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Recap: "Bad Girls Club" Episode 10

Oh, the thirst is getting real this season on BGC because the girls are starting to look just as messy and weak as the girls last season! Specifically, the girls this season are turning to jumping and forcefully driving the girl that they are jealous of and threatened by out of the house. These girls are unique in their technique to drive Andrea out the house and do what I’ve never seen before on BGC… we will get to that in a moment!
Andrea takes Rima’s advice in apologizing to Ashley for her “fat sl*t” comment in the previous episode and approaches Ashley with a less than sincere apology. In fact, Andrea lets Ashley know that Rima put her up to the apology. The girls continue their side-eyeing around Andrea and continue to plot to remove Andrea out the house and Andrea’s only friend in the house, Zuly, refuses to get in the middle and help her out. As of now, I don’t know what to think of Zuly. I am a firm believer that if you do nothing, you are doing something and as a friend to Andrea, she should at least try to remove Andrea from the situation when the girls get to fighting. 
The girls all take a trip on a booze cruise where they do what they do the best: drink and party. They finally make contact with men and, like prison escapees, the girls have no idea how to act around men and jump their bones. I’m talking making out with complete strangers, humping, the whole nine yards. When they return to the house, Julie and Ashley are still sexually flustered and begin to look at each other a bit differently. This leads to some hot jacuzzi action between the two.

Still the outcast, Andrea decides to go out for a night of partying alone at the Pink Kitty. Forced to party alone, Andrea summons some random girls from the club to join her in VIP and orders some bottle service. Andrea takes a bathroom break and returns to her table to find the other girls in the house at her table drinking her liquor. To be honest, when I saw that, I instantly thought that Andrea was going to go crazy and fight all the girls especially when the girls got loud and tried to kick Andrea out of her own table. Andrea saved her energy for when the girls returned to the house and approached Ashley after the club because Ashley was the rudest with Andrea at the club.

Things between Ashley and Andrea escalated really quick when Andrea got to pushing Ashley’s buttons leading Ashley to push Andrea… only to get DROPPED by Andrea. It is true: the bigger they are, the harder they fall. Don’t let Andrea’s size fool you because Andrea DEFINITELY wins the fight knocking Ashley down to the ground and delivering a beating that Ashley didn’t see coming. The girls turn to assist Ashley out and security intervenes. Later on, the girls decide that… Andrea has to go, gathering her things and forcefully packing her things for her. When Andrea fights back, the girls grab her stuff (including Andrea’s best friend: her stuffed Monk-Monk) and throw them in the ocean. YES, you heard correctly. The girls throw Andrea’s things in the OCEAN! After retrieving her things, Andrea approaches Julie about this stunt which only leads to 4 on 1 girl jump on Ashley… and cut! 
Next week, things get really crazy when the girls grab Andrea’s things and throw them out of a moving car on the side of the street! Oh, this sh*t is crazy! I’ve never seen so much effort go into throwing a girl out of the house but I sure hope that Andrea holds her own! #TeamAndrea!


Recap: "Bad Girls Club" Episode 9

Andrea… you’re up! Time to prove just how bad of a bad girl you really are! For those of you who watched this week’s episode, how do you think she did? If you ask me, Andrea proved that she is tougher and has a stronger mind than all of those girls put together. Rima already proved to us viewers that she is weaker than everyone in the house, becoming a pawn in Julie’s game of chess and Falen being a mere bishop. The girls are all on the hunt for a new victim now that Mehgan is out of the house and they have their eyes on Andrea.

Why Andrea? Well, during a night out partying, Andrea ends up flirting with Rima’s man Ricky J making her the easiest target in the house. Zuly decides to remain the neutral party in the house and focuses her attention on trying to turn Rima out! When the girls return to the house, Andrea warns Rima about her man Ricky J pushing up on her at the club. Rima, of course, does not believe a thing out of Andrea’s mouth and instead rallies the girls and try to push Andrea out of the house. What a weak b*tch! Rima, if you had that “good good” like you claim you do, you wouldn’t have felt so threatened by Andrea!

I digress. Another round of partying leaves an open ground for trouble as Rima gets jealous when Zuly makes out with another girl in the club. I don’t even know what to say about this other than Rima likes to get around. She is playing Zuly making it seem like she is interested in her by getting mad when Zuly pursues other girls but pushes Zuly away as soon as Ricky J comes around. This night also ends in even more trouble when the house bookkeeper, Julie, has a problem with the amount that Andrea tips at the club. This fight is brought back to the house because Andrea won’t drop the fact that she just got called “cheap.” Rima is the first to confront Andrea to her face trying to assert her dominance by being loud and telling Andrea that she has kicked 3 girls out of the house victoriously.


Also, am I the only one that thought Rima looked like such a… dare I say it… “wankster” hollering in Andrea’s face? You are not a thug Rima, get over it. Ugh. The fight between Rima and Andrea fuels Ashley to stand up for her best friend (the one who screwed her over last episode) and Ashley begins a screaming match with Andrea. After Ashley pushes Andrea, Andrea decides to hit Ashley with a low blow and calls her a “fat sl*t.” It’s funny how Ashley whimpers away after this statement and is no longer into yelling and screaming.

The girls have to suck all the drama from the previous night in as they perform for the Pink Kitty (again) to redeem themselves from a horrifyingly embarrassing performance. The performance was much better than last time and Andrea kills it on the pole! After the performance, Zuly confesses her love for Rima and tells Rima that she is jealous of Ricky J. Not only does Rima not tell Zuly how she feels, but Rima tells Ricky J what Zuly confided in her and has a laugh with Ricky J about Zuly. Oh my goodness, Rima is really working my last nerve.

Nights and nights of torment on Andrea seemed to really be taking a toll on Rima leading her to meet Andrea outside after Andrea returns from doing some errands. Rima offers Andrea a peace offering and tells Andrea that she will be calling a house meeting the next day and expects Andrea to apologize to Ashley for her “fat sl*t” statement and apologize to the rest of the girls. Thankfully, Andrea is much smarter than that and realizes that this move by Rima is all just a ploy. Seems like Andrea’s instinct is correct because in the next episode it seems like the girls are still relentless in their journey to get Andrea out of the house!

Recap: "Bad Girls Club" Episode 7

Can I just say that I thoroughly enjoyed this episode? I loved seeing Julie so insecure about herself. Not only because I can’t stand her, but because now I understand why she is such a b*tch! There was a major disappointment during this episode that has left me skeptical about the rest of the season and whether or not I will be tuned in for it. 

The major disappointment: Christina getting removed from the house. Not only did Oxygen remove Erika, but now they removed Christina which, to me, makes absolutely no sense. I know fans, like me, tuned into Bad Girls Club mostly for these two girls. Now we are left with all of the weak girls in the house. Christina was ejected from the house after the fight (which began towards the end of the previous episode) with Rima. The fight was arguably the best fight of the season simply because the fight was pretty equal. For the most part, other fights in the season have been a clear win or loss due to one girl’s ability to whoop a** more than her opponent. For example, Christina vs. Julie and Rima vs. Erika were two no-brainers because they were unfair matches. The Rima and Christina fight, however, could have gone 12 rounds! Sadly, there was only two. In the first round, Christina initiates the fight by one clean hit to Rima’s face. This move was apparently poking a sleeping bear because Rima gets an advantage by locking Christina in a head lock and wins the first round. The girls are split up but are not finish as the girls go in for another round. This time Christina gets the advantage as the girls tumble to the ground and Christina gets a chance to kick Rima repeatedly in her FACE! Rima, being the weakling that she is, does the ultimate b*tch move and BITES Christina on her leg. Who does that?! 

