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Recap: "Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta" Episode 7

This season is definitely slowing down but I won’t be fooled… I know it’s just because it is leading to a big finish! This episode didn’t have as many OMG moments as the other episodes but it sure did have its share of “Oh No He Didn’t!” moments:

Mimi meets up with K. Michelle in her studio where K. Michelle surprises Mimi with a slow jam that she wrote for her! It was a very nice gesture coming from K. Michelle and it sounded really beautiful… especially compared to that fail of a diss track she wrote about Joseline and Karlie Redd (listen here). Joseline hits up the studio to record her track with… NOT STEVIE! As we learned last episode, Joseline has been stepping out on Stevie J by seeing other producers to make her tracks. Stevie J makes a surprise visit while Joseline is recording her track in the studio and uses his usual mind games on her. Joseline has really been stepping up her game because she was not having it! Stevie even went out on a limb to say that they will stop having sex in which Joseline steps up to say “You can’t leave this alone!” I’m really starting to like this dude!

Has anyone else noticed that Benzino has the HUGEST head EVER? Anyways, Karlie Redd spends countless nights at Benzino’s house (well, let’s say 7 nights since they really “met” like a week before) and Benzino surprises her with a key to his house. In response, Karlie Redd let’s Benzino know that her manager has some concerns about her dating Benzino considering that Benzino and his career are cold. *PAUSE.* If Benzino and his career are cold, what does that make Karlie Redd and her career? FROZEN?! Karlie, boo, Benzino had a career. Has a career. You? You are a career groupie with a fake a**. Sit down. Benzino doesn’t keep quiet and asks Karlie the same thing if that means she isn’t cold?

At an event, Stevie J and his band performs a song for Mimi in which Stevie J does not  apologize but instead, complains about how sick and tired of all of the fighting. Duh! If you are tired of fighting… stop messing up! Stevie J then pulls Mimi to the side in which Mimi breaks down about how hurt she was by his actions. If this show is scripted, Mimi may be trying to work on her Academy award because that girl put on her Angela Bassett face and put on the performance of her life!

Basic a** Scrappy and his now girlfriend Shay discuss Erika reneging on her agreement to take Scrappy off of child support and Scrappy opens up and tells Shay that he wants to get a lawyer. Scrappy has to be one of the most thirsty, basic “men” (which I use the term loosely) that I’ve ever seen. Who plans to take their baby momma to court to be removed from child support? Scrappy is broke enough and he wants to WASTE money trying to take Erica to court? Boy, sit down.

The episode wraps up when Mimi and Stevie J see the therapist that they agreed to see. It began pretty well when Stevie J finally admits that he is a liar but goes left when Stevie J also admits that he loves Joseline but “as a friend.” Right.  The therapist doesn’t neglect to call out that Mimi has definitely been an enabler to Stevie J’s actions. In delving deeper, it is revealed that Mimi was kicked out by her mother when she was 13 and Stevie J doesn’t know his mother which is great in revealing why these two have their sick attachment to others.

In the preview for next week’s episode, the love triangle (Joseline, Mimi, and Stevie J) seek group therapy and Benzino seems to be getting a little sprung over Karlie’s cat when he goes ring shopping! My heart might give out by the end of this season! This show needs an Emmy!


Mariah Carey Comes to American Idol: What Does This Mean?

If this promo picture is any type of clue as to what Mariah Carey will bring to “American Idol,” I am definitely not interested. Besides the fact that NO ONE watches American Idol anymore, Mariah Carey may or may not be exactly the cure that “American Idol” needs. Well, to be fair, the show does rake in a great amount of viewers but comparatively to its earlier seasons, the show is not doing so well.

In this photo to the left, Mariah Carey looks absolutely stunning: her face is beautiful, her skin is flawless and her post-baby bod is on point, however, the pose? How does this get me, as a consumer, interested in watching the show? Mariah Carey is an undeniably incredible talent and her music has always been a blessing to my ears. She is one of the very few artists who can fall off the face of the earth and make a great comeback. I do believe that she would be a great judge for the show (even though I would be too scared to sing in front of such a songstress) but her role of a judge may be too long overdue.

In these talent searching shows, there is always at least one judge who is completely unfit to judge! What exactly is Randy Jackson’s experience in actually making music? Who was Simon Cowell before “American Idol?” Was Paula Abdul the best choice? All of these could be argued, but one thing is for sure: Mariah Carey is definitely the best to judge. (In a perfect world, Mariah Carey, Beyonce and Robin Thicke would be the judges of “American Idol” due to their experience). Hopefully, with Mariah Carey joining the team of judges, the show can bounce back in ratings. Mariah Carey needs to be the hard-a** of the show instead of the nice judge for the sake of ratings because Simon Cowell’s rudeness is why people tuned in each week.

