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YBTV Presents: Who Is P On The Boards?

I’m pretty sure you read the title and was thinking the same thing: Who is P On The Boards? Well, the guys at Yeah Boy Clothing decided to investigate this question in the first episode of “Yeah Boy TV.” This exclusive interview features Yeah Boy owner, Zachary Mars, as he delves into the mind of the A$AP Mob producer whose resumé includes “Bath Salt” and “Coke and White Bitches.”

Interviewer: Zachary Mars 
Director/Editor: J.D. Aronson
Location: The Archives Sneaker Boutique 


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Recap: "Girlfriend Confidential LA" Episode 2

Oh, this episode of GCLA had my neck rolling both left and right! Things are definitely starting to get rowdy amongst the girls and contrary to popular belief, it isn’t just lipstick and cocktails with these ladies. The group dynamic and friendships are definitely tested this episode, however, like true friends the girls stick through it. *Group Hug Y’all!*

Ok, let’s get into the nitty gritty of the episode. The girls gather at Eva’s house in preparation for a red carpet event for OK! Magazine and Eva fills the girls in with the events that transpired in New York, specifically, the absence of Eva’s boyfriend Anthony. She tells the girls that Anthony missed his flight to New York due to oversleeping after attending a Grammy event. Much to my surprise (and Eva’s) the girls were not as hard on Anthony as she thought they would be. This may be because of the fact that Anthony has been making it up to Eva by throwing down some g’s… Gifts that is.

After attending the OK! Magazine red carpet (Oh, so fabulously might I add), Eva invites Denyce and Kelly over and surprises them by announcing she is going back to rocking her platinum blonde hair. Kelly LOVES the idea and cheers Eva’s decision on, while Denyce has a slightly different response. Denyce warns Eva that with the upcoming pilot season, dying her hair to such a color so unnatural for Eva is a big mistake. This concern of Denyce’s is also a concern of Eva’s manager and becomes a problem later on when Eva is asked at an audition if it was possible to change her hair color!

Nikki invites the girls to a party in celebration for the completion of decorating football player’s Terell Owens, a.k.a. T.O.,  house. The girls are all pumped except for, you guessed it, Denyce. Denyce expresses to the girls that she feels uncomfortable going to T.O.’s party because she and T.O. were friends for over 10 years until T.O. unexpectedly dropped Denyce. We’re talking no phone calls and deletion off BBM, Facebook, and Twitter… OH NO, HE DIDN’T! Denyce eventually becomes a team player and agrees to go to the party.

The girls arrive at the party and the party host T.O. greets everyone but Denyce! They eventually cross paths and give each other the most awkward hug I’ve seen. Denyce tries her hardest to hold her tongue as much as possible but eventually calls T.O. out for not speaking to her anymore. Like a man who just got caught cheating, T.O. was hymning and hawing and gives her some crazy excuse!

Denyce calling T.O. out becomes a problem for Eva that she addresses at dinner the next evening. Eva (rightfully) thinks that Denyce should not have called T.O. out in his home at his event that was created in celebration for Nikki’s work. There is obviously tension between Eva and Denyce because of this , however, the girls put this aside for Eva’s upcoming barbeque. Eva invites old friends and new friends over to her home for the barbeque and one of the invited is Kelly’s neighbor, Shawn. Shawn caught the attention of Denyce via Facebook… and Google… and Twitter.

Also amongst the invited is Eva’s old friend Stephanie who stirs up some trouble when she tells Eva, “Denyce f*cks everybody.” Denyce hears her, too! Oh the sh*t hits the fan as Denyce grabs her phone and makes a phone call to a mutual friend of Stephanie and hers to find out what Stephanie has been hearing about her. I think this is a good move on Denyce’s part because Denyce is perfectly liable of blowing up on Stephanie but took the mature route and excused herself. The other guests didn’t think that this was a good move and reprimand Denyce for blowing up on the phone the way that she did (even though she did it in private). Denyce tries to flee the scene but is held back by Eva and Stephanie who try to understand what is going on and the party guests all raise their eyebrows about Denyce’s antics.

Oh Denyce, we feel you. Next week is going to get even more hectic for Denyce as she receives an intervention from the girls about her “problems.” That should be interesting!

Recap: "Bad Girls Club" Episode 8

Oh, it’s the episode we’ve been waiting for. The biggest fight of the season. The biggest bang preceding an exit of a Bad Girl. The Mehgan vs. Falen AND Rima fight. Words can not describe the level of shock I experienced watching the events leading up to the fight and how the fight occurred exactly. Just when I am ready to think that Oxygen out did themselves by delivering the best fight on television, they produce a new season of bad girls and top it!

