Recap: "Basketball Wives LA" Season Premiere!

For those of you that have been keeping track… how many times did you roll your eyes during the season 2 premiere of BBWLA? The main reason for my own eye-rolling was the desperation and thirst on Basketball Wife Jackie Christie. Apparently, Jackie hasn’t taken a sip of water since the last time we’ve seen her on season 1 when the other basketball wives “broke up” with her for her ability to start drama with EVERYBODY. Jackie does have one true gift: she can get anyone to talk about her! I mean besides the fact that the entire episode was about Jackie, I am only about 5 sentences into this post and she’s the only wife I’ve spoken about. It’s coming out like word vomit! [“Mean Girls” reference].

Jackie is still as delusional as they come as she tells her husband that she thinks that can personally help the girls in so many ways. Clearly, she hasn’t heard the phrase, “don’t help those who do not want to be help.” Not once have I heard the girls seek advice or help in Jackie’s hands yet she is still trying to force her “wisdumb” on others! According to Jackie, the girls are insanely jealous of Jackie because Jackie has everything that they want: the husband, the businesses, the life. That makes sense [sarcasm] considering we have been following the moves of the all of the girls and  their businesses and I still have no idea what these businesses are that Jackie says she has!

Speaking of business, during this episode we follow our favorite non-wife Draya as she launches her new line of swimwear, Mint Swim. During the days prior to the launch we meet a new basketball wife, Brooke Bailey (girlfriend of Vernon Macklin), who is friends with Draya through the “industry.” For the most part Brooke seems like a nice girl but so did Jackie when we first met her… Gloria is also trying to dabble her hand in business and announces that she is going to try to create a cookbook. She invites all of the girls (except for Jackie) for a food tasting at her house to taste some of the recipes that may make it in her cookbook.

Malaysia, who has been promoting her elegant baby jewelry line since season 1, has decided to expand her line and has also taken another side job: Captain Save-A-H*e! After deciding that she is over the pettiness with Jackie, Malaysia not only wants to forgive Jackie, but wants the other girls to give her a second chance. WHAT? The fact that Malaysia wants to have someone like that in her space completely baffles me. It also baffles the other girls as they agree that they are over being angry but not willing to keep Jackie in close company yet.

At Gloria’s food tasting gathering, all the girls attend with their empty stomachs and ready to eat. Draya, Brooke, Laura, Malaysia and Gloria are all enjoying each other’s company when Jackie shows up… because Malaysia invited her! Yup, Malaysia breaks an important rule: Do not invite someone to someone else’s house when it’s not an open event. I mean, Malaysia didn’t even warn the girls about Jackie coming. Jackie comes in and plops her self down as if her and the girls did not have a falling out. Finally, after a while of awkwardness, Malaysia stands up and “presents” Jackie to the girl and proposes that she be inducted in their group of friends again.

Already this season has me at my wits’ end with the drama surrounding Jackie; seems like this season will have much more of Jackie’s antics. Jackie has become the “Joseline Hernandez” or the “Nora” of BBWLA which only means we are in for craziness! There is also another character that we haven’t met who apparently stirs the pot because she and Brooke dated the same guy at some point. Let the cattiness begin!


Recap: "Girlfriend Confidential: LA" Season Premiere

NO SHADE but… this show trumps whatever it is that you are watching on T.V. right now. These women are absolutely FABULOUS and are bringing something new to our screens: a perfect mixture of sass, class, and (as Kelly would put it) crass. The four women all reside in LA and paint the town red with their red bottom Louboutins juggling love, career and family.

The episode begins with three of the girls (Denyce, Eva, and Kelly) doing what women love to do most: SHOPPING! Kelly finds herself stuck in the middle of what seems to be an on-going power struggle between Eva and Denyce. Denyce gets offended by Eva’s struggle with her age (who is currently “27 knocking on 32”). Denyce, who is actually 32, calls Eva out and while the girls go back and forth, Kelly is busy booking deals left and right on her phone. She’s not the only one getting coins while the other ladybugs bicker; Nikki Chu misses out on the girls’ shopping date, busying herself by going in for a business meeting! Within a 2-minute segment, Nikki manages to present designs and close a deal with Creative Recreation for a new women’s shoe line! Man, Miss Chu does not play.

Eva visits her parents’ home in South Central LA before heading to New York to do a runway show for fashion week. We get to see another side of Eva… actually we get to see another Eva as we meet Eva’s twin, her father Evan. Eva becomes child-like with her parents as she opens up about their family life and struggling with the hard recovery of her father’s stroke. We all see the pretty face and the fierce poses of Eva but never realize the story beneath but we got an idea as Eva still finds it hard dealing with her father’s aphasia.

On a lighter note, the girls all meet up for dinner before Eva’s trip to New York and here is where I realized how much I love these girls! The women indulge in a night full of life’s best gifts: food, wine, and sex talk! It is NO HOLDS BARRED when these women getting into sex talk. Denyce, the “crass” of them all, has no problem speaking about sex and even suggests to Eva that she should try oral sex. Denyce’s missing censor sends Kelly into a flurry and astonishment at how open these girls are about sex.

Quick question: did anyone else find Eva’s boyfriend Anthony hot? Eva, I think we figured out why your hoo hoo is going haa haa! Anyways, Eva prepares for her trip to New York and, for the first time ever, invites her boyfriend Anthony to watch her on the catwalk. Unforeseen circumstances (like a drunken night) prevent Anthony from making the trip to New York for Eva’s show. Although distraught, Eva knows the show must go on and struts her petite stuff up and down the catwalk reminding us of why she is where she is now! Eva is not the only one struggling with bf drama. Poor Nikki Chu has to deal with the messy drama of having her boyfriend want to commit enough to move in together but Nikki declines! It seems as though Miss Chu is running away from commitment and hiding in her career. Being the best at what you do is fine and dandy, but finding a man willing to take that extra step… well, it doesn’t come around too often (sorry guys!).

So far, I am sold on the idea of this show. Between the hilarious, girly interactions between the women and the drama with the boyfriends, I am looking forward to next week’s episode of GCLA. Oh and it gets more interesting as Denyce calls football star Terrell Owens out on something! Uh-oh! Seems like T.O. is in trouble but not in as much trouble as Denyce is in with Eva.

Recap: "Bad Girls Club" Episode 8

Oh, it’s the episode we’ve been waiting for. The biggest fight of the season. The biggest bang preceding an exit of a Bad Girl. The Mehgan vs. Falen AND Rima fight. Words can not describe the level of shock I experienced watching the events leading up to the fight and how the fight occurred exactly. Just when I am ready to think that Oxygen out did themselves by delivering the best fight on television, they produce a new season of bad girls and top it!

This episode begins where we left off with Falen telling Mehgan off about her cattiness and ability to talk smack about Falen behind her back and inability to bring it to her face. Mehgan is surprisingly submissive during this talk and is pretty much swallowing everything Falen is saying to her. Strike one. The dynamic of the house is completely different as Falen and Julie begin to shut out Mehgan and replace her with Rima. Yup, the girls who terrorized Rima in the beginning are now her new besties. To consummate their new friendship, Rima asks for Julie’s hand in marriage which strikes Ashley as odd considering that Rima was her best friend and Julie was Rima’s attacker.

The replacement girl’s picture is placed up and, as usual, the girls go on a “hater crusade” and all pact to be mean to the new girl. This plan quickly goes down the drain as the tough Latina, Zuly, enters the house and strikes fear amongst the girls. Well, it was more lust than fear that Zuly instilled in the girls as Zuly’s sexual orientation (lesbian) leaves the girls willing to do some exploring. Yeah, we are talking a quasi-orgy in the Bad Girls house!