On My Radar: Emmanuel and Philip Hudson

I usually just save my “On My Radar” features for music artists but this is a special case. You may be living under a rock if you haven’t heard of these two guys. These brothers have hit stardom at lightning speed due to their video “Ratchet Girl Anthem.” Though these two have made many comedic videos over the years, it was their “Ratchet Girl” anthem that developed these two as stars and was the first step in their long journey to stardom.

As you will see in the video, these two are really something else! In gaining their popularity, Emmanuel and Philip Hudson have gone on school tours, radio and television appearance to remind our youth that nothing is more important than staying in school. Also, it’s not always fun and games: Emmanuel aka Kosher has dabbled his hand in real rap and has received great reviews for his more serious “Karma” track. I am really excited to see where these two go next with their gut-busting funny lyrics!

“Ratchet Girl Anthem”


Follow them:

Youtube: lile451
Twitter: @phillnmyself, @_kosher, @ephudson

Voula Papachristou Out of the Olympics!

This is such a GREAT picture, but this is not how Greek almost-Olympian jumper, Voula Papachristou, looks nowadays. Voula was recently kicked out of the Olympics for a racially insensitive tweet. Yeah, it may be one of the dumbest reasons to be kicked out of such a great event, and the Greeks are less than happy about it, but Voula is simply a victim of being charged for speaking her mind. Now before you tell me that I am condoning a racist remark, let’s consider exactly what it is that she said:

“With so many Africans in Greece… At least the mosquitoes of West Nile will eat homemade food.”

Although some may argue that this is a racially insensitive tweet (which I completely understand and agree with) you kind of have to consider how much work Voula has put into making it into the Olympics just to have it stripped from her for telling a corny joke on a social media site. I, personally, do not believe that removing her is at all justified but it has definitely left her distraught. She has even gone on record for saying that she is losing control and has not slept a wink.

I feel ya, girl. I think Voula Papachristou is more of a victim of social networking more than anything. For FALSELY believing that she could voice her thoughts on a social networking site without repercussions, she fell into the trap and is now suffering more than anything. One can’t help but feel sorry for her, I mean how many times have we all told a touchy joke or have heard of one? Hers just cost her more to tell.

Have you Heard: Will Smith’s Diss Track to Ex-Wife Sheree Fletcher?

Okay, so everyone knows I am a web surfer and I always am willing to share what I come across with you guys and yet again, I have come across another diss track. This time… Will Smith’s. I know what you are thinking: Will is still making music? But this track is off of Will Smith’s “Lost and Found” album that was released in 2005. Now, in this track, Will Smith says that the track is dedicated to an old friend named “Michelle” however, I want you guys to listen and tell me who do you think he is speaking of.

And for those of you completely in the dark about what is going on here: Will Smith was once married to a woman named Sheree Fletcher, who is now currently married to a pastor and is the star of the show “Hollywood Exes.”

Recap: "Hollywoods Exes" Episode 6

Oh, thank you Vh1 gods for delivering the first episode of “Hollywood Exes” that I didn’t feel like I was going to die of boredom. Before continuing, please take a minute to observe the amount of FINE-ness that these ladies have. They were OWNING it with these belly dancing outfits. I mean look at those BODS! I know you are wondering what occasion would these women ever be belly dancing?… Hang on tight. 
The three bachelorettes of the show (Mayte, Jessica, and Andrea) all go to a singles mixer and Andrea says it best… those men looked like SERIAL KILLERS! Besides the fact that this “singles mixer” only had the three girls and four guys, the matchmaker of the night was a complete bust forcing the group to take part in silly games to “get to know them.” Nicole is faced with a new challenge in which she has sold her house before finding a new one to live in. Wow! In speaking with her assistant, although I am not too sure why she would need one, Nicole decides she needs to go out house hunting. After looking at a beautiful house with a great view, Nicole passed because it was too small. I understood when she said the dining room (which only fit 8-10 people) was too small considering the fact that her and her man Michael Strahan have so many kids, but when the broad said that she wants a movie theater and a bowling alley… Who does she think she is? The Queen of Zamunda? (Coming to America  reference). 
Anyways, Andrea’s assistant, Tony, throws Andrea a bone and hooks her up with his barber, Percy. For some odd reason, on their date, Andrea felt compelled to reveal that she was once married to R. Kelly. Boo, that’s too big of a bomb to throw out there on the first date! Percy is definitely a keeper, though, he swallowed that pill like a champ! 
Later in the episode, Mayte prepares the girls for a belly dancing performance to be done at Mayte’s mother’s birthday celebration. Can I just say, Mayte’s mom is the cutest  thing I’ve ever seen! The girls arrive in their belly dancing attire (above) and unable to hold it in anymore, the girls mention just how big Andrea’s butt is! THANK YOU! I was beginning to think that I was the only one who noticed! Percy makes an appearance and like little girls, the girls grill Percy and try to find his intentions with their baby Andrea. He makes a pretty good impression till he drops the bomb that he has multiple baby mamas but refers to them as “friends”. Nice Save! The girls finally hit the stage for their performance and beside a couple of blips, they did a pretty good job and looked amazing doing it! Even Mayte’s mom jumps in for some belly dancing fun! 
Next week, however, things get real when the girls get into a heated debate concerning Jessica’s unwillingness to eat certain animals and Sheree’s possible hypocrisy in eating them! This should be good! 

