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"Mob Wives Chicago" Season Wrap-up

As you may know (by the absense of promotion for it), there will not a be a MWC reunion. This could be either a good or bad thing considering what kind of fan you are. If you thoroughly enjoyed the antics and bickering between the girls, you will be dissappointed in this fact. However, if you tuned into MWC to watch the catty side comments that the girls had to say about each other in the interviews, than you dodged a bullet with there being no reunion. I mean let’s be honest, the reunion would have been focused on the beef between Pia/ Renee vs. Nora and as I have expressed in previous blogs… I AM OVER IT!

So to quench your thirst for more MWC, I will be providing a season wrap up to give you guys one last taste of the five characters we love to hate and hate to love:

Overall, MWC was a perfect example of lightning not striking twice. Vh1 had a gem on their hands with the four original mob wives and each woman brought something to the screen that we were not used to seeing: Drita was the whoop-ass, Carla was the chill mobster mom, Renee was the drama queen, and Karen was the thug. Even with the new addition, Ramona (the b*tch/devil), Vh1 knew what they were doing. However, there was something that kept the MWC from being as successful as their predecessor; it could be the fact that none of the women were wives! As I’ve b*tched about time and time again, the show should have been called “Mob Daughters Chicago.” I mean the show wasn’t a complete bust; it provided us with some characters that we want to see more of and a couple that we won’t miss too dearly.

Whether there will be a MWC season two is definitely still in the air, however, the lack of completely craziness this season may have just been to prime us for the drama ahead. But does all characters deserve a spot on the next season of MWC? Well, vote on the side left bar for the ones you would want to see more of. Since I know you guys are wondering what we think of each of the characters, here is our character analysis of the women:

LEAH: She started off the season as being the one mob daughter who had something to prove: her Italian-ness. She threw in Italian words every here and there for no reason considering not a majority of the viewers know what any of it meant. Her tough demeanor let the viewers know that she was the muscle of the group, even though time and time again she proved otherwise. Leah is actually the only character that wasn’t involved in any fights this season. Could it be that she doesn’t believe in violence or she is all bark? We believe the latter considering every other sentence from her was a threat. We did warm up to Leah eventually but it was when she flip flopped in the matter with Nora where all respect was lost. To be honest, if Leah didn’t return for the second season, we wouldn’t miss her let alone remember her.

CHRISTINA: Before we delve into her analysis, please raise your hand if you know Christina’s real connection to the mob? If your answer is her father, you get an “F.” Her father, from what we heard, was a petty thief and had minimal relations with the mob. Let’s move beyond the fact that Christina isn’t a mob wife or mob daughter and let’s talk about her role on the show. The thirst was real when it came to Christina as she was the ultimate sh*t starter and instigator. The season opener involved a fight between Christina and Pia which occurred because Christina wasn’t okay with the fact that Pia had forgiven Nora so easily for statements Nora “allegedly” made. Then comes Christina’s dinner party where she instigates the entire fight between Nora, Pia, and Renee all while claiming she wanted a peaceful dinner. Due to the fact that Christina’s involvement with the mob may have been a tad exaggerated, the chances of her returning for a second season is slim to none. GREAT! Maybe now we can get a character who is actually connected to the mob. Hey, maybe even a WIFE!

PIA: From the beginning, Pia was our favorite character due to the fact that she was completely REAL! There is no other way to put it other than Pia was not an instigator, was not a drama queen, and was (for the most part) more focused on herself. I know what you are thinking, but sometimes we tend to (unnecessarily) give a bit more attention to those we hate. She always owned up to being a stripper and never downplayed it for anything else (like Nora did by saying she had only work there for 5 months). Another reason why we loved Pia, is because of her transition from the pole to film… photo film that is. We are surely hoping that Nora’s chances of coming back for a second season is 150% and possibly a chance for Pia’s daughter to get a step-daddy!

