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Recap: "Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta" Reunion Part 1

The reunion for “Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta” premiered tonight and its host and producer, Mona Scott-Young, delves into the major questions that has been everyone’s mind. No one is safe during the this reunion:

Mona Scott-Young begins the reunion by letting us know that the show was not scripted… I was hoping that it was because this whole thing was f*cked up. Mona wastes no time in asking Karlie Redd how old she is and she makes it clear that… she is not telling her age. Now I am really thinking this bitch is old because she won’t tell her age! If she wasn’t there would be no reason to hide it. She wouldn’t even tell us her daughters age! Next on the agenda, Mona asks the women if they have had surgery. Mimi, Erika, and Rasheeda state that they are au naturale and the audience is pretty accepting but it is when K. Michelle, Karlie Redd, and Joseline don’t admit they have butt implants that the audience calls them out. I mean we aren’t idiots and we are not blind!

Joceline’s history comes to haunt her as her former alias “Shenellica Betancourt” comes up. Shenellica Betancourt is the name that Joseline used to strip under at the tender age of sixteen. Shenellica and her mugshot becomes the hot topic and Joseline explains with ease that the pic is only one of many mugshots she has.

The questions keep rolling and a rather flamboyant audience member asks Karlie Redd of her affiliation with Cash Money. For those of you who don’t know, Karlie Redd claimed on a previous episode that her management is Cash Money and Mack Maine has since protested that statement. Karlie Redd answers that the VP of Cash Money is indeed her manager. We will see in the next few weeks if that is true or not via Twitter.

Smaller topics include the K. Michelle and Rasheeda beef, which gets pretty heated. The two bicker about whether or not K. Michelle’s story is fraudulent and Rasheeda gets rowdy when K. Michelle insults her and the alleged bags under her eyes. Mona also visits the beef between Scrappy and Stevie J where the guys fight over who won the fight during the season.

The first part of the reunion ends with questions about the infamous love triangle: Mimi, Joseline and Stevie J.  Joseline begins to show her real colors when she makes it pretty clear that she was with Stevie J for his money and his sex. The focus turns onto Joseline’s pregnancy and Stevie J is asked if he forced Joseline to get an abortion. His answer: “I made a suggestion.” Do any of you guys believe that? Joseline backs him up and claims that she wouldn’t have a baby for a man who has five kids. Right… You just said you was with him for the money and you’re saying you had the opportunity for some child support money and ain’t take it? B*tch please! Mona asks Stevie J if he and Joseline are dating and before he has a chance to answer, she ends the reunion, priming it for part 2.

Overall, I was expecting alot more heated fights but, by the looks of it, next week’s episode has a boat-load of them. Shay and Erika come face-to-face: the fight I have been waiting for. Also, next week it seems that Scrappy may be popping the question to Erika! FINALLY! Stay tuned for part 2 of “Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta” reunion.


Recap: "Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta" Episode 9

This season is definitely winding down to a big finale. Tonight’s episode only had a few remarkable moments but it will definitely be made up next week in the season finale. We will get to that in a second!

This episode begins where the last episode ended and for those of you guys who don’t remember, Joseline was whooping Stevie J’s a** in therapy. Stevie J does what he does the best and runs out of therapy and is halfway home (on foot) by the time camera’s caught up with him. The therapist tries to understand what just happened and speaks with Joseline. She reveals her troubled past and her absence of parents during childhood. Of course. For some reason, Stevie J has found a way to be in love with both Mimi and Joseline and can’t choose. Mother of my child and woman of 15 years… stripper I found 6 months ago. I mean it is a common and understandable dilemma.

Erika and Scrappy meet up outside, away from their daughter to keep the drama out of the home. Erika confronts Scrappy with the piece of information she has about him attending his mixtape release party with Shay. When asked “have you slept with her?,” Scrappy straight up LIES through his veneers and tells her “no” and continues by telling Erika that if he wanted to, he could because they aren’t together. Oh, really? Then why did you lie, Scrappy? Later in the episode, Momma Dee pays Scrappy a visit and he tells her that he is considering taking Erika back. This sends Momma Dee over the edge causing her to call Erika a bicth. No. This is not a typo. As Momma Dee puts it…. Erika is a “BITCH. B-I-C-T-H and in that order.” No, Momma Dee… not in that order. I guess they don’t teach vocabulary on the corners she placed her h*es on!

