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"Magic Mike" Premieres Tomorrow!

Magic Mike premieres in movies tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited. Before I get to the good part, I would like to offer a very brief synopsis of the movie. Magic Mike (Channing Tatum) being a veteran stripper takes rookie The Kid (Alex Pettyfer) under his wings and shows him the ropes of the business. Along the way, Magic Mike falls for The Kid’s sister, however, his “lifestyle” gets in the way.

NOW on to the more important part… the actors:

Magic Mike (Channing Tatum) 
Kid (Alex Pettyfer)
Dallas (Matthew McConaughey)
Tito (Adam Rodriguez)
Ken (Matt Bomer)
Tarzan (Kevin Nash)
Big Dick Richie (Joe Manganiello) 
I will definitely be watching this movie and providing a full review and whether or not it is worth the money to watch. But for now, I’ll be indulging in these seven guilty pleasures! 

Drake vs. Chris Brown: Round 2

I’m going to have to start at the top with this one for those of you who don’t know what’s going on. Mid-June, a fight broke out at W.i.P. Lounge in New York between Chris Brown and Drake. Rumor has it that Chris Brown sent a bottle of champagne to Drake only to have it returned with a note reading “I’m still f*cking Rihanna.” A fight broke out between the two and a bottle and a punch was thrown injuring Chris Brown. Chris Brown injuries were uploaded to his twitter (above) but was later removed.

After the incident, #RihannasBox became a worldwide trending topic on twitter where tweeple tweeted about Rihanna’s lady parts and the barbaric things it causes men to do! The incident has also caused the state to revoke the nightclub’s liquor license which ultimately shut down the club… because what is a club without liquor?

As if this story could not be more drama-filled, Spurs point-guard Tony Parker is suing the nightclub for $20 million dollars due to a scratched cornea he received during the brawl.

WAIT! There’s more!! Drake and Chris Brown have been offered $1 million dollars each to settle their problems with the fool-proof method to problem solving: Boxing. Some rich kid has made this offer to fork over the money and another $1 million for charity if the two stars agree to fight. The fight would be on Aug. 25 and available via pay-per-view if the two agree to the fight.

I don’t think this fight will ever happen because it will be a dirty fight. Yea, it will be organized but should one of them win, the other’s entourage will take it upon themselves to perpetuate a beef bigger than this one. Can you imagine if Chris Brown knocks out Drake? What do you think Young Money would do? Exactly. The two should remove themselves and realize the true root of their problems: #RihannasBox.

Footnote: Why didn’t Chris Brown think to wipe his nose before taking pics at that angle? I’m just saying…. 

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GLBT Oreos!

This picture was released recently via Facebook on the Oreo page in support of Gay, Lesbian, Bi and Transgender Rights. The photo sparked a heated debate as many against GLBT have discussed protesting Kraft for allowing this picture to even be made. Good luck with that because Kraft is one of the leading food producers in America. I am not the biggest fan of Oreos but I am in support of the GLBT rights and anyone else who is, so… GO OREOS!

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Recap: "Hollywood Exes" Episode 2

Episode 2 of “Hollywood Exes” premiered tonight which leaves me all confused about the scheduling. Tonight was supposed to be the original premiere date of the series, however, Vh1 chose to premiere the series earlier this week and premiered episode 2 tonight. Whatever. Watching this show has only left me to cringe at some of these ladies and the things they say.

This episode seemed to have been focused more on Mayte Garcia (ex-wife of Prince) and her desperateness. I must admit, I can’t relate, but my heart did go out to Mayte when she spoke about her losing her babies. Twice. That would be a hard thing to swallow for anybody. The fact that she can’t get over the fact that she is no longer married to Prince. Mayte is simply beautiful, so her coming on this show and being as pathetic as she is, is depressing. Her matchmaker is a B*TCH! Mayte for some reason, hired a matchmaker who comes into MAYTE’S residence and rudely tells Mayte, in not so many words, that Mayte should keep her mother in the back should she ever bring a man home.

Moving on, Jessica Canseco. She is a very beautiful girl, but there is something about her that is keeping me from liking her completely. She is very much like me: crazy, fun, outgoing… but I can’t put my finger on it. Maybe its because of that RACIST comment she said about black men towards the end of the episode?! “It’s because you are dating a black man… Black men don’t go down.” Ok, so it wasn’t as racist as it was misinformation, however her brazenness has left me to raise my eyebrows about Jessica.

In this episode, Jessica contemplates about whether or not she should move in with Jose Canseco because she’s debating if it would really be good for Josie. The other gals don’t think that it’s a good idea because they think Jose is just trying to get back with Jessica. NO!!!!! If he wanted Jessica, he would take her out on dates and woo her… he is BROKE! He needs shelter! He didn’t care about keeping his home together before this but now he does? Uh. No. He concocted this “move-in” plan in order to save his own a**!

The highlight of this episode for me (because it was overall boring) was Andrea Kelly. She is just so funny to me and full of life. If Vh1 decides to make a spin-off of this show, it definitely belongs to Andrea. She is spunky, tiny, yet FUN!