NORA: We spent time trying to figure out which is our least favorite… Nora or Christina. Nora won. Nora wasn’t always our least favorite; she began the season much like Pia did, humble and responsible. However, it was Nora’s effortless tendencies to burn bridges with each of the girls that rubbed us the wrong way. We did leave her a chance to make it up to us but it was when Nora claimed that Renee’s father raped her every night that we knew that we wouldn’t forgive her. I say the chances of Nora coming back are also slim to none due to the fact that much of her involvement in the show was in her search for her father’s body. Now that that’s solved, what more does she have to offer to the show? Her (un)witty humor? No. See ya Nora, maybe you shoulda made friends with the two best characters in the show, not fought them.

RENEE: She was definitely the fan favorite even though she came second to Pia in our books. Renee started off as our least favorite character due to her ability to JUDGE everything in her path., specifically, Pia. She slowly started to impress us episode by episode with her middle-aged humor and through realizing her ways, apologizing and making it up to her. We also loved her sneaky and conniving ways when she was up against Nora. Renee rose in our charts and became a fan favorite, becoming an anchor on the show and will more than likely be featured on the second season of the episode.

While the show wasn’t a huge hit such as the original “Mob Wives” or other shows such as “Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta,” however, its failure to deliver comparable drama this season only leaves room for more next season (and hopefully some replacement cast members).Comment below on your thoughts of the MWC and whether  you think there should be a new season.


Recap: "Mob Wives Chicago" Season Finale

The Season Finale of “Mob Wives Chicago” premiered last night and it was definitely not what I was expecting. There was no big season finale fight, no “to be continued” scenes, nothing. I mean, I was definitely tuned in intently to see what occurred with Nora and her exhuming her father’s body but other than that… the show was more boring than the rest of season.

Throughout the episode, the girls (minus Nora) go on an all day boating trip where, for the first time in the season, the girls all get along and are all smiles and laughs. It was weird not to have lingering animosity between the girls. While out on the trip, Nora and Renee both did a great job of not going off on rants about Nora. However, leave it to Leah and Christina, who have been complaining ALL season about Renee and Pia’s inability to let the Nora beef go, to bring up her name and basically force the two to talk about her. Even when Pia tried to change the subject after Christina brought up Nora, Christina went back to the topic and forced a response out of her. Ugh, I am completely over Christina.

Meanwhile, Nora is dealing with the B.S. from the funeral home where her father is “buried” and is given the run around. After a battle that took years to conquer, Nora finally got the court order to exhume her father’s body. All her work was almost deemed futile when she was met at the funeral home gate by police who arrested Nora for investigation! After being released (because there was no case), Nora finally was able to get within feet of what is supposed to be her father’s casket, but was advised not to look in due to the level of decomposition of the body. Nora was about to give up until the pathologist deemed it impossible to determine if the body was her father, “The German”, or not. She finally gets to look at the body and is also unable to identify her father. We learn upon the ending of this episode that after referring to some dental records, the body is her father. I am genuinely glad that Nora got some closure on that matter.

Well guys, it has been a great season (kinda) and it has all ended. I am not too sure yet if there will be a reunion show or if there will be a second season, however, I hope if there is a reunion show so that Pia and Renee can hash things out so that season 2 has fresh new fights!

Should there be a season 2 of “Mob Wives Chicago”?

Recap: "Mob Wives Chicago" Episode 10

Things definitely get sexy in this episode of “Mob Wives Chicago” (as you can see by the pic above) as Pia tries her hand in a new trade. Besides this occupation change, things on MWC have been pretty much stagnant as the girls still linger on the previous beef between Pia/Renee vs. Nora.

The episode begins with the breast cancer walk that has been long anticipated and prepared for but, as usual, the girls couldn’t put their differences for one day and a great cause. Leah has one request for the girls in attendance which was to just stick together in a group and, although for a minute they all abided, besties Pia and Renee decided to branch off from the rest of the group because of their inability to cohabit with Nora in the same vicinity.

