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Oprah Interviews Rihanna!

Last night was the premiere of the hyped-up Oprah Winfrey interview with Rihanna. Oprah visits Riri’s homeland Barbados to discuss life, love and fame with the star and is given a personal tour of the island. Well to begin with this commentary, I will say watching this interview did bore me half to death but, sadly, the most entertaining part of the interview was when Oprah started to get into some questions about Chris Brown.

While watching this interview I couldn’t help but think… This isn’t the potty-mouth nymphomaniac we are used to. It was like watching a stripper behave in church. Okay guys, I am going to try not to be so hard on her. Oprah began to ask Rihanna about her Gran Gran Dolly and in her responses, my heart went out to her because you could see that she was really hurt by the lost of her grandma. She actually broke down a couple of times in trying to recount stories about her Gran Gran Dolly. I guess the “Hard” singer is really actually soft. Her softness actually becomes pretty apparent when she gushes about Chris Brown…but we will get to that in a second.

Oprah’s next round of questions delved into who Rihanna really is. She asked how did Rihanna become so comfortable with being sexy and Rihanna’s response was that was “fakes” it. I almost booked my flight to Barbados and called that girl out myself. If Rihanna has been faking this “sexiness” the whole time… I will never believe another word that comes out of her mouth. I would possibly believe that if she was only provocative in videos and songs, but Rihanna’s twitter account lets us know that this raunchiness is not only because “sex sells.”

Now, the hard hitting questioning about CHRIS BROWN. To be honest, this whole part of the interview enraged me and pissed me off ridiculously. When Rihanna confessed that when the incident occurred, she was more concerned with how the media was going to treat Chris Brown and that Chris Brown just needed help, I thought one thing:

Hi, Rihanna?… Ummm, this was your face. If you were more concerned with yourself, maybe this could have been avoided. I am definitely not trying to minimize what happened to Rihanna and I understand someone being selfless but this girl was beaten senseless and her first thought was concern for her abuser? Let’s just attribute that confession to her being so young and not knowing any better. Moving on, Rihanna also admits that Chris Brown was the love of her life and that they are now “close” friends. This is another concept I am going to need some help with: people can forgive but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they need to be in your space. Things began to make more sense when Rihanna admitted that in order to forgive Chris Brown she had to fix her relationship with her father. All my judgement was pushed to the side because I understand how crucial it is for a young woman to have a great relationship with her dad and that relationship is fundamental to who the woman is as a person.

From here, the interview gets a little boring as Rihanna takes Oprah around Barbados and shows Oprah the place she called home for all of her childhood until she was discovered. The interview ends with Rihanna surprising her mother with a large, BEAUTIFUL home in Barbados. Her mother was definitely more happy with the fact that her first house guest was Oprah rather than the fact that she just got a HUGE home courtesy of her daughter.

Conclusion: I definitely went to the interview skeptical about how it would turn out. I do still believe that Rihanna wasn’t being herself and she is a lot more provocative and raunchy than she made it seem. I still think that Rihanna’s comments about Chris Brown were completely asinine but considering that she has had such a rocky relationship with her father, it is understandable. She is just a lost and hurt individual. Despite anything I have said on this blog, though, the b*tch makes great music and she is an artist I hate to love!

R.I.P. Gran Gran Dolly.


Mariah Carey Comes to American Idol: What Does This Mean?

If this promo picture is any type of clue as to what Mariah Carey will bring to “American Idol,” I am definitely not interested. Besides the fact that NO ONE watches American Idol anymore, Mariah Carey may or may not be exactly the cure that “American Idol” needs. Well, to be fair, the show does rake in a great amount of viewers but comparatively to its earlier seasons, the show is not doing so well.

In this photo to the left, Mariah Carey looks absolutely stunning: her face is beautiful, her skin is flawless and her post-baby bod is on point, however, the pose? How does this get me, as a consumer, interested in watching the show? Mariah Carey is an undeniably incredible talent and her music has always been a blessing to my ears. She is one of the very few artists who can fall off the face of the earth and make a great comeback. I do believe that she would be a great judge for the show (even though I would be too scared to sing in front of such a songstress) but her role of a judge may be too long overdue.

In these talent searching shows, there is always at least one judge who is completely unfit to judge! What exactly is Randy Jackson’s experience in actually making music? Who was Simon Cowell before “American Idol?” Was Paula Abdul the best choice? All of these could be argued, but one thing is for sure: Mariah Carey is definitely the best to judge. (In a perfect world, Mariah Carey, Beyonce and Robin Thicke would be the judges of “American Idol” due to their experience). Hopefully, with Mariah Carey joining the team of judges, the show can bounce back in ratings. Mariah Carey needs to be the hard-a** of the show instead of the nice judge for the sake of ratings because Simon Cowell’s rudeness is why people tuned in each week.

Have you Heard: Will Smith’s Diss Track to Ex-Wife Sheree Fletcher?

Okay, so everyone knows I am a web surfer and I always am willing to share what I come across with you guys and yet again, I have come across another diss track. This time… Will Smith’s. I know what you are thinking: Will is still making music? But this track is off of Will Smith’s “Lost and Found” album that was released in 2005. Now, in this track, Will Smith says that the track is dedicated to an old friend named “Michelle” however, I want you guys to listen and tell me who do you think he is speaking of.

And for those of you completely in the dark about what is going on here: Will Smith was once married to a woman named Sheree Fletcher, who is now currently married to a pastor and is the star of the show “Hollywood Exes.”

Kristen Stewart Cheating: She Wanted to Get Caught!

I CAN’T be the only one who was thinking this! I refuse to believe that this girl did not think the media wasn’t going to catch on… I mean does this picture look like the picture of a couple who wants to keep things on the low? Plus, I have come across some pretty interesting details that may suggest that this whole thing may be a ploy! If you’ve been living under a rock and have no idea what I am talking about… it was revealed this week by Us Weekly that Kristen Stewart has been doing the dirty with her Snow White and the Huntsman  director, Rupert Sanders.

I have come to the conclusion that many of these girls that we watch grow up in front of our eyes in Movies and on TV either turn to drugs or promiscuity… you can take a guess what Kristen Stewart chose. But in a recent interview with Elle Magazine, Kristen Stewart said: “I can’t wait for something crazy to f*cking happen to me.” Guess impulse got the best of Kristen and the Twilight  star went bed hopping.

I cannot even imagine how much disdain Team Edward has for Kristen Stewart but really… no one saw this coming? She is the star of a movie in which she stuck between loving two men. Anywho, with her shocking pseudo-confession to Elle Magazine and the plenty of photos that have surfaced of the two lovers out and about, I have concluded: SHE WANTED TO GET CAUGHT! Twilight  is one the biggest films ever made, how does Kristen figure she can move around with a married man without being spotted?

That apology though…. save it Kristen. Apologies after being caught are apologies for being caught. If you were genuinely concerned about Edward’s Robert Pattinson’s heart, you would have kept your legs closed or broke up with him before bed hopping. I may get some harsh comments for this, but if she’s gonna act like an adult she needs to take it like an adult (sexual innuendo intended). Robert Pattinson has been completely quiet about the whole incident, most likely due to embarrassment, and has even moved out of his home that he shared with Kristen.Rupert Sanders’s wife, however, has been speaking out about some of the hardships in their marriage before the affair, specifically, her loneliness while Sander’s is at “work.”

Sadly, this most likely won’t mean career suicide for Kristen Stewart; it may mean the exact opposite. We live in an era where domestic violence, exhibitionism, and other scandals may be the extra push your career needs. This scandal may or may not be a publicity stunt for the “last” (there may be more) of the Twilight  series that is due out in November. However, is it too far-fetched to wonder if the whole Kristen Stewart/Robert Pattinson romance may have been a publicity stunt in itself?


PUBLICITY STUNT ALERT: J. Lo Speaks Out About Her New Man!

Someone PLEASE tell me they caught the interview J. Lo recently did about her tour with Enrique Inglesias and her new boyfriend, “Casper” Smart. Not only was J. Lo shameless enough to promote her tour in the same breath as speaking about her boyfriend, but she also had no shame going on television with those eyebrows!

Oh, and get this: her new man/tour choreographer, is 18 years her junior! Didn’t J. Lo learn her lesson about dating her dancers? Also, how is she suppose to explain to her kids that she is dating their baby-sitter. Well, in her defense, by the time that they’re old enough to know what a baby-sitter is… he’ll be LONG gone. J. Lo… I was a big fan when you was “Jenny from the Block” and even though you are becoming a victim of  what is happening to music, I still listen to your music… But if I have to hear this “love at first sight” schtick from you again, I am going to lose it! We all see through this and even though I thought that Marc Anthony was another publicity stunt, I was beginning to think that it was real and you got this out your system… guess not….

UPDATE: Usher’s Stepson, Kyle Glover, Passes After Jetski Accident

Unfortunately, the world received some devastating news concerning Usher’s stepson, Kyle Glover, who was involved in a tragic jetski accident early July. Today, Kyle has passed away after being removed off of life support which he was on for the past three weeks. Kyle was declared brain dead shortly after being admitted to the hospital. To read more about the details of the incident, click here.

A family friend, who was believed to be driving the jetski, has been under deep investigation concerning the events of the tragedy. Usher has already [rightfully] cancelled shows during this tragedy. My heart really does go out to Usher and his family and it really is sad to see such a young life taken. May Usher and his family be in your prayers and hopefully the media will respect the privacy of the family through this trying time!

"Channel Orange" Review

This album has been out for a couple of weeks now and I know everyone is thinking “what took you so long to review this?”, but in my defense, this album went much slower than I did! Facebook and Twitter went bonkers over the release of this album and based off all of the hype, I figured I needed to cop this album. Needless to say, I am flipping my room upside down looking for the receipt.

I know many of you here think I only write positive reviews for albums or only write about albums I like. Not at all. “Channel Orange” was probably one of the worst experiences of my life. I won’t deny that Frank Ocean has talent; I do believe that he does. However, “Channel Orange” was long, drawn out and dragged. If I ever need a soundtrack for pain and sorrow, I found one! No track popped out to me and each song truly did sound like the song that came before and after it. I will even go out and say the best part of the album was Andre 3000’s bars on “Pink Matter.”

Also, I may upset a few people on this one but I can’t be the only one who thought Frank Ocean’s coming out about being a bisexual was a publicity stunt. Before people get their panties in a bunch, Da Boss Is Speakin is definitely a supporter of the LGBT movement. However, it was just pretty convenient for Frank Ocean to announce this news and then release the album one week after that… earlier than it was supposed to be released. This was almost as much of a publicity stunt as Rihanna finally talking to the media after MONTHS of silence about the incident with Chris Brown, conveniently around her albums release. I digress.

Verdict on “Channel Orange”: Snoozer. Listening to this album was pretty similar to listening to rain late night as you drift off into sleep. I definitely hope that Frank Ocean steps it up with the next album minus the publicity stunt!

On My Radar: Lucci Vee

You know her as Erika A.K.A. “The Boss Bitch” hailing all the way from Chi-Town… The girl who will “Pretty Girl Bounce” on ya if you not pretty girl bouncing with her. Few know her as Lucci Vee, the hardcore female rapper dropping mixtapes and rap covers over your favorite tracks and most of the time does it better than the original.

Her combination of hood and sexy had me from the beginning but once I pressed play on her many videos available on Youtube, I knew this one had to be On My Radar. Lucci Vee KILLS “Rack City” (available below) leaving me with raised eyebrows about this girl. She goes harder than most female rappers out now which is why I am still trying to figure out why am I waiting for mixtapes from her instead of albums. Her unpredictability in her verses leave you wanting more; that cannot be said about every girl rapper out now.

Check Miss Lucci Vee out for yourself:

Are All Tyler Perry Movies the Same?

My answer: NO. However, if you ask me if Madea’s movies are all the same, my answer may change… it may not. What I am getting at is that Tyler Perry’s movies are usually exceptional when the main character is NOT Madea. Don’t get me wrong; I am definitely a Tyler Perry fan and have watched a good amount of his movies, which is why I have noticed this trend. Tyler Perry first came to our attention with his movie Diary of a Mad Black Woman. This movie was very successful and had an amazing, relatable plot; Even if you  were never thrown out of your house by your man, you’ve been heart-broken and wanted some revenge. Tyler Perry did a GREAT job throwing Madea into the mix which added the anecdote to such a serious plot.  Also, it got us all in-touch with our inner “Oh HELL NO!,” which is why we loved her. But her time in front of the screen during this movie was limited… a good amount to make us love her… but limited. Other movies [that I’ve watched] that I think have been successful due to Madea’s small or non-existent role are: Family Reunion, Daddy’s Little Girls, Why Did I Get Married?, Why Did I Get Married, Too?, I Can Do Bad All By My Self, The Family That Preys, and For Colored Girls. 

It’s very clear that Tyler Perry has an undeniable eye for spotting talent (except I have no idea what drove him to cast Kim Kardashian on his next project, The Marriage Counselor, to be released in 2013). That being said, I am not sure what exactly happened in the casting of Madea’s Witness Protection. I found the mix of characters a bit awkward and it didn’t really fit well together on the screen.

The movie focuses on Madea (foul #1) and the family she agrees to bring into her home as apart of a witness protection program. This insanely unrealitstic plot (foul #2) did manage to pull some laughter out of me, I won’t lie, but failed to be able to hold my attention very much. I found myself in the theaters waiting for the next joke more than following the plot. I mean, once I realized that the plot is something that would never happen, it was hard to follow. But I still did. With risk of spoiling your hopes of seeing the movie: in my opinion, it was a flop. Tyler Perry has so much potential and talent that I have seen in other movies he’s written, produced, directed or acted in, that this movie fell VERY short of impressing me.

I can only handle the Madea character a short amount of time per movie and that was confirmed with Tyler Perry’s recent release. So, to answer the previous question: Are all Tyler Perry movies the same? No, if it doesn’t include Madea too much, yes if it does. Madea’s character is too much to have the lead role and is better if she serves as the anecdote. Tyler Perry has a HIGH amount of haters on his tail for many reasons but what everyone is not realizing is that Tyler Perry makes movies about subjects and situations that are prominent in the black community. If it wasn’t for Tyler Perry, most black actors wouldn’t have a job except for the HORRIBLE, straight-to-television movies we see on BET. I have my personal opinions about Tyler Perry’s work but, no matter what, I respect Tyler Perry a great deal and will always be a fan!

Have You Heard: K. Michelle’s "Diss Track"?

So, I am surfing the web and I have come across this little gem. K. Michelle has a very… how you say… WACK diss track out now where she takes jabs at the haters, Joseline and Karlie Redd. Watching the show I really didn’t understand why she couldn’t get re-signed because she is so talented, but upon hearing this track I was informed. I mean, I commend K. Michelle for actually saying the names of the girls she was referring to but just like Lil Wayne’s response to Pusha-T, it was a flop. I won’t keep you guys too long, let your ears take a listen:

What do you guys think of this track?