This episode begins where we left off with Falen telling Mehgan off about her cattiness and ability to talk smack about Falen behind her back and inability to bring it to her face. Mehgan is surprisingly submissive during this talk and is pretty much swallowing everything Falen is saying to her. Strike one. The dynamic of the house is completely different as Falen and Julie begin to shut out Mehgan and replace her with Rima. Yup, the girls who terrorized Rima in the beginning are now her new besties. To consummate their new friendship, Rima asks for Julie’s hand in marriage which strikes Ashley as odd considering that Rima was her best friend and Julie was Rima’s attacker.

The replacement girl’s picture is placed up and, as usual, the girls go on a “hater crusade” and all pact to be mean to the new girl. This plan quickly goes down the drain as the tough Latina, Zuly, enters the house and strikes fear amongst the girls. Well, it was more lust than fear that Zuly instilled in the girls as Zuly’s sexual orientation (lesbian) leaves the girls willing to do some exploring. Yeah, we are talking a quasi-orgy in the Bad Girls house!

The girls all prepare for the Julie/Rima wedding including the cast outcast, Mehgan, even though she sounds off about how ridiculous the wedding is. Hmm, Mehgan, for someone who thought the idea of a wedding was stupid, you sure seemed excited to be apart of it! The wedding sends Ashley into a frenzy as Rima ignores Ashley in the whole process and is actually b*tchy towards her! Rima’s true colors is shown as she turns her back on the one person who had her back since day one.

The girls all go out for a day at the beach which goes awry really quickly. As half of the girls leave to attend a meeting that only Mehgan knew about at the Pink Kitty; Falen, Julie, and Rima stay behind. They don’t take it quietly, though, as the three girls yells some sh*t talking to Mehgan as she leaves the beach. Mehgan proves that she is not all bark and returns to the girls to confront them. Rima and Mehgan get into it and a fight ensues between the two. This fight gets intense as the Mexican police breaks them up and due to the fact that the girls can not fight in public, they face possible jail time. After a couple minutes of deliberation, the Mexican police let the girls go home. Strike 2.

Mehgan makes it home first and decides, after speaking to her grandmother, that she is ready to go home. Meanwhile, the other six girls are on their way home and make a plan to completely ignore Mehgan no matter what she says. Very mature, girls. Boiling and plotting, Mehgan waits for the girls’ return to the house. Mehgan approaches Zuly to ask her about the Pink Kitty only to get the cold shoulder from Zuly and the rest of the girls. STRIKE 3! Walking down the hall behind Falen, Rima passes in front of Mehgan and… well watch for yourself!:

And just like that, Mehgan catapults herself to our third favorite bad girl of the season (you can’t top Christina and Erika). Mehgan, why couldn’t we see more of this side of you during the season. You had to give it all on your exit? Well, now that Mehgan is out the house, the girls must focus their attention on another victim which, according to next week’s previews, seem to be Andrea! Oh, boy!

"Girlfriend Confidential: LA" Premieres Monday!

Man, oh man! The newest addition to the Oxygen Network family, “Girlfriend Confidential: LA”, premieres this Monday and to say the very least: I AM PUMPED! Besides the fact that these women are super gorgeous, I am excited to see what they have to offer to my Monday night line up. I mean, with the “Bad Girls Club” being in full swing, these girls have some big stillettos to fill. The series follow four independent women in their pursuit love, success and friendship. Each woman has their own sass to bring to the show:

Eva Marcille: We all know the platinum blonde-haired diva as ‘Eva the Diva’ from her debut on “America’s Next Top Model” Season 3 but now-a-days we can catch Miss Eva making waves with her many guest roles on television and follow her on this show as she continues to pursue a career in acting. Eva wants to make it clear: she is not just a model. Besides the chic wardrobe and fierce pumps, Eva is looking to prove that this girl is multidimensional! I mean, this wouldn’t be the first time Eva went against the odds… Remember she was the little tomboy from L.A. that is blazing runways today! With her girls by her side and a man behind her back, there’s no limits to what Eva can achieve!

Nikki Chu: Speaking of multidimensional, this fashion designer has accomplished things thus far that other fashion designers can only dream of. With a resume that would blow Trump’s toupee right off, Nikki Chu has dabbled her hand not only in fashion, but in interior design as well. After doing some extensive research on Miss Chu, her online portfolio ( put to rest any reservations I had about her being the next Martha Stewart. This independent woman will be blessing our screens with her style soon and *hopefully* teaches us a thing or two about fashion!