We really get to see how close Pia and Renee get in this episode because they do EVERYTHING together. I am beginning to think that these girls actually… like each other! The two go to do botox together, just as all besties do, in preparation for Pia’s modeling gig! Yup, you read correctly. Pia tries her hand in some modeling. Anyways, during the botox sesh, Renee encourages Pia to talk things out with Nora and tell Nora how she really feels. PAUSE. Where is this coming from? Sounds a bit sketchy coming from the President of the “I Hate Nora” fan club. Is it me or are the girls kicking a dead horse? I can’t be the only one that is over this beef.

Pia finally gets some balls and takes professional pictures. The session started off pretty awkward as Pia couldn’t get her face and body right for the pictures but, surprisingly, Pia began to wow the photographers and get it together when her pal Renee showed up to show some support. It was really shocking to see how Pia relaxed and how happy she was when Renee was there (pics below). Later on, Pia and Leah sit down for a talk and Leah confronts Pia about her being fake. Specifically, Leah calls Pia out by saying her calling Renee “Riri” sounds phony. PAUSE. How was this any of her business? Also, was it not Leah who said that Pia and Renee should talk things out? Ugh.

The episode ends with Nora and Pia meeting once again to talk things out but almost immediately the conversation blows up as both girls came with a point to prove as opposed to actually listening to the other. Pia states that it is almost impossible trying to talk things out with a 50-year old woman and Nora becomes enraged because she is only 48. Really? Nora, it wasn’t that far from the truth.

Next week’s episode is the season finale and the girls take a trip together and Nora finds herself in some trouble after she finally gets a chance to exhume her father’s body… well, maybe just the casket he was supposed to be in.

Recap: "Mob Wives Chicago" Episode 9

Things have definitely slowed down this week on MWC but hasn’t come to a halt completely. One thing that I can say is that things are definitely getting… REPETITIVE! I mean the girls are still talking about beefs from 3 episodes ago. I am ready for some new fights! Am I the only one who is tired of hearing Pia and Renee b*tch about Nora?

At the top of the episode, we join Leah, Pia and Renee in a yoga class in which the dangerous duo (Pia and Renee) go on and on with their sh*t talking about Nora. Leah comes to Nora’s defense which I find particularly odd because Leah was defending Renee and Pia a couple of weeks ago. One thing that I did agree with Leah about is… why are these girls still talking about this?! Pia and Renee have definitely found a way to bond over their hate for Nora and even went shopping for bikinis together. Renee actually admits that she genuinely likes Pia! FINALLY! I’m not sure how real this friendship is though, Renee seemed a little fake in her friendliness towards Pia while shopping. When it came time to pay for the merchandise, things got real when a couple of Renee’s cards got DECLINED! embarrassing.  Seems like Renee’s man may have cut her off!

Leah arranges a golf outing for the girls just to ensure that the girls are cool with each other before the breast cancer walk. Poor Leah is trying her hardest to get things to go smoothly during the walk. Christina is still boiling from the beef she has with the dangerous duo for their plot to take Christina’s phone and text Nora. No idea what I am talking about? Read last week’s recap here to get caught up. At a post-golf outing lunch, the girls get together and talk things out. Renee wasn’t afraid to bring Nora’s name up (again) and Captain Save-A-Hoe Christina comes to Nora’s defense and gets into an argument with Pia and Renee. At this point, Leah should just un-invite the girls to the walk because there is no way this will go smoothly.

Christina, being the fake rat that she is, went to Nora and told Nora everything that Pia and Renee said at the golf outing. Ugh. Later on, Renee’s boyfriend Dave… you know the dumbass… stands Renee up for dinner to hash things out. Dave really doesn’t understand that he is a solid 3 who happened to snag a 9. Be humble, Dave, and know your place. The very next day Renee arrives at her shop “Eye Candy” to find police in there trying to remove Renee’s brother, Frankie, from inside. Dave calls the police on Frankie! To be honest, I would too. I mean, Frankie is a scary-looking dude! He looks like he has a mob behind him and a gunman waiting for a signal! Towards the end of the episode, Renee receives a call from her daughter Giana’s dad who is in prison and Renee confronts him for LYING to Giana and telling her that Renee kept him from her!