Joseline pays a visit to Benzino who, eventually, becomes Stevie’s lawyer throughout this episode. Joseline informs Benzino about what went during the therapy session and tells Benzino to convince Stevie to do one more therapy session with her and Mimi to get everything on the table. After, Benzino pays Mimi a visit to get her to be a little calm because in 15 years, Stevie J has ONLY  gotten 1 girl pregnant! His argument could have probably help up if Benzino hadn’t mistakenly called Mimi “Joseline.” Idiot.

As for the juiciness of the show, that is all. Checking up on the rest of the cast, Joseline and Karlie Redd have become the best of friends. Typical. H*es got to stick together. Hopefully, they will both come to their senses about their singing “careers” and Momma Dee can find them a corner to work on! Rasheeda and Kirk are in a much better place and Rasheeda asks Kirk to renew their vows. What a positive example of love! K. Michelle and Rasheeda get into a fight towards the end of the episode when Rasheeda confronts K. Michelle about her allegations of being abused by one of Rasheeda’s friends and K. does not take this lightly…

On the season finale, we get to see if Benzino gives Karlie Redd the ring he’s been carrying; Mimi, Stevie, and Joseline meet up again for another therapy session; Erica and Scrappy talk things out; and Joseline catches Stevie J with another h*e in the studio… oh how the stripper poles have turned!

Recap: "Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta" Episode 5

I don’t even know where to start with this one! This episode begins with Joseline and Erica meeting up to talk things out after the fight. To be honest, I was expecting another fight so I was on the edge of my seat, and guessing by how the conversation went, Erica was ready for one too. Joseline kept her cool and even apologized for accusing Erica of sleeping with Stevie J. It completely caught me off guard how mature Joseline was being and how immature Erica was acting. I understand that you don’t like someone and won’t be fake, but I mean the girl just apologized for coming at you; Erica was too hostile. Don’t get it twisted though, I am still #TeamNOhoes!

The classiest girl on the show, Ariane, pays Mimi a visit to talk about Mimi throwing Stevie J’s things out. Ariane gets too much respect from me for openly acknowledging that Mimi is also at fault for what Stevie J is  doing. A man does what a woman allows him to. Scrappy has a heart asthma attack, plays dead and then complains to his mother about Erica’s absence during the incident. Scrappy, boo, it was an asthma attack. I understand those things may be severe but if it was as severe as Scrappy made it seem, he would have been thanking God that he didn’t die, not complaining that Erica wasn’t there. Scrappy complains more than a b*tch about the things that Erica doesn’t do, instead of being grateful for things that she does do. He’s worst than Martin:

I know you guys remember the episode… But let’s continue. As Erica explained to Momma Dee…”he’s asthmatic, he’s going to have asthma attacks.” I’m sure this wasn’t the first attack Scrappy has had so he should know by now what to expect from them.

Shay goes over Scrappy’s house and the first thing I thought was… The f*ck she got on her head! Didn’t her weave look like Gina when she got her head stuck in the headboard and tried to cover it up with weave?

Ok, enough with the Martin references. Shay questions whether or not Scrappy ever can see them two together and Scrappy says yes. I almost threw up in my mouth. Then, Scrappy kisses her on the mouth; then I threw up. YUCK! Scrappy picks a fight with Erica later on in the episode just to find a reason to break up with her and poor Erica runs to her girls about the break-up. Poor thing tells them she, honestly, doesn’t think there is someone else. I hope Erica finds out and whoops Shay a**

Karlie Redd’s thirsty, deflated a** meets up with Stevie J, where she tells Stevie J that she is managed by Cash Money. This strikes me as odd seeing as Cash Money can make her a star and record songs with her  but doesn’t do it. HA! Cash Money signed her because they want to make money off of her JUST IN CASE she does make it big but doesn’t want to waste the time and money to put her out there. Stevie J asks Joceline to collaborate on a track with Karlie Redd which sends Joseline over the top but Stevie J, being the pimp that he is, puts his hoe in check and tells Joseline that she will be doing this track. (Side note: Did anyone catch that WACK two step Karlie Redd busted out on stage?)

K. Michelle and Karlie Redd finally meet up to discuss the bullsh*t that Karlie Redd has been pulling by going to K. Michelle’s producer and informing him that he is “messing with the wrong artist.” Right out the gate, K. Michelle points out Karlie Redd’s knock-off jewelry. HA! The two bicker like girls but things escalate when K. Michelle tells Karlie Redd that Karlie has f*cked everyone in the game and Karlie Redd responds by telling K. Michelle that she’s done it too and that she has K. Michelle on tape. I guess Joseline isn’t the only one who has made it to the big screen. K. Michelle hits Karlie Redd with her napkin and then is whisked off into a bathroom by security.