Once the girls break up, Christina is called by producers and is told that she must go home. Oxygen must be going for a weaker approach this season because they let go of the two strongest girls already! Rima basks in the dismissal of Christina and states in the confessional that she has victory. Uh Rima, if you think getting smacked and stomped left and right across people’s television every Monday at 10pm is victorious… to each its own! 

The girls all go out for a night on the town and is approached by staff of the Pink Kitty (the club that they were in) and are asked to do a choreographed dance. The girls all agree yet once they get to rehearsals the next day, things go awry as self-conscious Julie feels that she looks stupid doing the dance due to her weight. 

Dear Julie, 

You do not look stupid dancing because you are overweight. You look stupid dancing because you ARE stupid and have no rhythm. 


After running out during rehearsals to weep and sob, Julie is quasi-comforted by her minion Falen. Her other minion, Mehgan, does not fall for Julie’s cry for attention and calls Julie out for being rude to their dance instructor. This is the first time this season, I believe, that I have ever agreed with that Mehgan has said. This leads to tension between Mehgan and Julie which, as always, causes Julie to turn on her own friend. The gears in Julie’s head get to turning and she turns Falen against Mehgan by telling Falen all the things that Mehgan has said about Falen throughout their time there. She, of course, omits all the things that she has said about Falen or that she agreed with Mehgan in all the things that she has said. 

The girls prepare for their dance at the Pink Kitty and nothing helps prepare for a choreographed dance than…liquor. Minutes before they have to perform, the girls get heavily inebriated and lead to one of the biggest trainwrecks on television since Joseline Hernandez (LHHATL). The P.A.Bs (Mehgan, Julie and Falen) all go out to a personal dinner although there is tension between Falen/Julie and Mehgan. Mehgan senses this tensions but continues to irk the girls by calling Julie out on her drinking and calling her rude. Once the girls get to the house, Mehgan comes up with a fool-proof method to stopping all the hate in the house: Everyone stops talking sh*t about each other. This BIGGEST sh*t-talker in the house now senses that she is being talked about and now she feels that talking smack is a bad idea. This sounded like the most hypocritical and ridiculous coming from Mehgan’s mouth until she said that “being fake my skin crawls.” B*tch, you must like the feeling of skin crawling because all you are is FAKE! 

Let me calm down. Mehgan continues to give the other girls a reason to hate her as she sits Julie down and tells her that she has a problem with Julie always spotting Falen for cash when they come out. Once again, Mehgan is putting her nose in business that isn’t hers. Reporter Julie, of course, tells Falen everything that Mehgan which riles Falen up. Once Mehgan comes out to talk to the girls, Falen confronts her and the episode ends. Oh how you tease us, Oxygen!

Next week’s episode continues the confrontation between Falen and Mehgan and, the episode that we have been waiting for, the biggest fight of the season: Mehgan vs. Rima AND Falen. From the preview on the first episode, it seemed like Mehgan won but let’s see how that fight pans out next week!

Recap: "Bad Girls Club" Episode 6

I hate Julie. I repeat. I HATE Julie. I don’t use that word too lightly because it is a strong word, but I don’t understand how someone can be so manipulative and disgusting. I just hope EVERYONE whoops her a** during the reunion once they get a whiff of all the BS she’s been pulling all season. Whew. Let’s get down to the recap:

Mehgan, Falen, and Julie are being their typical hater selves, hating on everything about the new girl Andrea but once Mehgan realizes that Andrea moved some of Mehgan’s things, the three decided to take matters into their own hands (kinda). Instead of confronting Andrea directly (like real women do), Mehgan calls upon her minions to plot and write “Don’t start drama that you can’t finish” on her picture. Really? P.A.Bs. Once Andrea comes home and finds this writing on her picture, she confronts the three and, of course, the chihuahua of the three (Julie) gets into a barking match with Andrea. I mean that’s all she knows how to do. Andrea directly challenges the three and asks them “are you going to hit me?”… and they do nothing. Weak a**es.

The girls all go out to party except for Mehgan and Julie. Falen seems to be pulling the most guys which prompts Christina to ask “how do you get all the guys?” WHO ASKS THAT?! Better question: WHAT BAD GIRL ASKS THAT? Of course, this one moment of vulnerability on Christina’s part leaves it open for Falen to call her weak. One slip up and the girl is weak. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

There is a definite divide between the girls as the whole house (except for Andrea) go against Christina after her blow up in La Paz. Rima (who, to me, is looking like the weakest of them all) stupidly bonds with the same girls who tortures her in the beginning and listen to them as they create lies about Christina. For example, Julie tells Rima that it was Christina who put water in her foundation, not Mehgan, as Christina told her. IT WAS MEHGAN! This, along with other lies, leave Rima boiling and pissed at Christina but she says nothing to Christina’s face. Weak.

Christina and Andrea, both, have some (un)noteworthy fights with their guys. Of course, these are not the showdowns we tune in for. The showdown we DO tune in for is between Christina and Rima this episode, as Christina gets tired of Rima’s side eye-ing her. Christina confronts Rima and the two get into a fight where Christina knocks Rima’s block off….

The episode ends here and I would love to say see you guys next week for the next episode’s recap, however, but Oxygen has been pretty finicky with their scheduling and episode premieres. Rumor has it that the Episode 7 of BGC will be three weeks from now. I guess I will see you guys then!

By the way… either Rima and Christina go home next week due to this episode’s fight!



Da Boss Is Speakin asked: Who is the Baddest Girl on BGC Season 9 of the original cast? After a week of voting, you guys voted for ERIKA A.K.A. LUCCI VEE!



Tying at the bottom spot, is the top hater of the house, Julie: 
And the sweet but loopy party girl, Ashley: 
 We will be doing another poll that will include both the new girls and the originals! Tune in! 

Recap: "Bad Girls Club" Episode 5

Oh, the shade on this episode! I have never seen such a dense amount of hate in one episode. It’s not even consistent hate… it’s seasonal hate, meaning these girl’s don’t have any one girl for a specific reason. They hate every girl at a different point in time for no reason.

The episode begins with Erika and Rima battling it out. Well let me correct myself: it was a massacre.  Erika definitely got the belt for this fight for going H.A.M. in one of the most brutal fights in BGC history (next to Stasi’s hand-delivered a**-whooping to Shelly). I know what everyone is thinking… “what about the fight in season 8 with the twins?”… well that wasn’t a fight, it was a jump. The twins were two punks who got beatdown by 5 other punks. Back to this season: the producers of this show have really showed their a** in their decision to kick Erika out. I thought girls got kicked out if they were the first one to throw a punch? If that’s was the case (as it used to be) then Julie should be sent packing and so should Mehgan! But nope, their reasoning for throwing out Erika was because the punch to the face was too brutal! Come on now, you can see Erika and know she was going to pretty girl bounce on the other girls… y’all wanted weak fights, then cast weak girls. DUH!

**Moment of silence for Erika A.K.A. Boss B*tch A.K.A. Lucci Vee/ Lucci Two-times/ Lucci Balboa…**

Following Erika’s depature, the rest of the girls are over messing with Rima. What a coincidence. Now that the muscle isn’t around the girls don’t want to mess with Rima anymore. Falen approaches Rima and apologizes to her for the torture they put her through. For the most part, the apology really did seem sincere and Falen was on her best behavior with Rima for the rest of the episode but Falen is a GRADE A HATER in our book, so we are keeping an eye on her.

The picture of the new girl is placed in the house and you can already tell which of the girls had been drinking on that HATERADE! Mehgan immediately feels jealous and goes to the other girls asking if they think that the new girl looks better than her. WHO DOES THAT?! After intensely evaluating the new girl’s picture Mehgan proclaims in confessional with a tone of disgust, “Ugh, she’s black.” PAUSE. B*tch, you’re black! The PABs (Mehgan, Julie, and Falen) individually do their confessional on their thoughts of the new girl and of course, they hate on everything on the new girl. Head to toe. Christina, Ashley, and Rima are definitely more accepting of the thought of a new girl during their individual confessionals and are anticipating her arrival.

Once the new girl (Andrea) arrives, the PABs all give her the cold shoulder leaving Andrea no choice but to bond with the cooler girls. Better for her, she won’t have to deal with the concentrated hate going on with the PABs. The PABs stay home while the other girls head out and Ms. “DON’T TOUCH MY STUFF AND I WON’T TOUCH YOURS” A.K.A Mehgan, goes through all of Andrea’s things to find her last name in order to do a google search. STALKERS.  When Andrea’s pictures come up from a spread in King Magazine, the girls have a field day with the hate: “her boobs are saggy,” “her weave is gross,” “these pictures are horrible.”

The girls all take a trip to La Paz which is apparently different from Cabos San Lucas according to the girls (it all looks the same from my couch). Rima walks into the PABs room to invite Falen out to party and when Mehgan mocks Rima, Falen tells Mehgan to shut her mouth. One point for Falen! When the girls return from a night of partying, a fight ensues between Christina, Ashley and Andrea. Correct me if I’m wrong but this fight began because the girls left Christina to sleep in a room IN PEACE  and when she woke up and found out that she was alone, she went to the other girls to yell at Andrea and Ashley steps in to defend Andrea. Christina was definitely not having Ashley defending herself and busts Ashley upside the head. PAUSE. Shouldn’t this mean that Christina should go home too? Oh, just Erika. Cool. Before the night is done, Christina, Ashley, and Andrea hash things out and cool off.

The episode wraps up with some fun outings with the girls such as swimming with the sharks and riding on a float during a carnival. The girls return from their trip to La Paz and Mehgan, Julie and Ashley have a heart to heart about their exes. The house is definitely calm compared to how it was the past couple of days but everyone has their eyebrows raised about Christina for how crazy she went in La Paz.

Whew! As you can see by the post length, it was a pretty eventful show but things get a bit more eventful next week when Rima and Christina go at it and another girl gets sent home! See ya guys next week!

Recap: "Bad Girls Club" Episode 4

Wow. That’s all I could say about this week’s episode of BGC.  These girls are NO JOKE! I remember back in the day when I wanted to be in the BGC house but after this episode… I’m not too sure I could handle it! (Hehe, just kidding. I would whoop everybody’s a**!) People took to Twitter like crazy during this episode voicing their negative opinion towards Erika’s actions during the show. In any other situation, I would probably agree, but this is the BAD GIRLS CLUB. Can’t handle it? Don’t sign up for it!

The episode begins with the Erika and Rima fight from the previous episode where Erika confronts Rima for telling the PABs that Erika told Rima not to be friends with them. Rima tells Erika that she doesn’t want to bring Charlie (Rima’s weird alter ego) out and when Erika insists that Rima bring him out… Rima backs down. SURPRISE! Watching this, Julie calls Rima a lying, scheming rodent which is particularly funny because this fight between Erika and Rima was all apart of a SCHEME Julie concocted to break the friends up. Ugh. The whole house turns against Rima except for blondie Ashley who has built a great bond with Rima.

The girls devise a plan to pack all of Rima’s things and place her things outside. Hmm… didn’t the girls make a pact that no matter what, nobody touches each other’s things? Anyways, Ashley finds herself in the middle and has to choose between betraying Rima and not telling her or telling Rima and feeling the wrath of the other girls. Like a true friend, Ashley does break down and tells Rima what they are doing. Erika decides to confront Rima one more time and just suddenly… breaks into dance. It was BY FAR, one of the funniest moments in BGC history and for your viewing pleasure, HERE IT IS:

Alright, back to the topic. Julie also tries to get a taste of bullying Rima and starts to push and shove her. This IMMEDIATELY backfires when they begin to fight and Rima delivers to Julie a fresh can of whoop-a**! Julie, the delusional PAB she is, believes that she won the fight but is COMPLETELY wrong… I mean, Rima kicked her in the face! The next day while Rima was out on a beach outing with Ashley, the girls do the PLAYED-OUT “throw the mattress in the pool” stint. Christina is beginning to get tired of the others girls’ antics and later offers Rima an apology for the bullying of the other girls.

Things heat up later in the episode when Rima’s friend calls the house demanding to speak to the “nappy headed h*e from Chicago” (referring to Erika). When Erika gets word of this, she goes H.A.M. on the bullying of Rima. To be honest, that is perfect grounds for an a**-whooping because that is proof that Rima was talking behind her back… but that’s just me. Ashley tries to calm the tensions of the house by arranging a group salsa class for all of them to attend. Everyone agrees to attend except Erika who does not want to go if Ratatouille Rima is going. In the final showdown of the episode, Erika takes a low blow when she suggests that being Rima is easy because if Erika wanted to have a baby for a guy who wouldn’t take care of it like Rima did, she can do it. Rima finally steps to Erika and a fight between the two breaks out and Erika looks like she was killing Rima… we won’t find out till next week’s episode!

Recap: "Bad Girls Club" Episode 3

Can I just say… I LOVE ERIKA AND CHRISTINA! Okay, now that I’ve got that out of the way, time to recap this week’s episode of BGC. This week’s episode was filled with plenty of hate and manipulation and I enjoyed watching every minute of it!

Finally, Mehgan admits that she has no problem when people call her fake because she is fake: her nose, hair and boobs are fake. WOW! I’ve never heard that from a Bad Girl but hey, she is a P.A.B.! Julie is still running her mouth left and right for her unjustified hate for Christina and even Falen is tired of it. Julie is definitely jealous and obsessed of Christina which is completely understandable because Christina is a badder b*tch than she is. The “winners” formerly known as the “not-so-classy” girls (Rima, Christina, Ashley, and Erika) are definitely the fun ones in the house because instead of focusing on what the other girls are doing, they are just being themselves… except for Rima.

Rima, in a drunken stupor, goes to the P.A.B.s (Falen, Mehgan, and Julie) crying and pouring out her heart about her failed friendship with Mehgan. Cue the violins. After going into a drawn-out explanation about how Rima and Mehgan had a legally binding pinky promise to be BFFs, the “winners” come out to pick up their mess (photo above). Sigh. To be honest, I thought that Ashley would be the crazy, trashy one of the group because of her free-spirit, but Rima DEFINITELY takes the cake for trash of the house.

Later, the P.A.B.s do their usual routine in the confessional and talk their usual smack about the rest of the girls while Christina is outside eavesdropping. The girls walk out and catch Christina eavesdropping which leads into round two of Christina and Julie. Julie makes it a point that she is always the one to hit Christina first, however, considering that Christina always tosses Julie like salad, I would say that Julie shouldn’t take much pride in that.

Julie is not a dumb one though. Her and her minions concoct a plan to turn the “winners” against one another which actually works! After apologizing and hashing things out with Christina, Julie goes behind Rima’s back and tells Erika that Rima told the P.A.B.s that the “winners” told her not to hang out with them. It did bother me how easily the “winners” fell into wack a** Julie’s trap but Rima did say it.

In next week’s episode, Erika checks Rima for her statements and the rest of the girls join forces to get Rima out of the house. Now, why couldn’t they do this for Mehgan? Ugh!

On My Radar: Lucci Vee

You know her as Erika A.K.A. “The Boss Bitch” hailing all the way from Chi-Town… The girl who will “Pretty Girl Bounce” on ya if you not pretty girl bouncing with her. Few know her as Lucci Vee, the hardcore female rapper dropping mixtapes and rap covers over your favorite tracks and most of the time does it better than the original.

Her combination of hood and sexy had me from the beginning but once I pressed play on her many videos available on Youtube, I knew this one had to be On My Radar. Lucci Vee KILLS “Rack City” (available below) leaving me with raised eyebrows about this girl. She goes harder than most female rappers out now which is why I am still trying to figure out why am I waiting for mixtapes from her instead of albums. Her unpredictability in her verses leave you wanting more; that cannot be said about every girl rapper out now.

Check Miss Lucci Vee out for yourself:

Recap: "Bad Girls Club" Episode 2

Quick question: who else was excited to see Julie get her a** WHOOPED last night?! Ugh! Christine has been my favorite since the girl has came up on my screen but the fact that she took down the second biggest sh*t talker on the show (Mehgan is still number one!)… marry me?

The show begins where the last one ended with the Rima and Mehgan’s fight over Mehgan calling Rima dirty. Mehgan may be really annoying with all her prissiness but the girl can scrap… I won’t deny that! Once the fight is over, the two girls get into a yelling match where Erika steps in to defend Rima and Mehgan does the lethal mistake of putting her hands in Erika’s face. Mehgan suddenly tones it down once she hears Erika’s bark. This happens alot: no one wants to mess with Erika. I wouldn’t either.

The girls have split up into two groups at this point in the season: the “Classy” girls which are Mehgan, Julie, and Julie’s puppy Falen and the “Not-So-Classy” girls which are Erika, Christine, Ashley, and Rima. I honestly think that the only thing that separates the two groups is whether or not they are in denial about their basic-ness. The girls are out and about in the club where the classy girls decide to spend their night concerned with what the not-so-classy girls are doing. Who does that?: Goes to clubs just to hate on what someone else is doing. I will agree with the classy girls on one thing: I am crazy and get pretty loose in the clubs but to pull down my panties every time I go out… No! Rima should really be concerned with how she makes herself look on television, not for herself, but for her son. I am not really the one to judge anybody but I’m going to really need Rima to get it together. NObody wants to see that! (Side note: am I the only one who thought that Rima was pregnant when she was on the beach?)

Anyways, some of the girls go out clubbing [again] the next night and Erika and Rima stay back leaving Christine to party alone (Ashley parties in her own lalaland). After a night of the usual drunkenness and debauchery, the girls ride home in the limo where Julie takes it upon her self to talk smack about Christine to her face [while she was passed out]. Little does she know that Christine was not sleeping. Christine hops up and asks Julie what was she saying and, of course like the punk that she is, Julie says nothing. Typical.

Upon arriving back at the mansion, Mehgan finds her picture covered with Erika’s and Rima’s commentary about Mehgan. Mehgan confronts both Erika and Rima but it is Rima who decides since she is finished with her drink, she might as well pour it on Mehgan. A fight ensues and I think: aren’t these two tired of fighting each other already? This question is answered when Mehgan stops fighting and goes after Rima’s clothes and throws them in the pool. #PAUSE! Wasn’t it Mehgan who stated that they can fight all day but just don’t touch anybody’s things. #PAB (Punk A** B*TCH) as Erika would say. Rima hopped up and responded by throwing Mehgan’s things in the pool too AND ripping some clothes.

All this fighting gets Christine revved up and Christine confronts Julie about her mouth. The girls come to blows and Julie’s weave gets snatched out and burned by Christine. It clearly didn’t cost that much because a girl would fight over some good weave. Plus, it looked like some of those hairpieces they sell at Claire’s. After being pulled off of each other, Julie gets pissed when Christine calls Julie a “fat friend” and Julie dives in for part 2 of her own a**-whooping. Poor Julie: girl didn’t you learn from the first night that Christine is not the one to mess with. You could’ve saved your face [literally] if you just kept your mouth shut!

Seems as though next week we will be seeing some more of Julie vs. Christine and hopefully Erika goes in on somebody because I want to see her box. What did you guys think of last night’s episode?