On next week’s episode, Leah and Pia get into it and Pia stands her ground. Also, Pia comes face to face with Nora one more time!

Recap: "Mob Wives Chicago" Episode 8

This week on “Mob Wives Chicago” was pretty disturbing as far as getting to know who the real “Renee” is. The episode focused on Renee’s daughter, Giana, and her trip to the jailhouse to meet her father. Leading up to the trip, Giana begins to slowly piece evidence in her past that suggests that Renee may have kept Giana from her dad… which is not what Renee has been telling her.

Leah decides that she wants to be proactive in her mom’s fight against breast cancer and wants to get all the girls together to participate in the breast cancer walk. In teaming up for the walk, Leah also wants to get the girls together to make matching shirts. BAD IDEA! The girls meet up for the shirt making party (minus 1: Nora sits out for obvious reasons) and, of course, tempers flare when Leah announces that Nora will be attending the event with the rest of the girls. Good for Nora for putting the BS aside to participate in a more serious event such as the breast cancer walk. Pia and Renee, who are BFFs at this point, begin in the Nora-bashing but Christina has another bone to pick with Pia and Renee. We learn that Renee used Christina’s phone to text Nora and harass her and Pia, being the accomplice, purposely lured Christina away from her phone so that Renee could do it! Okay, I am usually Team Pia and Renee but that is taking it a bit too far. Christina confronts the two and Renee says “I said it was me!” Unfortunately Renee, that doesn’t make it better: Not your phone, not your business.

Renee celebrates her victory of winning custody of her younger daughter, Isabella but is still plagued by the fact that her older daughter, Giana, is still bent on going to see her father in prison. Giana is clearly confused about the entire situation because her entire life, her mother has been telling her that her father doesn’t care about her because he never comes around and Giana is beginning to realize that may not be the truth. She starts to piece different parts of her childhood that proved that her mother may have been keeping Giana away from her dad. One example of this is when Giana reveals that when she was younger, her father came around to see her and her mother ordered her nanny to take Giana in the house and call the police. If this is true, Renee may definitely be losing some brownie points because as a daddy’s girl, I know how important it is to have that relationship with the dad. I understand if the dad wanted to be a jerk and not come around but if he wanted to see his daughter and she was keeping that from happening: No Bueno, Renee!

Next week’s episode gets a bit interesting when the cops pay a little visit to Renee’s business… I wonder what that’s all about!

Recap: "Mob Wives Chicago" Episode 7

This week “Mob Wives Chicago” was definitely the Captain Save-A-H*e Edition in which Christina goes around and tries to plead Nora’s case and no one was trying to hear it…

The episode begins with the fight at Christina’s party from the last episode and specifically focuses on the horrific claim Nora made towards Renee about her father raping her every day when Renee was younger. Just posting about it sends a chill down my spine. If Renee ever confided that to Nora, Nora shouldn’t have ever brought it up in that fight anyways. They were fighting about something completely different and that was completely out of line. By the way that Renee reacted, I’m assuming that it was a lie which still leaves Nora in the wrong. After Nora leaves the party, Christina begins to attack Pia for waiting until Renee said something to Nora to say something to Nora herself. *Pause.* Christina, weren’t you the one who called Nora back to the party? Christina personally saw how riled up Pia and Renee were getting after Nora left but still demanded her return… did she think that they were going to hash things out like women? Please refer to Renee’s (Original Mob Wife) party.

I am beginning to come to the conclusion that all these women do is go out to eat and drink because this ENTIRE episode consisted of meetings in restaurants. Anyways, Christina meets up with Nora and Nora reveals her face post- fight (photo above). Personally, it did scare the sh*t out of me but I just imagined that is how Nora would look without makeup. They talk about the fight and Christina is so sympathetic for what Nora is going through which, to me, is so FAKE of Christina! If you cared about the girl, you would of respected her wishes to leave the first time.