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On My Radar: Rita Ora

Those of you who are fans of Roc Nation, like me, recognize this face and are familiar with this name. Rita Ora is a new addition to Jay-Z team and has been making waves ever since. Many like to compare Rita Ora to Rihanna, claiming her voice favors the Barbadian bad-a**. Personally, Rita Ora’s voice sounded nothing like Rihanna’s in her first single “How We Do (Party),” but upon hearing Rita Ora’s cover of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know” (below), I not only realize that Rita’s voice is a refreshing mix of Beyonce and Rihanna, I also got a real taste of her raw talent.

Roc Nation may not be the best at pushing out their artists, but they do have great talent on their hands. Hopefully Rita Ora’s doesn’t become the next J. Cole (we are still waiting on some more music Cole!), and is able to give us consistent singles. Jay-Z may be the greatest businessman ever by signing an artist who may be competition to another one of his artist (Rihanna), which only results in more money for him. Whatever the case may be, Rita Ora’s sound is something NEW and FRESH which is why she’s On My Radar.

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Recap: "Hollywood Exes" Episode 1

For those of you who watch Vh1, for some reason, last night Vh1 premiered the first episode of “Hollywood Exes” instead of its original premiere date which is set for tomorrow night. Whatever. I did tune in, however, and it seems as though this show will not be my favorite show. It was relatively boring compared to the show it followed “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta.”  Anyways, allow me to recap the episode:

The photo above is when Nicole Murphy (ex-wife of Eddie Murphy) accompanied Jessica Canseco (ex-wife of Jose Canseco) for her laser vagina rejuvenation appointment. Nicole Murphy was on the WRONG side of the table and was ALL up in there like she was looking for her keys. Gross. Andrea Kelly (ex-wife of R. Kelly) is definitely my favorite character because of her outgoingness and her humor! Two thumbs up! Also, the fact that she has HER OWN dance company is definitely a plus because I am all for the “independent woman.”

Jose Canseco’s bum a** found a way to finagle his way on the screen and had his hand out the whole time. This fool managed to get on camera and asks his ex-wife to move in together. The terms of this STUPID agreement is that they move-in together for the sake of their 15 year old daughter but see other people. Wait a minute: he didn’t care enough to keep his family together for the “sake” of their daughter over a decade ago when he first divorced Jessica Canseco but now that she is old enough to come to terms with the divorce he is the “concerned dad?” Also, how does being in the same house and seeing other people help the daughter out? Wouldn’t that hurt her more seeing her parents with other people? Well, Jose tells Jessica that she should be the person paying for their shared house which ultimately reveals his motive: he is trying to FREELOAD off his ex-wife. How low can you get? Once the highest paid athlete in the MLB, Jose Canseco is asking for scraps from his ex-wife and the loser tries to cover it up by saying it would help their daughter and Jessica Canseco was not having it!

Moving on: I was really hoping Sheree was a lot more exciting than she was on the show but in the season preview, it does seem that she turns it up! Matye Garcia… poor girl. The divorce was 17 years ago and she is still hung up on Prince. Get over it.

Anyways to sum up, show was pretty boring but the season preview does seem promising. Like always, I will be tuned in each week because I am a “Reality TV Junkie.”


Is Rihanna really a HOE?

Before I continue, I am a big fan of Rihanna’s MUSIC. How she chooses to market her music, I am not a fan of, however. When Rihanna first came out, she was marketed as a bubbly Caribbean princess… I knew that wouldn’t last because people don’t buy bubbly, they buy sex. Next, when “Good Girl Gone Bad” came out, Rihanna showed her grown and sexy side and I fell in love. To date, “Good Girl Gone Bad” is my favorite album from Rihanna, hands down. Now, it seems like trying to get Rihanna to keep her clothes on is a bigger mission than anything. 
It’s been a downward, naked spiral for Rihanna ever since “the incident.” Chris Brown might have beat the conservative out of Rihanna because ever since then, Rihanna has been the Lil Kim of R&B and Pop as far as her raunchiness. She gets into arguments with fans on Twitter, posts provocative pics, middle fingers here, “I don’t give a fuck”‘s there. I mean what happened?! 
I am not stupid when it comes to this whole Rihanna situation. Let’s reflect: She got her a**-whooped right? Ok, after that, we heard NOTHING from Rihanna for months until she coincidentally decided to come out and speak to the media about her a**-whooping right before her next album dropped. Along the way Rihanna and Chris Brown have been sending not-so-subtle messages to each other in their music. Rihanna released “Rude Boy”, Chris Brown answered with “Deuces”. Rihanna had “Love the Way You Lie (Part II),” “Man Down” and “We Found Love” all songs that are clearly targeted towards Chris Brown. Chris Brown had “Look At Me Now,” and “She Ain’t You”.
If you are still not convince about this couple’s subliminal  supraliminal messages to each other, allow me to refer to “Birthday Cake” by Rihanna Feat. Chris Brown. Rihanna sings “remember how ya hit it, remember how ya did it.” UH! B*tch DO YOUUUU remember how he hit it or did you forget? TMZ and LAPD has some pictures that will refresh your memory. 
That is neither here nor there. To answer the original question: Is Rihanna really a hoe? If she isn’t, her actions are really suggesting otherwise. She has been linked to more celebrities than Superhead and not saying that all rumors are true but all rumors usually have SOME piece of truth to them, I’m just saying. I love her music but her behavior and mouth onstage and on Twitter really makes me cringe because this is not the Rihanna I fell in love with. 
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"The Amazing Spiderman": Reboot?