I’ve decided: Mona Scott-Young deserves an Oscar or an Emmy after this show ends because she is really a genius for casting these woman and setting up these events. Next week’s episode gets interesting when Rasheeda searches for outside management (which means she may fire her husband) and Joseline and Mimi meet up once again!

Some FAQs about "Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta"

Viewers of this famed show have been going crazy on the internet looking for answers to questions about the 6 female stars of “Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta”. As a fiend for this show, I have decided to take some time and take a whack at answering some of these questions for my readers!

What label was K. Michelle signed to? 

Jive Records

Who was K. Michelle’s ex? 

K. Michelle ex is Memphitz who is currently married to Toya Carter, ex-wife of Lil Wayne. K. Michelle makes reference to an ex who spent all of her money she earned and physically abused her. Memphitz has been aggressively refuting these claims and K. Michelle was ordered to not mention his name during taping of LHHATL.

How old is Karlie Redd? 

Boy was this a toughie. You can search high and low on the internet for Karlie Redd’s age and you will not find it. But with some EXTENSIVE research, math and deductive reasoning, I can conclude that Karlie Redd is approximately 33 years old. How did I conclude this? Many of you guys may not have known this but Karlie Redd was on another show prior to this 4 years ago, “Scream Queens 2”. The show reported that Karlie was 29. Being that the show premiere in 2008, the math was simple: 29 (in 2008) + 4 (years later in 2012)= 33. 

Is Joseline a man? 

I honestly cannot answer this question and it’s answer is still being debated but Joseline has released a sex tape that is available on that can allow you to come to your own conclusion. (Tip: search “Joseline Hernandez”).

Where can we hear Joseline’s new music? 

You guys know I’m always looking out for my readers, so you can hear her music right here: 
I am warning you now… Don’t come back here with any complaints! It’s not my song! 

Was Mimi Faust ever married to Stevie J? 

No. Stevie J never did put a ring on it. Call him what you want, but he is a smart man because Mimi would be able to drain him dry (and his account) during the divorce after the creeping he has been doing.

Does Karlie Redd Have Butt Implants? What about Joseline? 

I heard about an interview that Karlie Redd had where she states that her butt is real, all natural. PFTTT. Tell Karlie Redd that I SAID her genetics need a refill! Joceline. Come on guys, do you guys really need me to answer that? Don’t you think her pimp Stevie J. would have gotten her some a** shots? 

Recap: "Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta" Episode 4

Just when I thought the “Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta” couldn’t get any better… This episode premiered. I’m trying not to die of excitement before I finish this post for you guys. Before I continue, I noticed this all episode and I know you guys noticed too… Everybody’s hair was ON POINT in this episode. Enough lollygagging.

Mimi comes to the conclusion [finally] that she needs to move on from Stevie J while talking to her girls Ariane and K. Michelle. As much as I call Mimi stupid for dealing with him, she had me ready to cry because all women can sympathize with a woman scorned and being so far in love that you are blinded. Scrappy becomes the dominate figure in this episode but not exactly for the right reasons. He introduces his “best friend”, AKA f*ck buddy, Shay “Buckeey” Johnson from Flavor Of Love…you know… the girl who wasn’t even good enough for FLAVOR FLAV.

Scrappy contemplates leaving Erica and confides in his best friend Shay for some advice. All the while, Scrappy is rocking a sly smirk and goes on about how fine Shay is. My thoughts: N*gga WHAT?! Did you see who you’re baby momma is and have you seen Shay? Talk about leaving an 80 for a 20 (Tyler Perry movie reference). Anyways, I can go on about my disdain for Shay or Scrappy’s RIDICULOUS comparison of two women who are NOT on the same level.

It is also revealed that Joseline got an abortion for the baby she was carrying for Stevie J (or as Joseline calls him, Stebie). Something that may have been overlooked is the fact that Joseline said that Stebie DROPPED HER OFF at the abortion clinic. ONLY H*ES GET DROPPED OFF AT CLINICS! Now that Mimi has cut Stevie out, he has no choice but to try to reconcile with Joseline who, of course, lets him back in.