The girls all prepare for the Julie/Rima wedding including the cast outcast, Mehgan, even though she sounds off about how ridiculous the wedding is. Hmm, Mehgan, for someone who thought the idea of a wedding was stupid, you sure seemed excited to be apart of it! The wedding sends Ashley into a frenzy as Rima ignores Ashley in the whole process and is actually b*tchy towards her! Rima’s true colors is shown as she turns her back on the one person who had her back since day one.

The girls all go out for a day at the beach which goes awry really quickly. As half of the girls leave to attend a meeting that only Mehgan knew about at the Pink Kitty; Falen, Julie, and Rima stay behind. They don’t take it quietly, though, as the three girls yells some sh*t talking to Mehgan as she leaves the beach. Mehgan proves that she is not all bark and returns to the girls to confront them. Rima and Mehgan get into it and a fight ensues between the two. This fight gets intense as the Mexican police breaks them up and due to the fact that the girls can not fight in public, they face possible jail time. After a couple minutes of deliberation, the Mexican police let the girls go home. Strike 2.

Mehgan makes it home first and decides, after speaking to her grandmother, that she is ready to go home. Meanwhile, the other six girls are on their way home and make a plan to completely ignore Mehgan no matter what she says. Very mature, girls. Boiling and plotting, Mehgan waits for the girls’ return to the house. Mehgan approaches Zuly to ask her about the Pink Kitty only to get the cold shoulder from Zuly and the rest of the girls. STRIKE 3! Walking down the hall behind Falen, Rima passes in front of Mehgan and… well watch for yourself!:

And just like that, Mehgan catapults herself to our third favorite bad girl of the season (you can’t top Christina and Erika). Mehgan, why couldn’t we see more of this side of you during the season. You had to give it all on your exit? Well, now that Mehgan is out the house, the girls must focus their attention on another victim which, according to next week’s previews, seem to be Andrea! Oh, boy!

Recap: "Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta" Reunion Part 2

Mona Scott-Young did not skip a beat and picked up right where she left off with the question to Stevie J: “Are you and Joseline in a relationship?” In typical Stevie J fashion, he completely dances around the question and only answers “no” when commanded to simply answer the question. After his answer, Joseline makes it clear (repeatedly) that she was and is interested in Stevie for his sex and his money. When Joseline tries to accuse Mimi of being with Stevie for the same reason, Mimi states that not only was she with Stevie J before he had anything but that Joseline was also with him when he was financially down because Stevie was driving Joseline’s car when they first met. OH! So Stevie J is broke?! I guess Stevie was riding the bus not driving the bus! HA!

The next threesome of the season (Erica, Scrappy and Shay) come up next and after reviewing Scrappy’s antics this season, the two women get to attacking! Things get explosive on set as the two women refuse to let the other speak on the matter. In the yelling, Shay manages to try to diss Erica’s hair bun. Pretty bold of her considering Shay showed up to the taping of the reunion with a shaved cat on her head. Mona has to wrangle the girls up in order to allow Scrappy to speak and when he does speak, Shay gets a rude awakening. While admitting that he does still love his FRIEND Shay, in the same breath, Scrappy makes it very clear that the woman that he wants to be with is Erica. I mean that makes sense considering that’s the only woman in the two. His confession sends Shay over the edge and Shay, enraged, storms of the stage. Perfect timing, though, because I don’t think Shay would be able to stomach Scrappy’s proposal to Erica! YES CHILDDDD! Scrappy finally grows up, realized what he had and proposes to Erica! Backstage, Shay watches in grief as the two celebrate their engagement. (We won’t mention the fact that instead of the classic “Will you marry me?” Scrappy chose the more modern “Is you going to marry a n*gga?” line).

For some ODD reason, Mona began to ask questions about Benzino and Karlie Redd’s… as if we care? Mona asks Karlie Redd about the events that occurred the night that Benzino [didn’t] propose and Karlie Redd lets the audience know (while staring into the camera) that she caught a butt-naked woman in his place the same night. Am I the only one who thought Karlie Redd was reading lines? It could be because Karlie Redd kept stumbling over words and quickly correcting herself.

The episode wraps up with a couple of questions from the audience (paraphrased):

To Stevie: Do you think that rat face you make is cute? 
Stevie: *Does rat face* [unanswered].

To Momma Dee: What type of grandmother pole dances?(In reference to pole dancing video below)
Momma Dee: …Seems like the pole does a body good.

To K. Michelle: How many receipts must a person have to get respect from you?
K. Michelle: More than Karlie Redd; Just have a wikipedia page.

To Stevie: Where is your car Stevie J? It seems like you are always walking.
Stevie: I didn’t have a car, I’m not afraid to say it. Now I got a check, therefore, I have a car.

To Mimi: You only dropped off 3 boxes of Stevie’s stuff? After 15 years, is that all he had? 
Mimi: If I dropped off all his stuff, I would have had to call a mover.

Mona ends the reunion perfectly by letting us viewers know that not only will LHHATL be returning for a season 2 but the original “Love and Hip-Hop” will be airing its season 3 next January. I know what you are thinking: “What am I supposed to do on Monday’s now?” Well, I asked myself the same question and to our relief “Basketball Wives: LA” premieres next Monday! Of course, Da Boss Is Speakin will be recapping episodes of BBWLA!

Do YOU Believe Her?: Evelyn Appears on ABC’s Nightline!

Listen: Before continuing with this post, Da Boss Is Speakin does not condone domestic abuse in any way, shape, or form. PERIOD. I am not skeptical of whether she was badly hurt or if she may have provoked it. Simply put, there is never an excuse for domestic abuse. The skepticism comes from whether the event actually took place or not! Evelyn, I have a heart-felt apology on deck if it is revealed that this is not a ploy but until then… I am not buying it!  Excuse me for being the skeptic here, but we ALL have seen this before (circa Fall 2009), when Rihanna gave her heart-felt interview with Diane Sawyer. What ever happened to battered and abused women seeking counseling not media attention? I am sorry but when has it ever been the case that the public eye will leave you to handle your personal matters by doing a public interview? To some extent, the scrutiny is justified. Evelyn is one of the biggest bullies on the show and her relationship with Chad seemed to ONLY blossom on television. We watched their first date, we watched their alone times, we even watched them before getting down… so, of course, there is going to be some backlash.

I’ll be honest, with Chad and Evelyn both keeping mum about this, I even SLIGHTLY considered that this may be real. The second Evelyn showed up on my screen on ABC… nope. Back to doubting. You just faced one of the hardest times of your life, your husband of 41 days (the “love of your life”) just physically assaults you… leaves you bloodied and embarrassed, and you go on NATIONAL TELEVISION and cry? I know what you’re thinking, Evelyn: “if Rihanna can do it, why can’t I?” Well, Rihanna and Chris Brown’s relationship was never in question. We knew they were openly dating and hadn’t rushed getting married. We didn’t watch their first date, or watch them before they …! To be fair, I did call out Rihanna’s publicity-hungry ways AFTER the incident.

In my opinion, this relationship was a joke but more of a joke was the fact that they think they had us played. I would love to read the police report. I mean, my goodness, we even watched Chad get fired! When has that ever happened? With all of this happening, I have one question: Was the “Ev and Ocho” show ever really real? I mean we HEARD about it, and we know it was “CANCELLED” but why have we not seen any promotions for the show before the incident. Promotion for “Chrissy and Mr. Jones” has begun almost a month before its premiere INCLUDING a clip from the show… why is it less than 20 days before the premiere (and before the incident) have we not even seen a commercial or a clip? Was it even going to happen? There is some conspiracy going on and I am not going to easily fall for it. You two HAVE to come harder than that!

Here is a clip from the interview:

And here’s Chad getting “Fired” (peep the dramatic music):

"Girlfriend Confidential: LA" Premieres Monday!