Christina’s “Save-A-H*e” campaign begins in which Christina goes to each girl and tries to evoke some kind of sympathy for Nora. Christina probably shouldn’t have made her first stop of this campaign with Leah, who had her own strong opinions of what occurred that night. As Christina tells Leah how she feels responsible for the fight (duh!) and that Nora looks so horrible (duh!), Leah flat out responds: “she deserved it!” AMEN LEAH! As a daddy’s girl myself, I think that Nora deserved the a**-whooping and Leah, being a daddy’s girl too, knows how it feels when someone says something about her father. I woulda fought too. Flat out, as Leah so eloquently put it: “If you can’t fight, shut your mouth!”

Next stop on Christina’s tour: Pia. Futilely, Christina tries again to get some emotion out of Pia but is shot down when Pia also tells her that Nora deserves it. Sigh. Christina, do you get it now? NOPE, because she also tries to get sympathy out of Renee. No idea why she even bothered… Pia and Renee finally meet up to talk things out again after briefly putting aside their differences at Christina’s party. Renee gives Pia a heart-felt apology but in the same breath lets Pia know that stripping for 15 years is BS. I agree and the two begin to bicker about Renee’s statement until Pia drops the bomb that she is quitting stripping! Oh thank goodness! I really like Pia and I am glad that she is ready to move on with her life! Renee is equally excited for Pia and I am actually happy to see where their “friendship” leads.

Unlike the Vh1 tradition, this episode did not end with a fight. Nora goes in for a wine tasting of her wine she personally created to commemorate her father. This event is particularly uninteresting but I was definitely caught off-guard when Nora takes a sip of her wine and states: “it feels like my father is inside me… tingling” *Pause*… But Renee’s father was the molester?…. Right.

Recap: "Mob Wives Chicago" Episode 6

TAKE NOTES “HOLLYWOOD EXES”! This is how a show about middle-aged women should go. THIS was a show! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. The focus of this show was on Christine’s “Coming Out” Party in celebration of… Actually, I don’t know what she was celebrating. Is she a lesbian now? Anyways, Christine’s coming out party had the girls anxious about what drama would go down because of all the beefs between the girls. Here’s a hint girls: check out what happened last year at Renee’s (the original Mob Wife’s) coming out party?

Before I begin, the most logical character in this entire show was Leah. We all know how I feel about Leah, so to say she was the logical character… I’ll get to why in a second. Nora pays Christine a visit days before her party where Christine reveals a dress that she was designing for Renee. It looked horrible to say the least. Nora reassures Christine that she will not be starting any fights with anyone at her party which is very commendable and I will admit, she held her word. Meanwhile, Renee confides in her boyfriend with what is going on in her life and, like always, her boyfriend is emotionless and couldn’t care less. That relationship is as dysfunctional as it comes: he’s a p*ssy for speaking to a woman the way that he did and she is stupid for being with a guy who could careless about her.

The show pans between Renee’s clique, Nora’s clique, and Pia’s clique in the events leading up to the event. On to the MAIN EVENT: Nora is the first to arrive at Christine’s party with her +1 and Pia and her +1 arrive shortly after. If you don’t remember, Nora and Pia are at odds after Nora calls Pia a “whore” because of the ‘alleged’ sexual activities she would partake in at the club strips at. (Side Note: Nora also stripped at the same club but pathetically got fired. As Pia’s friend stated: “Who the f*ck gets fired at a strip club?”) Nora plays it cool and is the first to approach Pia and acts as if nothing is wrong between them, referring to their relationship as a “love/hate” type of ordeal. Pia is still uneasy but keeps calm.

