Recap: "Bad Girls Club" Episode 10

Oh, the thirst is getting real this season on BGC because the girls are starting to look just as messy and weak as the girls last season! Specifically, the girls this season are turning to jumping and forcefully driving the girl that they are jealous of and threatened by out of the house. These girls are unique in their technique to drive Andrea out the house and do what I’ve never seen before on BGC… we will get to that in a moment!
Andrea takes Rima’s advice in apologizing to Ashley for her “fat sl*t” comment in the previous episode and approaches Ashley with a less than sincere apology. In fact, Andrea lets Ashley know that Rima put her up to the apology. The girls continue their side-eyeing around Andrea and continue to plot to remove Andrea out the house and Andrea’s only friend in the house, Zuly, refuses to get in the middle and help her out. As of now, I don’t know what to think of Zuly. I am a firm believer that if you do nothing, you are doing something and as a friend to Andrea, she should at least try to remove Andrea from the situation when the girls get to fighting. 
The girls all take a trip on a booze cruise where they do what they do the best: drink and party. They finally make contact with men and, like prison escapees, the girls have no idea how to act around men and jump their bones. I’m talking making out with complete strangers, humping, the whole nine yards. When they return to the house, Julie and Ashley are still sexually flustered and begin to look at each other a bit differently. This leads to some hot jacuzzi action between the two.

Still the outcast, Andrea decides to go out for a night of partying alone at the Pink Kitty. Forced to party alone, Andrea summons some random girls from the club to join her in VIP and orders some bottle service. Andrea takes a bathroom break and returns to her table to find the other girls in the house at her table drinking her liquor. To be honest, when I saw that, I instantly thought that Andrea was going to go crazy and fight all the girls especially when the girls got loud and tried to kick Andrea out of her own table. Andrea saved her energy for when the girls returned to the house and approached Ashley after the club because Ashley was the rudest with Andrea at the club.

Things between Ashley and Andrea escalated really quick when Andrea got to pushing Ashley’s buttons leading Ashley to push Andrea… only to get DROPPED by Andrea. It is true: the bigger they are, the harder they fall. Don’t let Andrea’s size fool you because Andrea DEFINITELY wins the fight knocking Ashley down to the ground and delivering a beating that Ashley didn’t see coming. The girls turn to assist Ashley out and security intervenes. Later on, the girls decide that… Andrea has to go, gathering her things and forcefully packing her things for her. When Andrea fights back, the girls grab her stuff (including Andrea’s best friend: her stuffed Monk-Monk) and throw them in the ocean. YES, you heard correctly. The girls throw Andrea’s things in the OCEAN! After retrieving her things, Andrea approaches Julie about this stunt which only leads to 4 on 1 girl jump on Ashley… and cut! 
Next week, things get really crazy when the girls grab Andrea’s things and throw them out of a moving car on the side of the street! Oh, this sh*t is crazy! I’ve never seen so much effort go into throwing a girl out of the house but I sure hope that Andrea holds her own! #TeamAndrea!


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  1. I missed the past episode of “Bad Girls Club,” but I am definitely #teamandrea. I can not believe the girls this season have sunk so low. I’m glad Andrea held her own against Ashley. I have a long work week ahead at Dish, but I like to get the recaps of my favorite shows. My Hopper has the past episode recorded, and I’ve pre-set it to record next week’s episode as well. There’s a ton of recording space, so I won’t miss any of the drama, and tossing of Andrea’s clothes. It will be interesting to see the outcome for Ashley and Andrea.

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