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Recap: "Hollywood Exes" Episode 8

Things in this episode of “Hollywood Exes” really took a turn for the worst and had me looking at the characters in a whole new light. Tension between the girls spewed over from the previous episode where the girls took a trip to Palm Springs to do all but relax. Although the initial fight was between Sheree and Jessica, Mayte found herself caught in the middle as she allowed her feelings to interfere with her good judgement.

As you know from the previous episode, it was revealed that Jessica had an abortion which was announced during a fight with Sheree. Jessica invites Sheree out to a lunch where the two talk things out and agree to disagree in their arguments. This was new, to say the least, considering we are used to fights being drawn out over multiple episodes and women being unable to let go of pettiness (see any recap of “Mob Wives Chicago”). Although the two girls clear the air between them, viewers aren’t able to breathe a sigh of relief as one of the other girls, Mayte, is still boiling over Jessica’s comments at Palm Springs.

Mayte visits a fertility clinic in order to find out her options in trying to have a baby. I mean this may sound a bit cruel but it seems that Mayte is feeling this urge to have a baby after her window of opportunity has closed. As the doctor said, her chances of having a baby are pretty slim and considering that older women who give birth to children have a higher risk of having a child with chromosomal abnormalities, I think Mayte’s best bet is to adopt. Mayte meets up with Sheree and Andrea later on to discuss what the doctor’s notes were and to open up about how she feels about Jessica’s abortion. Obviously Mayte has a reason to be upset that Jessica had an abortion, however, I don’t think that should have changed Mayte’s perception of Jessica since the abortion occurred so long ago! Mayte tells the girls that because Jessica threw the word abortion out so nonchalantly, it took a harder blow to Mayte than it would have otherwise. I don’t necessarily believe this because Jessica asked the girls not to bring up the abortion and the girls (Andrea specifically) did anyways.

The episode’s final showdown occurs as the girls all meet for dinner for the first time since Palm Springs. The girls all seem to be in good spirits except for Mayte, who has a bone to pick with Jessica. As the girls sit down to begin their dinner, Mayte immediately interrupts to call Jessica out on things she said in Palm Springs. Jessica immediately gave a, what seemed to be, sincere apology to Mayte and due to Mayte’s inability to think clearly at the moment, Mayte misconstrues the apology and blows up. I can’t be the only one who agreed with Jessica when she called Mayte crazy. Drinks were thrown and Mayte is pulled away from the table by Andrea and Sheree while Nicole stays at the table with Jessica. After clearly feeling uncomfortable, Jessica decides to excuse herself from dinner leaving Nicole at the table by herself.

I didn’t like this episode at all to be honest because the girls, once again, ganged up on Jessica when she, honestly, didn’t do anything wrong. How can you be mad at the girl for a choice she made so long ago? I mean, she didn’t even know Mayte then. Just another example of the foolishness of “Hollywood Exes,” I guess.


Recap: "Hollywood Exes" Episode 7

FINALLY! The episode I’ve been waiting for this entire season and it was GOOD! There was so much drama and hypocrisy going on… I didn’t know if I was watching “Basketball Wives” or “Hollywood Exes!” Either way I was entertained by the amount of juiciness flying around in this episode.

Sheree announces to the girls while shopping for bikinis that she has set up a girls getaway in Palm Springs at the BEAUTIFUL estate of late Bing Crosby. The girls pack their bikinis and make their way out to sunny Palm Springs but their trip is instantly plagued with arguing! Sheree announces that she will be having veal at dinner that evening and hardcore animal activist Jessica speaks up and calls Sheree a hypocrite for being such a “holy roller” but eating animals. Sheree doesn’t take this lying down and the tension between the two is created.

The girls go to dinner only to find that the previous argument had been in vain because veal wasn’t even on the menu. Crab cakes were though but it surprised the entire group when Jessica was the one who ordered it! Jessica’s reasoning for her choice is that crabs are not capable of thinking and are not mammals. WHAT? So, basically Jessica is a conditional animal activist. Whatever. The next day, Jessica and Nicole stay behind for some drinks by the pool and Mayte, Andrea, and Sheree head to the store and concocted a plan to buy lobsters to show Jessica that they have feelings too! When the girls return to the house, they find Jessica heavily intoxicated and on the verge of passing out. After sleeping it off a bit, Jessica returns to the girls and they fill her in about the lobsters. Offended, Jessica tells them that she won’t join them for that and Andrea questions why she would be so offended if they killed a lobster when she recently had an abortion. Yup, you read correctly! JESSICA HAD AN ABORTION! Jessica’s hypocrisy hit a whole new level! Feeling cornered, Jessica shifts her frustrations to Sheree’s “hypocrisy” and calls her out on her hard-liquor drinking off camera. The fight continues to escalate until Jessica excuses herself from the table. After cooling off, Jessica returns to have dinner with the girls but gives Sheree the cold shoulder and doesn’t refrain from taking cheap shots at her. Real mature Jessica.

The episode ends here but the drama doesn’t. Seems like Mayte also wants a piece of Jessica in next week’s episode. Keep it up Vh1!

Recap: "Hollywoods Exes" Episode 6

Oh, thank you Vh1 gods for delivering the first episode of “Hollywood Exes” that I didn’t feel like I was going to die of boredom. Before continuing, please take a minute to observe the amount of FINE-ness that these ladies have. They were OWNING it with these belly dancing outfits. I mean look at those BODS! I know you are wondering what occasion would these women ever be belly dancing?… Hang on tight. 
The three bachelorettes of the show (Mayte, Jessica, and Andrea) all go to a singles mixer and Andrea says it best… those men looked like SERIAL KILLERS! Besides the fact that this “singles mixer” only had the three girls and four guys, the matchmaker of the night was a complete bust forcing the group to take part in silly games to “get to know them.” Nicole is faced with a new challenge in which she has sold her house before finding a new one to live in. Wow! In speaking with her assistant, although I am not too sure why she would need one, Nicole decides she needs to go out house hunting. After looking at a beautiful house with a great view, Nicole passed because it was too small. I understood when she said the dining room (which only fit 8-10 people) was too small considering the fact that her and her man Michael Strahan have so many kids, but when the broad said that she wants a movie theater and a bowling alley… Who does she think she is? The Queen of Zamunda? (Coming to America  reference). 
Anyways, Andrea’s assistant, Tony, throws Andrea a bone and hooks her up with his barber, Percy. For some odd reason, on their date, Andrea felt compelled to reveal that she was once married to R. Kelly. Boo, that’s too big of a bomb to throw out there on the first date! Percy is definitely a keeper, though, he swallowed that pill like a champ! 
Later in the episode, Mayte prepares the girls for a belly dancing performance to be done at Mayte’s mother’s birthday celebration. Can I just say, Mayte’s mom is the cutest  thing I’ve ever seen! The girls arrive in their belly dancing attire (above) and unable to hold it in anymore, the girls mention just how big Andrea’s butt is! THANK YOU! I was beginning to think that I was the only one who noticed! Percy makes an appearance and like little girls, the girls grill Percy and try to find his intentions with their baby Andrea. He makes a pretty good impression till he drops the bomb that he has multiple baby mamas but refers to them as “friends”. Nice Save! The girls finally hit the stage for their performance and beside a couple of blips, they did a pretty good job and looked amazing doing it! Even Mayte’s mom jumps in for some belly dancing fun! 
Next week, however, things get real when the girls get into a heated debate concerning Jessica’s unwillingness to eat certain animals and Sheree’s possible hypocrisy in eating them! This should be good! 

Recap: "Hollywood Exes" Episode 5

Took me a minute to write this post because as I stated in the last post about “Hollywood Exes” last time, this show is definitely losing a fan in me but luckily for Vh1 this episode picked up a bit… just slightly. The episode begins with Nicole Murphy and her daughter Bria shopping and all I could think of is: wow, they are both stunning! Bria is currently a model and is encouraging her mother to get into back into modeling. Nicole listens to her daughter’s advice and takes a modeling gig and I was left absolutely speechless. Take a look at it for yourself: 
See what I mean? Later on, Jessica is forced into telling Josie herself about Jose not coming to move in with them. Josie brushes it off but it really was sad to watch because you could tell that Josie was genuinely hurt by that. Andrea finally holds her first dance class but unfortunately only 3 girls and Mayte show up. Poor Andrea was pretty upset but those girls got the class of their life because they were taught how to shake their a**es by a woman with one of the nicest butts I’ve ever seen! Nicole and Sheree go on the hunt for a nice white man for Andrea at the local farmer’s market and definitely show how desperate they are by picking anything that comes their way. Oh, but they were utterly surprised when one man tells them flat out “I’m here for tomatoes, not you.” OUCH! 
The show wraps up with Mayte’s embarrassing blind date with some fool that Nicole set her up with. This was CLEARLY a sick joke planned by Nicole and the rest of the girls because there is no way that Nicole could logically think that man would make a good couple with beautiful Mayte. Mayte was so turned off by this guy that she, out of nowhere, started coughing up a storm just to have an excuse not to kiss him later! HA! 
Anyways, things may be picking up with this show or I may be moving on! I won’t leave you guys hanging… we have much more HOT topics coming soon! 