Nora, all of a sudden, gets up and announces that she has come down with food poisoning and must leave immediately. It was a lie: No puking, no crapping. As she gathers her things to leave, Nora turns to Christine and asks where Renee was. Nora was CLEARLY in the mood for another a**-whooping after the last one Renee gave her because there is no other reason she would be asking for Renee. As she is leaving, Renee is coming up the stairs but Nora is able to escape in a cab. Christine proves that she was secretly planning a boxing match when she demands that Nora comes back to the party. This angers Leah and Leah is trying to figure out why Christine would call Nora back; she was able to see all her friends and avoid a fight! While Nora is gone, however, Renee and Pia manage to hash things out between them right before Nora comes back. Renee is the first to confront Nora when she comes back and Pia jumps in to help and throws the first punch when Nora calls her a whore [again]. Christine continues to instigate the situation by telling Nora she needs to hit Pia back! The girls (Pia and Renee) take turns slapping Nora up a bit until Nora hits Renee below the belt and yells to her that her father used to rape her every single night. Pia fell back as Renee charged at Nora and begins to pummel her and then… *Next Week On “Mob Wives Chicago”*.

Whew! Am I the only one who enjoyed watching Nora get her a** handed to her? She calls her friend Pia a whore and tells her other friend Renee she hopes she gets her daughter taken away!… Who says that? Every card Nora gets dealt, she deserves if you ask me. Christine is working on being my least favorite with all that instigating she was doing. All this could have been avoided if she let Nora go… but noooooo… Christine arranged a cage fight and goodness, she was going to get it! Leah was asking all the questions I was and was just as baffled with Christine’s instigating as I was. Whatever the case, I will be right here next Sunday to see a replay of the fight and its aftermath.

Recap: "Mob Wives Chicago" Episode 5

Oh Nora. Ya know, I really couldn’t put my finger on what exactly it was about Nora that annoyed me but I discovered in this episode what it was. SHE’S A B*TCH! I’ll get to that in a minute. Christine sees her therapist and reveals that the neighbor’s kid told her daughter about Christine’s divorce with her husband. I have no sympathy for Christine at this point; she has been divorced for a year… her kids would have found out eventually. It is really her own fault that her daughter found out from someone else about her divorce.

Leah reveals this episode that her mother has cancer and my heart does go out to her and her family. The fact that the show just glazed over this really irked me and I do wish that they spent some more time on this; I wish I had more on this to share with you guys, but I don’t. Also, Renee tells Giana (her daughter) that if Giana wants to go down to the prison to see her father, she will accompany her. This confuses Giana (and myself) because all Renee has done this entire season was bad-mouth Giana’s father. I wonder why she all of a sudden wants to see her ex-husband… could it be to show off that she has a new show? Or maybe because she’s still in love with her ex?

Feuds from the last episode spills over into this episode when Nora has a [childish] birthday party and doesn’t invite Renee. I mean, I do understand because Renee did body slam Nora to the ground but judging by the WACK party Nora had, Renee wasn’t missing much. Lots of bad mouthing between the two occurred but it wasn’t until the end of the episode where Nora’s bad mouthing about Renee was called out along with Renee’s hypocrisy by Pia…

While talking her sh*t about Renee, Nora lets Pia know that Renee isn’t fond of Pia because Pia is a stripper. This sets Pia off and immediately calls out Renee for being a hypocrite because Renee has had stripper friends in the past. Namely, Nora. Yup, Pia reveals that Nora was a stripper for three months at the same club Pia is a stripper at now. I know what you are thinking and if you need a minute to regurgitate, I understand. I could imagine she was only a stripper there for three months because the customers started to complain at the sight. I digress. This brings on a blow-for-blow name-calling session between the two in which Nora calls Pia a WHORE! Man… I was pissed that the episode ended because I wanted to see Pia take Nora down for that one. Next episode, though, all the girls are in one place so I will definitely be tuned in to see Pia vs. Nora AND Renee vs. Nora (round 2).