Kristen Stewart Cheating: She Wanted to Get Caught!

I CAN’T be the only one who was thinking this! I refuse to believe that this girl did not think the media wasn’t going to catch on… I mean does this picture look like the picture of a couple who wants to keep things on the low? Plus, I have come across some pretty interesting details that may suggest that this whole thing may be a ploy! If you’ve been living under a rock and have no idea what I am talking about… it was revealed this week by Us Weekly that Kristen Stewart has been doing the dirty with her Snow White and the Huntsman  director, Rupert Sanders.

I have come to the conclusion that many of these girls that we watch grow up in front of our eyes in Movies and on TV either turn to drugs or promiscuity… you can take a guess what Kristen Stewart chose. But in a recent interview with Elle Magazine, Kristen Stewart said: “I can’t wait for something crazy to f*cking happen to me.” Guess impulse got the best of Kristen and the Twilight  star went bed hopping.

I cannot even imagine how much disdain Team Edward has for Kristen Stewart but really… no one saw this coming? She is the star of a movie in which she stuck between loving two men. Anywho, with her shocking pseudo-confession to Elle Magazine and the plenty of photos that have surfaced of the two lovers out and about, I have concluded: SHE WANTED TO GET CAUGHT! Twilight  is one the biggest films ever made, how does Kristen figure she can move around with a married man without being spotted?

That apology though…. save it Kristen. Apologies after being caught are apologies for being caught. If you were genuinely concerned about Edward’s Robert Pattinson’s heart, you would have kept your legs closed or broke up with him before bed hopping. I may get some harsh comments for this, but if she’s gonna act like an adult she needs to take it like an adult (sexual innuendo intended). Robert Pattinson has been completely quiet about the whole incident, most likely due to embarrassment, and has even moved out of his home that he shared with Kristen.Rupert Sanders’s wife, however, has been speaking out about some of the hardships in their marriage before the affair, specifically, her loneliness while Sander’s is at “work.”

Sadly, this most likely won’t mean career suicide for Kristen Stewart; it may mean the exact opposite. We live in an era where domestic violence, exhibitionism, and other scandals may be the extra push your career needs. This scandal may or may not be a publicity stunt for the “last” (there may be more) of the Twilight  series that is due out in November. However, is it too far-fetched to wonder if the whole Kristen Stewart/Robert Pattinson romance may have been a publicity stunt in itself?


Recap: "Bad Girls Club" Episode 3

Can I just say… I LOVE ERIKA AND CHRISTINA! Okay, now that I’ve got that out of the way, time to recap this week’s episode of BGC. This week’s episode was filled with plenty of hate and manipulation and I enjoyed watching every minute of it!

Finally, Mehgan admits that she has no problem when people call her fake because she is fake: her nose, hair and boobs are fake. WOW! I’ve never heard that from a Bad Girl but hey, she is a P.A.B.! Julie is still running her mouth left and right for her unjustified hate for Christina and even Falen is tired of it. Julie is definitely jealous and obsessed of Christina which is completely understandable because Christina is a badder b*tch than she is. The “winners” formerly known as the “not-so-classy” girls (Rima, Christina, Ashley, and Erika) are definitely the fun ones in the house because instead of focusing on what the other girls are doing, they are just being themselves… except for Rima.

Rima, in a drunken stupor, goes to the P.A.B.s (Falen, Mehgan, and Julie) crying and pouring out her heart about her failed friendship with Mehgan. Cue the violins. After going into a drawn-out explanation about how Rima and Mehgan had a legally binding pinky promise to be BFFs, the “winners” come out to pick up their mess (photo above). Sigh. To be honest, I thought that Ashley would be the crazy, trashy one of the group because of her free-spirit, but Rima DEFINITELY takes the cake for trash of the house.

Later, the P.A.B.s do their usual routine in the confessional and talk their usual smack about the rest of the girls while Christina is outside eavesdropping. The girls walk out and catch Christina eavesdropping which leads into round two of Christina and Julie. Julie makes it a point that she is always the one to hit Christina first, however, considering that Christina always tosses Julie like salad, I would say that Julie shouldn’t take much pride in that.