Last episode, Stevie J manages to call Erica [Scrappy’s baby momma] a “b*tch” and Scrappy addresses that this episode. Waiting outside his studio, Scrappy and Erica confronts Stevie and Joseline. YES. Scrappy vs. Stevie and Joseline vs. Erica. I know what you are thinking… what does Joseline have to do with anything? That was the same thing that Erica was trying to figure out when Joseline kept speaking on Stevie J’s behalf and even ACCUSES Erica of sleeping with Stevie J (now referred to as “my man” by Joseline). Fists are thrown and hell breaks out. It went so fast that I couldn’t even deem a winner for you readers… but by the way the episode ended, I can tell this is not the end of it! I’ll be right here for next week’s episode!

Recap: "Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta" Episode 3

One word: LAWWWWD! This show is really something else! Tonight’s episode has really brought out a side of me that I am not proud of but boy, do I love this guilty pleasure of mine. The episode opens up where episode 2 left off with Joceline informing Stevie J that he is the father of her child. The conversation, then, continues with Stevie J proving to viewers that he is nothing more than SCUM. He feels he has a power over Joseline because he gave the stripper a chance off of the pole and has no problem reminding her of that. A LOT.

Mona Scott-Young, “Love and Hip-Hop” producer, does a fine job of including the rest of the casts struggles and daily life within the show but knows that Joseline is where the drama… I mean money… is at and always saves the best for last. Before we get to that, Karlie Redd makes her [unwanted] appearance on the show tonight. Honestly, I never really liked Karlie Redd, but the fact that she decided to be the bearer of bad news the whole season and at the absolute wrong times, makes me just really want to knock her lights out! Let me simmer…

Now on to the money: Joseline vs. Mimi. Joseline bluntly tells Mimi that she is pregnant with her man and Mimi sits there and “listens.” This could only mean ONE thing: Mimi is not an Atlanta Native! I haven’t met a black girl (let alone an Atlanta native) who wouldn’t have snatched up Joseline for that bold a** mouth of hers! Quick question: did anyone catch that Stevie J let Mimi leave without saying a word but stayed to hash things out with Joseline and even got upset when she started to cry? I’m going with my original conclusion and say that Mimi is the side chick in this case because I have never seen a man put a side chick ahead of his main like this guy.

My conclusion on this episode: Stevie J is a P*SSY! He insinuates that Joseline get an abortion and continuously threatens to take her life away from her… N*gga you ain’t God. He lets another woman disrespect his woman for 15 years and the mother of his child and then THROWS A DRINK on a woman. P*SSY if I ever saw one…


Have You Seen: Joceline Hernandez’s Scandalous Tape?

If you’ve been reading my posts on this blog, you will know that I have a slight obsession with this character, Joseline Hernandez. She made her debut on the hit reality show, “Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta” and has been the object of discussion ever since its premiere. Why is she causing so much buzz? It could be the fact that she is the mistress to music producer Stevie J, or it could be the great music she makes (lol)? Nope, none of those. Since her premiere, the twitter world has engaged in a huge debate: “What is that?” 
The question is referring to Joseline’s sex. Some say she is a man, [few] argue that it is a woman. Tired of all the talk, Joseline decided to take matters into her own hands and released a rather SCANDALOUS video of her “lady” parts. I decided to give you readers some time to get a hold of this video before blogging about it so that you can make your own opinion on it. For those you who haven’t seen the video, I refuse to post screenshots of that catastrophe or a link to it, so you may have to do some research! My conclusion? That girl was a man at SOME point in his life! I want to hear from my bloggers! Vote on the poll in the upper left hand side of this blog! 

OKAY! I’ll budge… Click here for the full video on! Trust me, this video is NSFW and you must be 18 and older to view! 

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Recap: "Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta" Episode 2


*Checks Pulse.* Ok, let me talk about the stupid sh*t first and then I will get into the more interesting parts which, of course, revolves around Josh-line or as Charlamagne the God likes to put it, “Rihanna-man.” The episode begins with Rasheeda which I forgot to mention in the first post and I have taken a real liking to Rasheeda! It really is great to see her have a functioning relationship with her husband and I think she’s refreshing. That being said, I don’t deny that Rasheeda has talent, I just think her talent is questionable for the sole fact that she doesn’t have the right people backing her. 
NEXT! Stevie J was straight up LYING to Mimi when he said that he didn’t f*ck Joseline. He’s not even good at it! But Mimi REALLY gained a LOT of respect from me when she made her demands known with Stevie J. My dawg came strapped with her contract DEMANDING 20%… if he’s going to cheat hit him where it hurts: wallet! Smartest thing Mimi could have done (even though 20% of nothing is nothing) but I still think she is dumb for continuing to put up with Stevie J. 
Now, as usual, I’m not going to talk about anybody’s mom so I’m not going to mention the disaster that sat on top of Erica’s mother head or mention the fact that her mother’s name is MINGNON. I refuse to do it. But Erica still remains one of my favorite character on the show. 
NOW! On to my favorite b*tch on the show! I know now that Joseline will be the star of the show. This whole episode was around Joseline, rightfully, because this girl/boy is WILD! Ok, let’s recap. Joseline had the NERVE to confront Karlie Redd about going behind her back and talking to Mimi about working with Stevie J. WTF?! I have never seen a side-chick have so many demands and feel so entitled! She told Karlie this episode that she doesn’t want Stevie J, yet last episode she said she wanted Stevie J forever because he f*cked her and she gave him brain… wait….”He f*cked my brain” was what she said. 
Joseline has got to be the most shameless character on television right now! She KNEW that Stevie J had a girl and had the nerve to be the other woman AND go on national television and announce that she is pregnant by him. I loved that Stevie J told her in not so many words that she needs to get an abortion because that’s what that scut deserves. Joseline was sitting there looking confused as if her dirty a** has never gotten pregnant before. 
In next week’s episode, Joseline tells Mimi that she is pregnant with her man which I HOPE results in an INSTANTANEOUS a**-whooping for Joseline because somebody need to whoop that ni**a a**!

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Recap: "Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta" Episode 1

“Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta” has premiered this week and I, honestly, have not seen a bunch of misfits like this before. It is like a post-partum Bad Girls Club. But before moving on to everything that is wrong with this show (because there is just so many), let me begin with the good:

Lil Scrappy’s girlfriend ERICA: LOVE HER! She seems like such a down to earth girl. Don’t get me wrong, she does have that hood Atlanta accent, but she seems like she is at least a functional women who has her -ish together. Mimi…. from the beginning of the episode, I was rocking with her but… uh… I’ll cover that later. K. Michelle is someone I would love to have on my team; she seems sweet but would be the girl to rip some weave out if I needed her too. Mimi friend…___________, don’t even know her name… I like her but I’m gonna need her to turn off the bore and give me some more. 

Now on to the bad: Lil Scrappy’s mother. Now naturally, I would never go off on anyone’s mother but with her the only thing I was thinking was… “WHAT?!” First off, that “in that order” phrase she kept kicking never made NO sense because she was never listing anything. Second, it was absolutely tasteless to go off on Diamond on national TV the way that she did. I mean… we all know what Diamond is… you saying it just makes you look bad. Now with Momma Scrappy admitting that she didn’t take her medicine…I understood why she was so off the wall, but I’m gonna need her to take that medicine for episode 2. Thank You. 

KARLIE REDD WACKKKKK! She was so wack to me in everything she said. She’s a beautiful woman, great butt implants (yeah I said it), but who the hell goes into a party and hypes up another chick? “Joseline is so real!”, b*tch sit down. 

JOSH-LINE! Naw, I’ll take that back. Listen, when she first came up, I was like wow! She baddd! She has a pretty face, banging body… but then she spoke. Instantly thought it was a man. I couldn’t help it! She spoke like she had an Adam’s apple. But her…. everybody keep sleeping on her, I’m not going to underestimate Joshline…I mean Joseline. I don’t think she’s talented; that’s not what I’m saying (at all). I just think that people think she is going to die out throughout the season due to her manliness, but I am sure she is going to bring it…. 

Now back to my girl MIMI: I felt for her. I really did. Once they got to K. Michelle party, I realized that this GIRL is just all bark. Typical “but I love him” scenario, where he has given her a taste of the good life and now that she realize that she won’t have anything if Stevie J leaves her (and he realized it too), she is willing to take the emotional beatings Stevie J is willing to give her. 
Conclusion: K. Michelle is going to have a hell of a fight before getting that career on track. Erica is too nice and what happened with her and Scrappy may happen again if she don’t tighten up. Momma Scrappy need to get take her meds, get some rest, and get herself together… “in that order.” Karlie Redd needs to just take her seat with her irrelevant, implanted a**. Joseline need to make some confessions because he isn’t fooling nobody. And Mimi needs to come to the realization that she’s the side chick because I have never seen a man leave his main chick to go home with the side… in front of her. 
See you guys for episode 2!

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