Recap: "Hollywood Exes" Episode 4

Well, not much has happened in this episode except I have come to the conclusion that I am watching 5 lost souls that talk in circles and whose actions couldn’t be more aimless. I tried my hardest to stay awake during this episode but it seemed that every time I did tune in, the women were talking about the SAME thing! I mean the women haven’t progressed much from the premiere episode: Mayte still can’t find a man, Andrea’s looking for her spot to dance, Sheree is praying, Jessica is fighting with Jose, and Nicole is… talking.

Well, there were some [few] highlights to mention that occurred this episode. The women take a trip to Napa Valley for some wine tasting which is the location for the entire episode (how fun). All of the ladies are wooed by the host of the winery: a balding, middle-aged, frenchmen. Andrea, being the character that she is, deemed the host a T.O.D. and as she said “…if you who don’t know what a T.O.D is, he’ll Talkya Outya Drawers.” Every time I tune out or start to snooze, Andrea’s anecdotes wake me up!

It wouldn’t be a VH1 show if there wasn’t some conflict. A [minor] argument at the dinner table ensues between the show’s sinner and saint, Jessica and Sheree respectively, after Jessica mentions a word that was censored by VH1. I know you guys are trying to figure out what was Jessica Canseco’s censored word… well it was “squirting.” As a semi-family-friendly website, I am not going to go into the details of what this is but instead let you figure that out on your own. Sheree, obviously, gets offended and tells Jessica that no man would find that attractive and Jessica takes the bait and answers back “you are married to a Preacher!” The rest of the girls laugh off the matter but it is very noticeable that the Sheree and Jessica are annoyed with one another which [hopefully] means a bigger blow out!

VH1 really needs to bring the heat in this show because I am getting bored with it. How could VH1 have such a gem (“Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta”) and a disaster (“Single Ladies” season 2) on one network? No one knows. But the amount of entertainment I get from “Hollywood Exes” is more similar to “Single Ladies” than LHHATL.

Recap: "Hollywood Exes" Episode 3

This week’s episode of “Hollywood Exes” failed to hold my attention a great deal. Is it me or does it seem like the problems that each one of these women have in their lifes are just not…interesting? I mean, watching one of the women change a flat tire might be a bit more interesting than what has been giving on the show. I really had high hopes for this show but they are really about to lose a viewer.

Let me try to stay awake to give you guys the recap: *Yawn* Andrea still is trying to find a dance studio for her to teach in. It seems like everytime I tuned in (after tuning out) Andrea was crying about not having a studio and wondering how she was going to get one… or how will she survive? Okay Andrea. We get it. You want and need a studio to work in… and then what happened? Is that all you have to offer to the show? I would also like Andrea to please explain to me how her being R. Kelly’s EX-wife is holding her back from anything, especially since no one knew she existed prior to this show…

The only other character worth mentioning is Jessica Canseco, not to say she did anything memorable. Jessica finally admits to herself (and her therapist) that she may just be still in love with Jose Canseco, which may be the root to her decision in letting him move in. Just as Jessica reaches this epiphany, Jose breaks the news to Jessica that he will not be moving in with her. Hmmm… I thought Jose wanted to move in with Jessica for the sake of his daughter? I wonder what has changed? Like I previously stated here, Jose just needed a place to live and apparently found one, so no longer needs the services of Jessica. I bet Jessica is wiping the egg off her face now!

Anywho, I really hope next week’s episode is a LOT more interesting than this week’s because this may be the very last Recap of  “Hollywood Exes” you guys may get from me! What did you guys think of this week’s episode?

Recap: "Hollywood Exes" Episode 2

Episode 2 of “Hollywood Exes” premiered tonight which leaves me all confused about the scheduling. Tonight was supposed to be the original premiere date of the series, however, Vh1 chose to premiere the series earlier this week and premiered episode 2 tonight. Whatever. Watching this show has only left me to cringe at some of these ladies and the things they say.

This episode seemed to have been focused more on Mayte Garcia (ex-wife of Prince) and her desperateness. I must admit, I can’t relate, but my heart did go out to Mayte when she spoke about her losing her babies. Twice. That would be a hard thing to swallow for anybody. The fact that she can’t get over the fact that she is no longer married to Prince. Mayte is simply beautiful, so her coming on this show and being as pathetic as she is, is depressing. Her matchmaker is a B*TCH! Mayte for some reason, hired a matchmaker who comes into MAYTE’S residence and rudely tells Mayte, in not so many words, that Mayte should keep her mother in the back should she ever bring a man home.

Moving on, Jessica Canseco. She is a very beautiful girl, but there is something about her that is keeping me from liking her completely. She is very much like me: crazy, fun, outgoing… but I can’t put my finger on it. Maybe its because of that RACIST comment she said about black men towards the end of the episode?! “It’s because you are dating a black man… Black men don’t go down.” Ok, so it wasn’t as racist as it was misinformation, however her brazenness has left me to raise my eyebrows about Jessica.

In this episode, Jessica contemplates about whether or not she should move in with Jose Canseco because she’s debating if it would really be good for Josie. The other gals don’t think that it’s a good idea because they think Jose is just trying to get back with Jessica. NO!!!!! If he wanted Jessica, he would take her out on dates and woo her… he is BROKE! He needs shelter! He didn’t care about keeping his home together before this but now he does? Uh. No. He concocted this “move-in” plan in order to save his own a**!

The highlight of this episode for me (because it was overall boring) was Andrea Kelly. She is just so funny to me and full of life. If Vh1 decides to make a spin-off of this show, it definitely belongs to Andrea. She is spunky, tiny, yet FUN!

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Recap: "Hollywood Exes" Episode 1

For those of you who watch Vh1, for some reason, last night Vh1 premiered the first episode of “Hollywood Exes” instead of its original premiere date which is set for tomorrow night. Whatever. I did tune in, however, and it seems as though this show will not be my favorite show. It was relatively boring compared to the show it followed “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta.”  Anyways, allow me to recap the episode:

The photo above is when Nicole Murphy (ex-wife of Eddie Murphy) accompanied Jessica Canseco (ex-wife of Jose Canseco) for her laser vagina rejuvenation appointment. Nicole Murphy was on the WRONG side of the table and was ALL up in there like she was looking for her keys. Gross. Andrea Kelly (ex-wife of R. Kelly) is definitely my favorite character because of her outgoingness and her humor! Two thumbs up! Also, the fact that she has HER OWN dance company is definitely a plus because I am all for the “independent woman.”

Jose Canseco’s bum a** found a way to finagle his way on the screen and had his hand out the whole time. This fool managed to get on camera and asks his ex-wife to move in together. The terms of this STUPID agreement is that they move-in together for the sake of their 15 year old daughter but see other people. Wait a minute: he didn’t care enough to keep his family together for the “sake” of their daughter over a decade ago when he first divorced Jessica Canseco but now that she is old enough to come to terms with the divorce he is the “concerned dad?” Also, how does being in the same house and seeing other people help the daughter out? Wouldn’t that hurt her more seeing her parents with other people? Well, Jose tells Jessica that she should be the person paying for their shared house which ultimately reveals his motive: he is trying to FREELOAD off his ex-wife. How low can you get? Once the highest paid athlete in the MLB, Jose Canseco is asking for scraps from his ex-wife and the loser tries to cover it up by saying it would help their daughter and Jessica Canseco was not having it!

Moving on: I was really hoping Sheree was a lot more exciting than she was on the show but in the season preview, it does seem that she turns it up! Matye Garcia… poor girl. The divorce was 17 years ago and she is still hung up on Prince. Get over it.

Anyways to sum up, show was pretty boring but the season preview does seem promising. Like always, I will be tuned in each week because I am a “Reality TV Junkie.”