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Do YOU Believe Her?: Evelyn Appears on ABC’s Nightline!

Listen: Before continuing with this post, Da Boss Is Speakin does not condone domestic abuse in any way, shape, or form. PERIOD. I am not skeptical of whether she was badly hurt or if she may have provoked it. Simply put, there is never an excuse for domestic abuse. The skepticism comes from whether the event actually took place or not! Evelyn, I have a heart-felt apology on deck if it is revealed that this is not a ploy but until then… I am not buying it!  Excuse me for being the skeptic here, but we ALL have seen this before (circa Fall 2009), when Rihanna gave her heart-felt interview with Diane Sawyer. What ever happened to battered and abused women seeking counseling not media attention? I am sorry but when has it ever been the case that the public eye will leave you to handle your personal matters by doing a public interview? To some extent, the scrutiny is justified. Evelyn is one of the biggest bullies on the show and her relationship with Chad seemed to ONLY blossom on television. We watched their first date, we watched their alone times, we even watched them before getting down… so, of course, there is going to be some backlash.

I’ll be honest, with Chad and Evelyn both keeping mum about this, I even SLIGHTLY considered that this may be real. The second Evelyn showed up on my screen on ABC… nope. Back to doubting. You just faced one of the hardest times of your life, your husband of 41 days (the “love of your life”) just physically assaults you… leaves you bloodied and embarrassed, and you go on NATIONAL TELEVISION and cry? I know what you’re thinking, Evelyn: “if Rihanna can do it, why can’t I?” Well, Rihanna and Chris Brown’s relationship was never in question. We knew they were openly dating and hadn’t rushed getting married. We didn’t watch their first date, or watch them before they …! To be fair, I did call out Rihanna’s publicity-hungry ways AFTER the incident.

In my opinion, this relationship was a joke but more of a joke was the fact that they think they had us played. I would love to read the police report. I mean, my goodness, we even watched Chad get fired! When has that ever happened? With all of this happening, I have one question: Was the “Ev and Ocho” show ever really real? I mean we HEARD about it, and we know it was “CANCELLED” but why have we not seen any promotions for the show before the incident. Promotion for “Chrissy and Mr. Jones” has begun almost a month before its premiere INCLUDING a clip from the show… why is it less than 20 days before the premiere (and before the incident) have we not even seen a commercial or a clip? Was it even going to happen? There is some conspiracy going on and I am not going to easily fall for it. You two HAVE to come harder than that!

Here is a clip from the interview:

And here’s Chad getting “Fired” (peep the dramatic music):


BREAKING NEWS: Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson Uses His Head to Beat Wife, Evelyn Lozada!


Vh1 has decided to pull the upcoming “Ev and Ocho” show due to the recent events surrounding Chad and Evelyn. Unfortunately this means that we won’t get to see just how much this relationship was a publicity stunt and the recaps won’t be on DaBossIsSpeakin.


Chad Johnson has been released from jail earlier today… and released from the Dolphins, too! What an idiot! I mean, to be honest, I really didn’t think that Chad Johnson had anything to offer to Miami anyways. 

WELP! That was quick! The football player formerly known as “Ochocinco” has been arrested today on domestic abuse charges. The story is that Evelyn went…. Evelyn (i.e. CRAZY)  when she found a receipt for condoms in Chad’s car. The two got into an argument and Chad uses the biggest thing he could find in the car to hit Evelytn upside her head… HIS HEAD! Yup, ladies and gentleman, the football player with the biggest head (figuratively and maybe literally) HEAD-BUTT his wife.

Man, to think that this relationship was supposed to be a career booster… guess not. I mean I really hope that Evelyn doesn’t become a big nymphomaniac who can’t keep her clothes on now that she’s gotten beaten (refer to Rihanna)… but then again, how often was Evelyn ever clothed. Chad may have been using the “Chris Brown” technique to success; I mean, Chris Brown IS bigger now than he was before he laid hand on Rihanna.

Is this staged? Well, it has been noted that during the first episode of “Hard Knocks”, Chad Johnson “jokingly” told team officials: “I’m going to be arrested this weekend.” Hmm, you really can’t trust these two. The two tied the knot this July 4th and has been making waves ever since.  They may be the new era Bonnie and Clyde, stealing the spotlight any chance they get! Well, of course I will keep you posted on this story!

Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis to Miami Heat!

It’s been a GREAT year for Miami heat fans! First the championship, now this! Of course, the above picture is not real; Ray Allen hasn’t touched the court as an official member of the heat and Ray Allen’s number on the team is #34 (#20 was his number on the Celtics). This picture was tweeted last week by King James to give the world a preview of Ray Allen’s big move.

Miami Heat and its fans has welcomed Ray Allen since the beginning of the rumors of him coming. Rumors didn’t last long though; Ray Allen made it clear that he would be signing with the Heat well before making the big move. Many have been speculating why exactly did Ray Allen come to Miami and attributed it to the disrespect he has been receiving from Celtics coach and owner; some even attribute Allen’s move to the growing hostility between Allen and Rondo. Truth is: who cares?! He’s on my home team!

Rashard Lewis (#9) has also decided to take his talents to South Beach coming from the New Orleans Hornets. I am especially excited for the arrival of these top players. There are only 5 players on the court at one time: Can you imagine Bosh, Lebron, Wade, Allen, and Lewis on the court all at the same time?! The NBA would never allow it because it would be just so unfair! Either way, welcome home boys! Great to have you join us in our championship ring collecting spree!

Miami Heat!!!!!!

As a Miami native, I have been basking in the glory that the Miami Heat has brought to our city! Miami has worked hard and although I am a die-hard Miami Fan, their playoffs stats were very inconsistent and I was very worried at times (for example, the Celtics series).

But besides all that, this post is for the bandwagoners that I hate so much!. Not the bandwagon fans, the bandwagon haters. The people who had no problem with Miami till Lebron. It is really ashamed that instead of admitting that they were wrong and shutting the hell up, the second the king was crowned… The haters were drunk off that haterade.

“Well Lebron only has one ring.”

Yes haters, the same ring you said he wouldn’t be getting. So haters: KISS THE RING. Now that the king has his ring, the media has been referencing a letter that Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert has written following the departure of Lebron James from his team. In his candid and frankly hostile letter, which was geared towards the fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers (if there are still any), Gilbert makes the bold statement:


First off, the sodium level in that entire statement is way to high. The boldness of the statement makes no sense to be made by an owner… Not the coach… The owner. -_-. And what the most important issue here is: can ANYBODY name 3 bench players from the Cleveland Cavaliers in the past two years? What about starting players? Cleveland Cavaliers is a step above the Bobcats and nothing more. For Dan Gilbert to make such a statement, was out of line and completely ridiculous!

But besides all that: