The Saddest and Baddest of the "Bad Girls Club" (Seasons 7-8)

If you have been keeping up, in the past 3 days I have been pointing out the Saddest and Baddest b*tches on the “Bad Girls Club” for the past 8 seasons in preparation for the new season of “Bad Girls Club” that premieres tomorrow night at 10pm on Oxygen. Today, I will be wrapping up with seasons 7 and 8. Let’s get started: 

Season 7:


Tasha. I honestly almost gave the title of saddest of season 7 to Judi until I saw a cast picture and remembered this b*tch on the show. This girl was in lalaland BY HERSELF, and thought she was doing the damn thing. She is the saddest because this Kardashian reject thought that she was A LOT badder than she was. All she really was was a boring, mediocre excuse for a “bad girl.” Ugh. 


Nastasia. “Stasi” came into the house quiet and to herself but that was short-lived once Shelly thought she could pull one over on her. Stasi let Shelly and the rest of the house know that she isn’t a force to be reckoned with. Soon enough, Stasi had the whole house bowing to her and although the rest of the girls in the house barked loudly, it all turned to whimpers when faced against Stasi. 

Season 8: 


Dani and Gabi. I mean, I could let the picture speak for itself but then that would rob me of an opportunity to put my two cents in about these jokes girls. These two were possibly the biggest bullies in the house thinking that they had a monopoly because they had the numbers; All that they had was 2 punks and 1 shared a**-whooping. 


Camilla. How many episodes was she in? Three? In three episodes, she manage to outdo all of the girls who have been in the house all season and many of the other girls from previous seasons. Camilla was the nice girl repping the West Coast but walked into a tampered situation with the girls who were already in the house. Unfortunately for the rest of the girls, Camilla’s bite was far more severe than her bark which led to Camilla snatching up each and every girl in the house and, at most times, simultaneously!

Now that the countdown of the Saddest and Baddest of “Bad Girls Club” is finished tune in tomorrow on Oxygen at 10pm for the premiere of Season 9 of BGC. Then, come back here Tuesday for the recap and open discussion of the nonsense that occurred on the premiere!

(photos courtesy: Oxygen)


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