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[FEATURE] Eva Marcille: Why We Love Her!

If you don’t know who Eva Marcille is, I’m going to assume you are well-rested because you’ve been SLEEP! She first caught our eye when she won season 3 of the hit series “America’s Next Top Model” and has since been reminding us why we love her. Now-a-days, we can catch Miss Eva Marcille on our television screens on “Girlfriend Confidential: LA” every Monday at 11PM on the Oxygen Network. Whether it is blazing runways, guest starring on different shows or being the diva that she is on her own show, Eva has never lost sight of her real passion: Fashion! Let’s take a look of the fashionista throughout the years:


Recap: "Girlfriend Confidential LA" Episode 3

Hmmm… I got some mixed emotions about this week’s episode. My reactions, like these girls, were all over the place but at the end we all got it together! Following last week’s episode, Denyce has distanced herself from the rest of the group. Missing their girl, Eva, Nikki and Kelly meet for a dinner to discuss how they plan on getting their boo back. After throwing around some ideas, the girls decide to do a surprise “intervention-like” meeting with Denyce. Kelly is in charge of delivering Denyce to Eva’s house which she gets accomplished but not without a fight. Denyce walks in suspecting a possible “intervention” and warns the girls that she is not having it. The ladies discuss the events that transpired at Eva’s barbeque and Denyce catches all the girls off guard when she offers an apology for her actions.

I, personally, don’t think that Denyce is crazy. Denyce is a strong, tried woman who is trying to deal with her cards as best as she can. An example of this is when Denyce tells the girls that she googled “anger management.” SEE! Denyce knows she needs help, too! Well, the conversation turns sour quickly when Eva suggests a life coach and Kelly suggests medical attention. Not excited that Kelly thinks that Denyce has mental issues, Denyce still talks to the girls with an open mind and understands that since it’s coming from her girls, it is just love and concern.

Nikki is dealing with some issues of her own as she tries to run away from a “problem” of hers. Miss Nikki recently met her father for the first time since she was 6 years old and is unable to figure out exactly how she plans to build a relationship with him again. This is understandable but Nikki ignoring her father’s phone calls may not be the best solution. Nikki seeks some advice from a friend who went through a similar situation with their father… Terrell Owens. T.O. advises Nikki that it’s fine to move at her own pace but closing her father out may not be the best option: proceed with caution. After many screened calls later, Nikki finally answers her father’s phone call and things go all but slowly when Nikki’s father tells her he wants to fly out to L.A. to meet up with her. This, of course, makes Nikki squirm but she maintains her composure… like a lady.

Eva’s career seems to be taking a rollercoaster ride of its own as Eva gets some good and some bad news of her own. After meeting with her manager, Eva learns that she gets to do a test reading for a part in a new series and not only did the casting directors not mind her hair color, they preferred it! Eva basks in her good news during a girls night out but receives surprising news in a phone call when it is revealed that her part is actually of a transexual! Eva doesn’t know what she should do but after getting some support from her girls, Eva decides that she is going to stick things out to get the part. How inspirational!

On next week’s episode, Nikki finally comes face-to-face with her father and discusses the issues that she has with him. Eva goes to her test reading for the new series which she realizes is a lot more than she can handle! Kelly goes out talent hunting and finds a serenader to die for!

Recap: "Girlfriend Confidential: LA" Season Premiere

NO SHADE but… this show trumps whatever it is that you are watching on T.V. right now. These women are absolutely FABULOUS and are bringing something new to our screens: a perfect mixture of sass, class, and (as Kelly would put it) crass. The four women all reside in LA and paint the town red with their red bottom Louboutins juggling love, career and family.

The episode begins with three of the girls (Denyce, Eva, and Kelly) doing what women love to do most: SHOPPING! Kelly finds herself stuck in the middle of what seems to be an on-going power struggle between Eva and Denyce. Denyce gets offended by Eva’s struggle with her age (who is currently “27 knocking on 32”). Denyce, who is actually 32, calls Eva out and while the girls go back and forth, Kelly is busy booking deals left and right on her phone. She’s not the only one getting coins while the other ladybugs bicker; Nikki Chu misses out on the girls’ shopping date, busying herself by going in for a business meeting! Within a 2-minute segment, Nikki manages to present designs and close a deal with Creative Recreation for a new women’s shoe line! Man, Miss Chu does not play.

Eva visits her parents’ home in South Central LA before heading to New York to do a runway show for fashion week. We get to see another side of Eva… actually we get to see another Eva as we meet Eva’s twin, her father Evan. Eva becomes child-like with her parents as she opens up about their family life and struggling with the hard recovery of her father’s stroke. We all see the pretty face and the fierce poses of Eva but never realize the story beneath but we got an idea as Eva still finds it hard dealing with her father’s aphasia.

On a lighter note, the girls all meet up for dinner before Eva’s trip to New York and here is where I realized how much I love these girls! The women indulge in a night full of life’s best gifts: food, wine, and sex talk! It is NO HOLDS BARRED when these women getting into sex talk. Denyce, the “crass” of them all, has no problem speaking about sex and even suggests to Eva that she should try oral sex. Denyce’s missing censor sends Kelly into a flurry and astonishment at how open these girls are about sex.

Quick question: did anyone else find Eva’s boyfriend Anthony hot? Eva, I think we figured out why your hoo hoo is going haa haa! Anyways, Eva prepares for her trip to New York and, for the first time ever, invites her boyfriend Anthony to watch her on the catwalk. Unforeseen circumstances (like a drunken night) prevent Anthony from making the trip to New York for Eva’s show. Although distraught, Eva knows the show must go on and struts her petite stuff up and down the catwalk reminding us of why she is where she is now! Eva is not the only one struggling with bf drama. Poor Nikki Chu has to deal with the messy drama of having her boyfriend want to commit enough to move in together but Nikki declines! It seems as though Miss Chu is running away from commitment and hiding in her career. Being the best at what you do is fine and dandy, but finding a man willing to take that extra step… well, it doesn’t come around too often (sorry guys!).

So far, I am sold on the idea of this show. Between the hilarious, girly interactions between the women and the drama with the boyfriends, I am looking forward to next week’s episode of GCLA. Oh and it gets more interesting as Denyce calls football star Terrell Owens out on something! Uh-oh! Seems like T.O. is in trouble but not in as much trouble as Denyce is in with Eva.