Julie is not a dumb one though. Her and her minions concoct a plan to turn the “winners” against one another which actually works! After apologizing and hashing things out with Christina, Julie goes behind Rima’s back and tells Erika that Rima told the P.A.B.s that the “winners” told her not to hang out with them. It did bother me how easily the “winners” fell into wack a** Julie’s trap but Rima did say it.

In next week’s episode, Erika checks Rima for her statements and the rest of the girls join forces to get Rima out of the house. Now, why couldn’t they do this for Mehgan? Ugh!

PUBLICITY STUNT ALERT: J. Lo Speaks Out About Her New Man!

Someone PLEASE tell me they caught the interview J. Lo recently did about her tour with Enrique Inglesias and her new boyfriend, “Casper” Smart. Not only was J. Lo shameless enough to promote her tour in the same breath as speaking about her boyfriend, but she also had no shame going on television with those eyebrows!

Oh, and get this: her new man/tour choreographer, is 18 years her junior! Didn’t J. Lo learn her lesson about dating her dancers? Also, how is she suppose to explain to her kids that she is dating their baby-sitter. Well, in her defense, by the time that they’re old enough to know what a baby-sitter is… he’ll be LONG gone. J. Lo… I was a big fan when you was “Jenny from the Block” and even though you are becoming a victim of  what is happening to music, I still listen to your music… But if I have to hear this “love at first sight” schtick from you again, I am going to lose it! We all see through this and even though I thought that Marc Anthony was another publicity stunt, I was beginning to think that it was real and you got this out your system… guess not….

Recap: "Mob Wives Chicago" Episode 7

This week “Mob Wives Chicago” was definitely the Captain Save-A-H*e Edition in which Christina goes around and tries to plead Nora’s case and no one was trying to hear it…

The episode begins with the fight at Christina’s party from the last episode and specifically focuses on the horrific claim Nora made towards Renee about her father raping her every day when Renee was younger. Just posting about it sends a chill down my spine. If Renee ever confided that to Nora, Nora shouldn’t have ever brought it up in that fight anyways. They were fighting about something completely different and that was completely out of line. By the way that Renee reacted, I’m assuming that it was a lie which still leaves Nora in the wrong. After Nora leaves the party, Christina begins to attack Pia for waiting until Renee said something to Nora to say something to Nora herself. *Pause.* Christina, weren’t you the one who called Nora back to the party? Christina personally saw how riled up Pia and Renee were getting after Nora left but still demanded her return… did she think that they were going to hash things out like women? Please refer to Renee’s (Original Mob Wife) party.

I am beginning to come to the conclusion that all these women do is go out to eat and drink because this ENTIRE episode consisted of meetings in restaurants. Anyways, Christina meets up with Nora and Nora reveals her face post- fight (photo above). Personally, it did scare the sh*t out of me but I just imagined that is how Nora would look without makeup. They talk about the fight and Christina is so sympathetic for what Nora is going through which, to me, is so FAKE of Christina! If you cared about the girl, you would of respected her wishes to leave the first time.

Christina’s “Save-A-H*e” campaign begins in which Christina goes to each girl and tries to evoke some kind of sympathy for Nora. Christina probably shouldn’t have made her first stop of this campaign with Leah, who had her own strong opinions of what occurred that night. As Christina tells Leah how she feels responsible for the fight (duh!) and that Nora looks so horrible (duh!), Leah flat out responds: “she deserved it!” AMEN LEAH! As a daddy’s girl myself, I think that Nora deserved the a**-whooping and Leah, being a daddy’s girl too, knows how it feels when someone says something about her father. I woulda fought too. Flat out, as Leah so eloquently put it: “If you can’t fight, shut your mouth!”

Next stop on Christina’s tour: Pia. Futilely, Christina tries again to get some emotion out of Pia but is shot down when Pia also tells her that Nora deserves it. Sigh. Christina, do you get it now? NOPE, because she also tries to get sympathy out of Renee. No idea why she even bothered… Pia and Renee finally meet up to talk things out again after briefly putting aside their differences at Christina’s party. Renee gives Pia a heart-felt apology but in the same breath lets Pia know that stripping for 15 years is BS. I agree and the two begin to bicker about Renee’s statement until Pia drops the bomb that she is quitting stripping! Oh thank goodness! I really like Pia and I am glad that she is ready to move on with her life! Renee is equally excited for Pia and I am actually happy to see where their “friendship” leads.

Unlike the Vh1 tradition, this episode did not end with a fight. Nora goes in for a wine tasting of her wine she personally created to commemorate her father. This event is particularly uninteresting but I was definitely caught off-guard when Nora takes a sip of her wine and states: “it feels like my father is inside me… tingling” *Pause*… But Renee’s father was the molester?…. Right.