Denyce Lawton: If you are ever wondering what “unstoppable” looks like, she is most likely rocking her Louboutins and goes by the name of Denyce Lawton. Surviving a broken engagement and the lost of her brother, the “House of Payne” actress is using her setbacks to fuel her drive to the top. With the girls supporting her endeavors, Lawton will be a household name by the season finale!

Kelly Marie Dunn: If her nickname “Pink Piranha” describes how Miss Dunn is, we will have a fiesty diva who isn’t afraid to bite all while looking cute doing it. Miss Dunn’s resume includes day-to-day product manager for the one and only Lady Gaga as well as being voted #1 in the “Best Consultant/ Strategist” category for the National Association of Record Industry Professionals. Now, Miss Dunn is keeping herself busy with her established career and working her way to the top seat!

Now, I will be honest. I wasn’t too sure what to make of this new series, however, after watching the exclusive sneak peek videos (available below), I will definitely be tuned in every week! I was scared that this show would be a snoozer like “Hollywood Exes”, but this show had more action in a couple of previews than “Hollywood Exes” had in 10 full episodes! It could be that these four woman are 1/2 the age of the women on “Hollywood Exes”. FINALLY! A show where women can argue without throwing drinks or hitting each other and an exhibition of true friendship without the foolishness.

The new season of “Girlfriend Confidential: LA” premieres Monday so tune in to Da Boss Is Speakin for the season premiere recap!

Yeah Boy Ent. Does It Again: Sxmmxr Jxmz Vol. 2 Mixtape Released!

Just as I am in the middle of wearing out the first volume… Yeah Boy Ent. releases the second volume of their compilation mixtape: Sxmmxr Jxmz Vol. 2. Yeah Boy found a way to top its prior volume by adding more laid back tracks as we all end our summers while still incorporating the tracks you want to blast it. 
Before I continue, make sure to download the first volume of Sxmmer Jxmz here
As you can see from the tracklist above, this mixtape allows listeners to take a breather from the mainstream “rap,” and listen to the newest up-and-coming underground artists. I mean, I know we are all tired of hearing from Lil Wayne and the rest of the same artists we hear on the radio over (and over) again. One artist that specifically stood out to me in listening to this mixtape is Shawn Chrystopher who is featured a couple of times in the mixtape and chill lyrics make you want to light one and float. 
Want to know what the hype is about? Download Sxmmxr Jxmz Vol. 2 HERE for FREE and come back here and tell us what you think of it! 

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SHOCKER ALERT (not really): Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are Divorcing!

Now raise your hands if you actually believed that this marriage would actually last? It’s okay to be embarrassed, you should be. This past Saturday, news broke out that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise were getting divorced after five years of marriage. I would just like to point out that I saw this coming ever since Tom Cruise decided to embarrass himself on Oprah’s couch.

PUBLICITY STUNT? Definitely if you ask me, and not a very good one either. Everything about this couple seemed so staged (refer to picture above). Their relationship was able to pull millions of hits on search engines from the first pounce on Oprah’s couch, to the birth of their daughter Suri. However, this “relationship” seemed to only be helping 1/2 of the members in it. Tom Cruise’s career, despite him being the [much] older one of the two, has continued to boom. Cruise ‘s most recent film, Rock of Ages, just premiered within the last month and then fans get this news.

Hopefully, Katie Holmes can resurrect her career because as it stands now, she is just Tom Cruise’s wife. Her last big movie was Mad Money which premiered in 2008! It is Katie who decided to pull the plug on this “marriage”; could it be that she was tired of living in her husband’s shadow? Whatever the case may be, this marriage did NOT have a chance in hell especially since the Nicole Kidman/ Tom Cruise marriage didn’t last.

Let’s Talk Business! Katie Holmes is only worth about 10% of what Tom Cruise is worth and considering she is worth about $25 million, Tom Cruise won’t be suffering too much post-divorce. Now there is a prenup which states that Katie Holmes receives $3 million dollars each year she is married to Tom Cruise (profit from marriage: $15 million dollars). Between the $15 million she will receive, the $35 million dollar mansion which she may get, and the child support checks she will be getting for little Suri, Katie Holmes will be able to bounce back from this divorce pretty easily as well.

(photo courtesy:

I’m Baaaaaaack! (With a treat!)

Everyone can call off their search parties… I am ALIVE! I know you guys have been searching for me and I am sorry that I haven’t posted since Thursday but I am back now and I’ve come with a little treat! I am human (and I have a life) so I’ve been out and about and tending to my scholarly duties but since I am back I have to fill you in with some more posts.

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