviously tension between Eva and Denyce because of this , however, the girls put this aside for Eva’s upcoming barbeque. Eva invites old friends and new friends over to her home for the barbeque and one of the invited is Kelly’s neighbor, Shawn. Shawn caught the attention of Denyce via Facebook… and Google… and Twitter.

Also amongst the invited is Eva’s old friend Stephanie who stirs up some trouble when she tells Eva, “Denyce f*cks everybody.” Denyce hears her, too! Oh the sh*t hits the fan as Denyce grabs her phone and makes a phone call to a mutual friend of Stephanie and hers to find out what Stephanie has been hearing about her. I think this is a good move on Denyce’s part because Denyce is perfectly liable of blowing up on Stephanie but took the mature route and excused herself. The other guests didn’t think that this was a good move and reprimand Denyce for blowing up on the phone the way that she did (even though she did it in private). Denyce tries to flee the scene but is held back by Eva and Stephanie who try to understand what is going on and the party guests all raise their eyebrows about Denyce’s antics.

Oh Denyce, we feel you. Next week is going to get even more hectic for Denyce as she receives an intervention from the girls about her “problems.” That should be interesting!

Recap: "Bad Girls Club" Episode 9

Andrea… you’re up! Time to prove just how bad of a bad girl you really are! For those of you who watched this week’s episode, how do you think she did? If you ask me, Andrea proved that she is tougher and has a stronger mind than all of those girls put together. Rima already proved to us viewers that she is weaker than everyone in the house, becoming a pawn in Julie’s game of chess and Falen being a mere bishop. The girls are all on the hunt for a new victim now that Mehgan is out of the house and they have their eyes on Andrea.

Why Andrea? Well, during a night out partying, Andrea ends up flirting with Rima’s man Ricky J making her the easiest target in the house. Zuly decides to remain the neutral party in the house and focuses her attention on trying to turn Rima out! When the girls return to the house, Andrea warns Rima about her man Ricky J pushing up on her at the club. Rima, of course, does not believe a thing out of Andrea’s mouth and instead rallies the girls and try to push Andrea out of the house. What a weak b*tch! Rima, if you had that “good good” like you claim you do, you wouldn’t have felt so threatened by Andrea!

I digress. Another round of partying leaves an open ground for trouble as Rima gets jealous when Zuly makes out with another girl in the club. I don’t even know what to say about this other than Rima likes to get around. She is playing Zuly making it seem like she is interested in her by getting mad when Zuly pursues other girls but pushes Zuly away as soon as Ricky J comes around. This night also ends in even more trouble when the house bookkeeper, Julie, has a problem with the amount that Andrea tips at the club. This fight is brought back to the house because Andrea won’t drop the fact that she just got called “cheap.” Rima is the first to confront Andrea to her face trying to assert her dominance by being loud and telling Andrea that she has kicked 3 girls out of the house victoriously.


Also, am I the only one that thought Rima looked like such a… dare I say it… “wankster” hollering in Andrea’s face? You are not a thug Rima, get over it. Ugh. The fight between Rima and Andrea fuels Ashley to stand up for her best friend (the one who screwed her over last episode) and Ashley begins a screaming match with Andrea. After Ashley pushes Andrea, Andrea decides to hit Ashley with a low blow and calls her a “fat sl*t.” It’s funny how Ashley whimpers away after this statement and is no longer into yelling and screaming.

The girls have to suck all the drama from the previous night in as they perform for the Pink Kitty (again) to redeem themselves from a horrifyingly embarrassing performance. The performance was much better than last time and Andrea kills it on the pole! After the performance, Zuly confesses her love for Rima and tells Rima that she is jealous of Ricky J. Not only does Rima not tell Zuly how she feels, but Rima tells Ricky J what Zuly confided in her and has a laugh with Ricky J about Zuly. Oh my goodness, Rima is really working my last nerve.

Nights and nights of torment on Andrea seemed to really be taking a toll on Rima leading her to meet Andrea outside after Andrea returns from doing some errands. Rima offers Andrea a peace offering and tells Andrea that she will be calling a house meeting the next day and expects Andrea to apologize to Ashley for her “fat sl*t” statement and apologize to the rest of the girls. Thankfully, Andrea is much smarter than that and realizes that this move by Rima is all just a ploy. Seems like Andrea’s instinct is correct because in the next episode it seems like the girls are still relentless in their journey to get Andrea out of the house!