So. There’s going to be another Spider-Man movie coming out and I only have one question in mind: why? I did my research and found out that this spider-man, The Amazing Spider-Man, is a reboot in which all the previous movies technically never happened, and this movie is new ideas and a new plot. Basically, the producers and writers of this movie got together and came up with this STUPID plan to make a movie about the same character but different plot in order to make money off of us consumers.

I can guarantee one thing: I will NOT be seeing this movie when it comes out. It looks really stupid, and although I love Emma Stone, she is the only SOMEBODY in this movie, which is not enough motivation to get me to watch this movie. This movie is a “straight-to-DVD” movie that had a big enough budget to send to the theaters. I highly doubt that it will have much success, however if it does, I won’t eat my words; it will only confirm that consumers… are idiots.

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Recap: "Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta" Episode 2


*Checks Pulse.* Ok, let me talk about the stupid sh*t first and then I will get into the more interesting parts which, of course, revolves around Josh-line or as Charlamagne the God likes to put it, “Rihanna-man.” The episode begins with Rasheeda which I forgot to mention in the first post and I have taken a real liking to Rasheeda! It really is great to see her have a functioning relationship with her husband and I think she’s refreshing. That being said, I don’t deny that Rasheeda has talent, I just think her talent is questionable for the sole fact that she doesn’t have the right people backing her. 
NEXT! Stevie J was straight up LYING to Mimi when he said that he didn’t f*ck Joseline. He’s not even good at it! But Mimi REALLY gained a LOT of respect from me when she made her demands known with Stevie J. My dawg came strapped with her contract DEMANDING 20%… if he’s going to cheat hit him where it hurts: wallet! Smartest thing Mimi could have done (even though 20% of nothing is nothing) but I still think she is dumb for continuing to put up with Stevie J. 
Now, as usual, I’m not going to talk about anybody’s mom so I’m not going to mention the disaster that sat on top of Erica’s mother head or mention the fact that her mother’s name is MINGNON. I refuse to do it. But Erica still remains one of my favorite character on the show. 
NOW! On to my favorite b*tch on the show! I know now that Joseline will be the star of the show. This whole episode was around Joseline, rightfully, because this girl/boy is WILD! Ok, let’s recap. Joseline had the NERVE to confront Karlie Redd about going behind her back and talking to Mimi about working with Stevie J. WTF?! I have never seen a side-chick have so many demands and feel so entitled! She told Karlie this episode that she doesn’t want Stevie J, yet last episode she said she wanted Stevie J forever because he f*cked her and she gave him brain… wait….”He f*cked my brain” was what she said. 
Joseline has got to be the most shameless character on television right now! She KNEW that Stevie J had a girl and had the nerve to be the other woman AND go on national television and announce that she is pregnant by him. I loved that Stevie J told her in not so many words that she needs to get an abortion because that’s what that scut deserves. Joseline was sitting there looking confused as if her dirty a** has never gotten pregnant before. 
In next week’s episode, Joseline tells Mimi that she is pregnant with her man which I HOPE results in an INSTANTANEOUS a**-whooping for Joseline because somebody need to whoop that ni**a a**!

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"Bad Girls Club" Season 9 Premieres SOON!

Words cannot describe my absolute OBSESSION with the “Bad Girls Club.” This show is television GOLD and whether it is to criticize or idolize, everyone tunes in to watch 7 girls make a complete A** of themselves! They are like the Lebron of television… minus the “a**” part. Anyways, these girls are so relatable to me because they never fail in providing me with the three things I love the most: drinks, fights, repeat. 
This season the girls head to Mexico which leads me to wonder: when shows move their character’s to a new country… how do they deal with the language barrier? The people at Oxygen seemed to address this problem by casting a majority of girls who look predominantly hispanic. I’m not complaining, I love diversity… plus we had a predominantly black cast last season. 
But enough about race. People complain about the fact that every season, girls come on the show with something to prove, who is the baddest b*tch on the show. I don’t mind it though. It’s what the show is all about! Let these girls beat the sh*t out of each other for the top spot; that’s what I call good television! I have no insider information however I have heard some rumors:

The new cast of “Love Games” season four being Amy, Danielle, and Camilla, all from season 8 of the “Bad Girls Club”. 

Season 9 of “Daddy Issues”  “Bad Girls Club” premieres July 9th on Oxygen and I am ready for what these girls have to offer. 
DISCLAIMER: I am fully aware the minimum age to be on the “Bad Girls Club” is 21, however there are more requirements other than age to be a “woman,” therefore, I absolutely REFUSE to ever call cast members of this show “women.” They are girls. 

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