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Recap: "Basketball Wives LA" Season Premiere!

For those of you that have been keeping track… how many times did you roll your eyes during the season 2 premiere of BBWLA? The main reason for my own eye-rolling was the desperation and thirst on Basketball Wife Jackie Christie. Apparently, Jackie hasn’t taken a sip of water since the last time we’ve seen her on season 1 when the other basketball wives “broke up” with her for her ability to start drama with EVERYBODY. Jackie does have one true gift: she can get anyone to talk about her! I mean besides the fact that the entire episode was about Jackie, I am only about 5 sentences into this post and she’s the only wife I’ve spoken about. It’s coming out like word vomit! [“Mean Girls” reference].

Jackie is still as delusional as they come as she tells her husband that she thinks that can personally help the girls in so many ways. Clearly, she hasn’t heard the phrase, “don’t help those who do not want to be help.” Not once have I heard the girls seek advice or help in Jackie’s hands yet she is still trying to force her “wisdumb” on others! According to Jackie, the girls are insanely jealous of Jackie because Jackie has everything that they want: the husband, the businesses, the life. That makes sense [sarcasm] considering we have been following the moves of the all of the girls and  their businesses and I still have no idea what these businesses are that Jackie says she has!

Speaking of business, during this episode we follow our favorite non-wife Draya as she launches her new line of swimwear, Mint Swim. During the days prior to the launch we meet a new basketball wife, Brooke Bailey (girlfriend of Vernon Macklin), who is friends with Draya through the “industry.” For the most part Brooke seems like a nice girl but so did Jackie when we first met her… Gloria is also trying to dabble her hand in business and announces that she is going to try to create a cookbook. She invites all of the girls (except for Jackie) for a food tasting at her house to taste some of the recipes that may make it in her cookbook.

Malaysia, who has been promoting her elegant baby jewelry line since season 1, has decided to expand her line and has also taken another side job: Captain Save-A-H*e! After deciding that she is over the pettiness with Jackie, Malaysia not only wants to forgive Jackie, but wants the other girls to give her a second chance. WHAT? The fact that Malaysia wants to have someone like that in her space completely baffles me. It also baffles the other girls as they agree that they are over being angry but not willing to keep Jackie in close company yet.

At Gloria’s food tasting gathering, all the girls attend with their empty stomachs and ready to eat. Draya, Brooke, Laura, Malaysia and Gloria are all enjoying each other’s company when Jackie shows up… because Malaysia invited her! Yup, Malaysia breaks an important rule: Do not invite someone to someone else’s house when it’s not an open event. I mean, Malaysia didn’t even warn the girls about Jackie coming. Jackie comes in and plops her self down as if her and the girls did not have a falling out. Finally, after a while of awkwardness, Malaysia stands up and “presents” Jackie to the girl and proposes that she be inducted in their group of friends again.

Already this season has me at my wits’ end with the drama surrounding Jackie; seems like this season will have much more of Jackie’s antics. Jackie has become the “Joseline Hernandez” or the “Nora” of BBWLA which only means we are in for craziness! There is also another character that we haven’t met who apparently stirs the pot because she and Brooke dated the same guy at some point. Let the cattiness begin!