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Who Caught Rasheeda’s Tweet About K. Michelle?

Ohhh man, things on LHHATL is definitely getting interesting on and off the screen. The last time we saw K. Michelle and Rasheeda, the two were having lunch where K. Michelle blew up at Rasheeda after Rasheeda question her accusations about Rasheeda’s friend and K. Michelle’s ex, Memphitz. Well, it seems as though the tension between the two is a lot higher than what we saw on the screen because something has compelled Rasheeda to go OFF about K. Michelle via Twitter and Instagram. Here is a photo she posted and its caption.

Here is my reply! I find it real sad how this desperate rat Fake.Michelle can’t keep my name out her mouth. It’s sad how a person wants sympathy but every word & gesture out of her mouth is slapping a bitch and whooping a bitch ass. First, when you see Toya you gone slap her on site (YEAH RIGHT), then you threaten to whoop Kandi ass but when you seen her at the hair salon you was quiet as a mouse. Now, today u have another interview out claiming your only regret was you wish you would of slapped the shit outta me & hit me with a 1/2 punch. That alone should make people question your character. All of our careers Me, Kandi & Toya we have been nothing but positive women to the public. Everything you say is violent. You keep preaching about being abused but threatening to abuse others. You hit Karlie in the head with some silverware, she should of pressed charges against your ass. But my point here is, we are witnessing you physically & verbally abusing several women via interviews, blogs & twitter bullying and it’s a sad ass shame for someone who is claiming to be a victim. You’re playing the public trying to make them think you were abused but we know that story has a lot of holes in it. So, the police came to the hotel and seen you beat & abused like you telling the world and didn’t lock up a black man in Memphis, TN???? Bitch please, where they do that at! You claiming you didn’t want to press no charges, but they would of took that into there own hands by law. Its a shame you trying to sell this old ass story but keep threatening to hurt others in the process. The sad part is the media & the fans have to wait and continue to watch you self-destruct while everybody else already know the truth about you. Sorry ya’ll! As far as any woman who has been a victim of domestic violence my heart goes out to you all and I wish you nothing but the best but this chick right here is a FUCKING FRAUD!!

You know, Rasheeda, when you put it that way… You are kind of right. All we’ve seen from K. is violence. Not to take sides or anything but I got my eyebrows raised after this one.


Here is K. Michelle’s response to Rasheeda’s tweet and photo:

What do you guys think of K. Michelle and Rasheeda’s beef?
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Courtesy: Natalia Montealegre (@_SNAT_ )


BREAKING NEWS: Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson Uses His Head to Beat Wife, Evelyn Lozada!


Vh1 has decided to pull the upcoming “Ev and Ocho” show due to the recent events surrounding Chad and Evelyn. Unfortunately this means that we won’t get to see just how much this relationship was a publicity stunt and the recaps won’t be on DaBossIsSpeakin.


Chad Johnson has been released from jail earlier today… and released from the Dolphins, too! What an idiot! I mean, to be honest, I really didn’t think that Chad Johnson had anything to offer to Miami anyways. 

WELP! That was quick! The football player formerly known as “Ochocinco” has been arrested today on domestic abuse charges. The story is that Evelyn went…. Evelyn (i.e. CRAZY)  when she found a receipt for condoms in Chad’s car. The two got into an argument and Chad uses the biggest thing he could find in the car to hit Evelytn upside her head… HIS HEAD! Yup, ladies and gentleman, the football player with the biggest head (figuratively and maybe literally) HEAD-BUTT his wife.

Man, to think that this relationship was supposed to be a career booster… guess not. I mean I really hope that Evelyn doesn’t become a big nymphomaniac who can’t keep her clothes on now that she’s gotten beaten (refer to Rihanna)… but then again, how often was Evelyn ever clothed. Chad may have been using the “Chris Brown” technique to success; I mean, Chris Brown IS bigger now than he was before he laid hand on Rihanna.

Is this staged? Well, it has been noted that during the first episode of “Hard Knocks”, Chad Johnson “jokingly” told team officials: “I’m going to be arrested this weekend.” Hmm, you really can’t trust these two. The two tied the knot this July 4th and has been making waves ever since.  They may be the new era Bonnie and Clyde, stealing the spotlight any chance they get! Well, of course I will keep you posted on this story!

Have You Heard: K. Michelle’s "Diss Track"?

So, I am surfing the web and I have come across this little gem. K. Michelle has a very… how you say… WACK diss track out now where she takes jabs at the haters, Joseline and Karlie Redd. Watching the show I really didn’t understand why she couldn’t get re-signed because she is so talented, but upon hearing this track I was informed. I mean, I commend K. Michelle for actually saying the names of the girls she was referring to but just like Lil Wayne’s response to Pusha-T, it was a flop. I won’t keep you guys too long, let your ears take a listen:

What do you guys think of this track? 

Trick Daddy vs. Big Sean: Round 1

I know you saw the pic and already decided to move on but please give this post a chance. Yes, that is Trick Daddy and you did read the title correctly. It seems as though the “305 Mayor” is going through a mid-life crisis or is trying to pull a Lil Kim and revive his career by taking hits at one of the hottest in the game right now, Big Sean.

So here’s the back story: apparently Trick Daddy caught wind of an interview that Big Sean did a YEAR ago where Big Sean was confronted about giving the title of his debut album “Finally Famous” the same title as Trick Daddy’s 2009 album. When asked why Big Sean chose this same title Trick Daddy used for his album, Big Sean [righteously] asked “who is that?”

Personally, I was thinking the same thing. I really didn’t even know that Trick Daddy had an album that came out in 2009! I mean, the fact that this comment was made about a year ago and Trick Daddy is bringing this up now, CLEARLY shows that this is Trick Daddy’s sad attempt to stir the pot and get heads to turn his way. Big Sean has probably made more this year than Trick Daddy has made in his whole “career.”

I will definitely agree that we need to pay homage to the rappers that came before the ones out now but for past rappers (Lil Kim and Trick Daddy) to start beef with current rappers (Nicki Minaj and Big Sean), it really is sad and the world sees what they are doing. I hope that Big Sean has an appropriate response in line for Trick Daddy or, even better, just let his money talk for him.

Check the video out HERE! I fast-forwarded right before he says it! 

NEWS FLASH: Trick Daddy is not the “Mayor” of Miami. He lost his title when Pitbull came out who lost his title when Rozay formed MMG. Sorry. 

Chris Brown’s Diss Track!

I may be a bit tardy to the party but I just got my ears on the Chris Brown ode to Drake! I have one word for this track: WOW! I definitely knew that Chris Brown had it in him after hearing him during the Cypher at last year’s BET Hip-Hop Awards but I was never expecting this. For those living under a rug, this diss track comes in the wake of a scalding hot beef between the rapper Drake and Chris Brown (click here for more details). So I would like for you readers to enjoy this as much as I have! Check out Chris Brown’s verse below:

(video courtesy: CSyzle via Youtube)

Drake vs. Chris Brown: Round 2

I’m going to have to start at the top with this one for those of you who don’t know what’s going on. Mid-June, a fight broke out at W.i.P. Lounge in New York between Chris Brown and Drake. Rumor has it that Chris Brown sent a bottle of champagne to Drake only to have it returned with a note reading “I’m still f*cking Rihanna.” A fight broke out between the two and a bottle and a punch was thrown injuring Chris Brown. Chris Brown injuries were uploaded to his twitter (above) but was later removed.

After the incident, #RihannasBox became a worldwide trending topic on twitter where tweeple tweeted about Rihanna’s lady parts and the barbaric things it causes men to do! The incident has also caused the state to revoke the nightclub’s liquor license which ultimately shut down the club… because what is a club without liquor?

As if this story could not be more drama-filled, Spurs point-guard Tony Parker is suing the nightclub for $20 million dollars due to a scratched cornea he received during the brawl.

WAIT! There’s more!! Drake and Chris Brown have been offered $1 million dollars each to settle their problems with the fool-proof method to problem solving: Boxing. Some rich kid has made this offer to fork over the money and another $1 million for charity if the two stars agree to fight. The fight would be on Aug. 25 and available via pay-per-view if the two agree to the fight.

I don’t think this fight will ever happen because it will be a dirty fight. Yea, it will be organized but should one of them win, the other’s entourage will take it upon themselves to perpetuate a beef bigger than this one. Can you imagine if Chris Brown knocks out Drake? What do you think Young Money would do? Exactly. The two should remove themselves and realize the true root of their problems: #RihannasBox.

Footnote: Why didn’t Chris Brown think to wipe his nose before taking pics at that angle? I’m just saying…. 

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