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On My Radar: Caskey

I really don’t even know where to start with this one. It ALL began when I came across a track titled “Dope Sh*t” through internet hunting. From there, research was done on the newly signed Cash Money Artist, Caskey, and… a groupie was formed. YES! You heard correctly: I am officially a Caskey groupie. As you readers know, I was starting to give up on rap altogether because the market was over-saturated with untalented wannabes with real talent sprinkled here and there. Listening to Caskey’s mixtape was the b*tch slap I needed to wake up and realize that rap is not dead.

The Orlando-based rapper made his name with his mixtape “No Complaints” and caught the attention of rap mogul Cash Money’s Birdman. Caskey’s mixtape was filled with something that many rap albums and mixtapes are missing now: real lyrics. I mean, to be honest, I’ve never been so motivated to hustle till I heard “No Complaints”… which says a lot because I heard “God Forgives, I Don’t.” 
This is the most excited I’ve gotten for the signing of a rapper since Drake got signed which, as we can all see, turned out to be a good deal. But will Caskey be the new Drake, or the new Weezy? My guess: no. Caskey will be the new category of rap that future aspiring rappers try to be. Don’t believe me? Caskey decided to give Baby and us listeners a treat by releasing “Cash Money Records 100 Bars” where he declares his spot in the rap game with a smooth flow over mixed Cash Money classics. Not the most creative title, but Caskey decided to leave the creativity for the flow
I know what you are thinking and you know I got the answer: Where can you get more Caskey? 
Twitter: @Caskey407
Download Caskey’s Mixtape “No Complaints” HERE!


On My Radar: Emmanuel and Philip Hudson

I usually just save my “On My Radar” features for music artists but this is a special case. You may be living under a rock if you haven’t heard of these two guys. These brothers have hit stardom at lightning speed due to their video “Ratchet Girl Anthem.” Though these two have made many comedic videos over the years, it was their “Ratchet Girl” anthem that developed these two as stars and was the first step in their long journey to stardom.

As you will see in the video, these two are really something else! In gaining their popularity, Emmanuel and Philip Hudson have gone on school tours, radio and television appearance to remind our youth that nothing is more important than staying in school. Also, it’s not always fun and games: Emmanuel aka Kosher has dabbled his hand in real rap and has received great reviews for his more serious “Karma” track. I am really excited to see where these two go next with their gut-busting funny lyrics!

“Ratchet Girl Anthem”


Follow them:

Youtube: lile451
Twitter: @phillnmyself, @_kosher, @ephudson

On My Radar: Lucci Vee

You know her as Erika A.K.A. “The Boss Bitch” hailing all the way from Chi-Town… The girl who will “Pretty Girl Bounce” on ya if you not pretty girl bouncing with her. Few know her as Lucci Vee, the hardcore female rapper dropping mixtapes and rap covers over your favorite tracks and most of the time does it better than the original.

Her combination of hood and sexy had me from the beginning but once I pressed play on her many videos available on Youtube, I knew this one had to be On My Radar. Lucci Vee KILLS “Rack City” (available below) leaving me with raised eyebrows about this girl. She goes harder than most female rappers out now which is why I am still trying to figure out why am I waiting for mixtapes from her instead of albums. Her unpredictability in her verses leave you wanting more; that cannot be said about every girl rapper out now.

Check Miss Lucci Vee out for yourself:

On My Radar: Stasi Quinn

You all know her as Nastasia, the POWERHOUSE on season 7 of the “Bad Girls Club,” but this is not the reason this vixen has earned a spot on my radar. Stasi (Miss Stasi if ya nasty) has done all but faded away like the rest of the “Bad Girls Club” alum; from the fifty shades of BADD she rocks on her lips to her sassy lyrics, Stasi is sure to be one of the “Bad Girls” you’ll never forget.

Stasi is not like the rest of them. You won’t be able to find her on WorldStar Uncut (stop searching) and you won’t find her in you local strip club. She has two things that the others lacked: Talent and Self-esteem. Since leaving BGC7, Stasi has been on her grind: working on her lipstick line, clothing line and laying down tracks! Don’t be mistaken though: Stasi didn’t start rapping when BGC7 ended. She will be glad to tell you that she “Been Layin Tracks”.

I admit, I was sleep on her a bit, even though I’ve been a fan since episode 1 of BGC season 7 but Stasi cleared any doubts I (and others) had about her talent when she released her “Priceless” freestyle via YouTube. Upon checking out more of her YouTube videos, where she offers make-up tips along with her raw lyricism, I was only left with one question: WHERE CAN I GET MORE? I am not sleeping anymore and I DEFINITELY have my eye on this one!

Don’t believe me? Check her out here:

Want more, don’t you?

Twitter: @StasiQuinn and @SocialEliteInc
Youtube: StasiQ101

On My Radar: Rita Ora

Those of you who are fans of Roc Nation, like me, recognize this face and are familiar with this name. Rita Ora is a new addition to Jay-Z team and has been making waves ever since. Many like to compare Rita Ora to Rihanna, claiming her voice favors the Barbadian bad-a**. Personally, Rita Ora’s voice sounded nothing like Rihanna’s in her first single “How We Do (Party),” but upon hearing Rita Ora’s cover of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know” (below), I not only realize that Rita’s voice is a refreshing mix of Beyonce and Rihanna, I also got a real taste of her raw talent.

Roc Nation may not be the best at pushing out their artists, but they do have great talent on their hands. Hopefully Rita Ora’s doesn’t become the next J. Cole (we are still waiting on some more music Cole!), and is able to give us consistent singles. Jay-Z may be the greatest businessman ever by signing an artist who may be competition to another one of his artist (Rihanna), which only results in more money for him. Whatever the case may be, Rita Ora’s sound is something NEW and FRESH which is why she’s On My Radar.

(photo courtesy:

On My Radar: Iggy Azalea


I say the former. She came on the scene banging with her raunchy lyrics and voluptuous hips and earned her a spot next to the hip-hop heavyweight T.I. 
But is she really worth the time? Considering that she is only 22 years young and has one of the leading names in hip-hop behind her, I say yes. But that’s not all that it takes. Iggy Azalea is taking more of a paced approach to the hip-hop game making her name known before releasing much music. With her album due to drop… sometime this year, I’m sure she will be making a heads turn and haters talk. 
Now more importantly: how I feel about her. When she first came out, to be honest, I loved her! Iggy Azalea  has a new refreshing feel to her and her swag is definitely unforgettable. The first song I heard was, of course, her song “Pu$$y” where she shows her daring side to rap about her…anatomy. Many will try to compare her to the one other rap female in the game (well the only other one that is worth mentioning). My view on that: Iggy Azalea is fulfilling an appetite that Nicki Minaj has once filled for me, before turning to the pop charts (still a big Nicki fan). 
Now, Iggy Azalea has us all waiting on the edge of our seats for her to drop some more music… which I suggest she does soon before the impression that she has made on us is soon forgotten. Also, with her signing a deal with Wilhemina Models, she will soon be a household name!