Recap: "Mob Wives Chicago" Episode 4

FINALLY this show was able to get me to wipe the crust out my eyes and had me at the edge of my seat! You should know by now that I ALWAYS save the best for last so let’s work our way through the episode:

Nora has really inched her way to the bottom of my list in this episode. She has decided to unnecessarily burn her bridges with another one of her  friends for the stupidest reason. So far, her and Leah are at odds because she couldn’t apologize for dissing Leah at the Italian Fest. It was a stupid reason for Leah to be upset but all Nora had to do was apologize. Now, Nora and Renee are at it because in episode 3 Nora had thrown a memorial lunch for her late father and Renee was the last to arrive and first to leave. Normally, I would agree with Nora for being upset but Renee reveals in this episode that her daughter was sick and that Nora knew about that. Nora needs to understand that if a child needs tending to, that trumps everything else. Nora invites Renee to another lunch in which Nora uses [stupid] passive agressive techniques towards Renee but doesn’t upfront tell Renee how she feels. Translation: Nora is 12 years old.

My favorite character, Pia, doesn’t make as much of an appearance in this show as I would like but she was on enough to reveal that she is getting her boobs done (such a stripper). Also, like ADULTS, Pia and Christina make amends with each other after the lounge fight in episode 1.

Bothered by Nora’s childish passive aggressiveness, Renee leaves Nora a NASTY, Mel Gibson-esque voicemail message where names were called and demands for the return of property were made. A confrontation between the two erupts when Nora pays Renee a visit to return some items but the real fight doesn’t take place till the final minutes of the show.

Nora meets up with Renee for the final round during lunch and FINALLY opens up to Renee about how she felt about what was going on. Except, Renee had something else in mind… All hell broke loose when Renee throws her finger in Nora’s face which caused Nora to snap and punch Renee. Little did she know that Renee was ready to prove that she is not the b*tch to play with and chases Nora across the restaurant, does a classic hair pull, and DROPS Nora to the ground. And just like that Renee catapults herself to being my second favorite character on the show.

This is the realest I’ve ever seen Renee and I was utterly surprised when Renee hopped across the table to snatch Nora up! I can’t believe I am saying this but I am excited for next week’s episode!

(photo courtesy: Vh1)

Recap: "Mob Wives Chicago" Episode 3

Well Episode 3 of Mob DAUGHTERS Chicago premiered tonight and it just solidified what I said about all these pathetic women in my previous Mob Wives Chicago post (see post here). 

I’d like to start with the show’s pet pitbull: Leah. I mean what the hell is she talking about? Like what language is she speaking. Is that Italian? Is she trying to prove her Italian-ness? She reminds me of a broke-down Renee Graziano except for the fact that Renee is actually a BOSS! Leah has a lot to prove CLEARLY to the world. She feels the need to prove she’s a thug and she feels the need to prove that she knows Italian (or whatever that language she keeps throwing out UNNECESSARILY). She SHOULD feel the need to prove that she was born a woman, because that is up for discussion. 
I have taken a serious liking to Pia. She is the best actor the show has provided us with and she really does seem like an honest and down-to-earth… stripper. For some reason, strippers usually are down-to-earth. But with trying to make a mends with Renee, it was really big of her… poor thing needs to just whoop the STANK out of Renee and leave that cause alone.  Renee is one of the FAKEST broads on television right now and needs to go choke on something. How dare she play so innocent in front of Pia at her business? If you don’t like her, ask her kindly to leave! That’s what someone REAL does. AND that comment about Pia running just like her father did? I would snatched her up so quick! But I digress.

Every scene of this show is SOME kind of confrontation or drama between the characters. There are NO fun times. This show is beginning to be a drag in my life. The final confrontation of the night was too friggin hilarious to me. First off, Leah’s make-up looks like she lost a fight to a makeup palette. Then, Leah was doing all this talk about how she’s going to do this and going to do that, but was so sweet when she was in front of Pia and Christine. Next, Leah feels the need to confront Nora for not dancing with her at some festival or something like that? Uh, what are you old a** women doing at music festivals or whatever? Shouldn’t you be at a wine-tasting or something? And when Nora said she doesn’t dance with people she doesn’t know, WHY did Leah get mad? Leah is the most lost and needs to get a life. She’s just sad like Renee except Renee is just a bitter b*tch!

(photo courtesy: