On My Radar: Caskey

I really don’t even know where to start with this one. It ALL began when I came across a track titled “Dope Sh*t” through internet hunting. From there, research was done on the newly signed Cash Money Artist, Caskey, and… a groupie was formed. YES! You heard correctly: I am officially a Caskey groupie. As you readers know, I was starting to give up on rap altogether because the market was over-saturated with untalented wannabes with real talent sprinkled here and there. Listening to Caskey’s mixtape was the b*tch slap I needed to wake up and realize that rap is not dead.

The Orlando-based rapper made his name with his mixtape “No Complaints” and caught the attention of rap mogul Cash Money’s Birdman. Caskey’s mixtape was filled with something that many rap albums and mixtapes are missing now: real lyrics. I mean, to be honest, I’ve never been so motivated to hustle till I heard “No Complaints”… which says a lot because I heard “God Forgives, I Don’t.” 
This is the most excited I’ve gotten for the signing of a rapper since Drake got signed which, as we can all see, turned out to be a good deal. But will Caskey be the new Drake, or the new Weezy? My guess: no. Caskey will be the new category of rap that future aspiring rappers try to be. Don’t believe me? Caskey decided to give Baby and us listeners a treat by releasing “Cash Money Records 100 Bars” where he declares his spot in the rap game with a smooth flow over mixed Cash Money classics. Not the most creative title, but Caskey decided to leave the creativity for the flow
I know what you are thinking and you know I got the answer: Where can you get more Caskey? 
Twitter: @Caskey407
Download Caskey’s Mixtape “No Complaints” HERE!


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