Man, oh man! The newest addition to the Oxygen Network family, “Girlfriend Confidential: LA”, premieres this Monday and to say the very least: I AM PUMPED! Besides the fact that these women are super gorgeous, I am excited to see what they have to offer to my Monday night line up. I mean, with the “Bad Girls Club” being in full swing, these girls have some big stillettos to fill. The series follow four independent women in their pursuit love, success and friendship. Each woman has their own sass to bring to the show:

Eva Marcille: We all know the platinum blonde-haired diva as ‘Eva the Diva’ from her debut on “America’s Next Top Model” Season 3 but now-a-days we can catch Miss Eva making waves with her many guest roles on television and follow her on this show as she continues to pursue a career in acting. Eva wants to make it clear: she is not just a model. Besides the chic wardrobe and fierce pumps, Eva is looking to prove that this girl is multidimensional! I mean, this wouldn’t be the first time Eva went against the odds… Remember she was the little tomboy from L.A. that is blazing runways today! With her girls by her side and a man behind her back, there’s no limits to what Eva can achieve!

Nikki Chu: Speaking of multidimensional, this fashion designer has accomplished things thus far that other fashion designers can only dream of. With a resume that would blow Trump’s toupee right off, Nikki Chu has dabbled her hand not only in fashion, but in interior design as well. After doing some extensive research on Miss Chu, her online portfolio ( put to rest any reservations I had about her being the next Martha Stewart. This independent woman will be blessing our screens with her style soon and *hopefully* teaches us a thing or two about fashion!

Denyce Lawton: If you are ever wondering what “unstoppable” looks like, she is most likely rocking her Louboutins and goes by the name of Denyce Lawton. Surviving a broken engagement and the lost of her brother, the “House of Payne” actress is using her setbacks to fuel her drive to the top. With the girls supporting her endeavors, Lawton will be a household name by the season finale!

Kelly Marie Dunn: If her nickname “Pink Piranha” describes how Miss Dunn is, we will have a fiesty diva who isn’t afraid to bite all while looking cute doing it. Miss Dunn’s resume includes day-to-day product manager for the one and only Lady Gaga as well as being voted #1 in the “Best Consultant/ Strategist” category for the National Association of Record Industry Professionals. Now, Miss Dunn is keeping herself busy with her established career and working her way to the top seat!

Now, I will be honest. I wasn’t too sure what to make of this new series, however, after watching the exclusive sneak peek videos (available below), I will definitely be tuned in every week! I was scared that this show would be a snoozer like “Hollywood Exes”, but this show had more action in a couple of previews than “Hollywood Exes” had in 10 full episodes! It could be that these four woman are 1/2 the age of the women on “Hollywood Exes”. FINALLY! A show where women can argue without throwing drinks or hitting each other and an exhibition of true friendship without the foolishness.

The new season of “Girlfriend Confidential: LA” premieres Monday so tune in to Da Boss Is Speakin for the season premiere recap!

Recap: "Bad Girls Club" Episode 7

Can I just say that I thoroughly enjoyed this episode? I loved seeing Julie so insecure about herself. Not only because I can’t stand her, but because now I understand why she is such a b*tch! There was a major disappointment during this episode that has left me skeptical about the rest of the season and whether or not I will be tuned in for it. 

The major disappointment: Christina getting removed from the house. Not only did Oxygen remove Erika, but now they removed Christina which, to me, makes absolutely no sense. I know fans, like me, tuned into Bad Girls Club mostly for these two girls. Now we are left with all of the weak girls in the house. Christina was ejected from the house after the fight (which began towards the end of the previous episode) with Rima. The fight was arguably the best fight of the season simply because the fight was pretty equal. For the most part, other fights in the season have been a clear win or loss due to one girl’s ability to whoop a** more than her opponent. For example, Christina vs. Julie and Rima vs. Erika were two no-brainers because they were unfair matches. The Rima and Christina fight, however, could have gone 12 rounds! Sadly, there was only two. In the first round, Christina initiates the fight by one clean hit to Rima’s face. This move was apparently poking a sleeping bear because Rima gets an advantage by locking Christina in a head lock and wins the first round. The girls are split up but are not finish as the girls go in for another round. This time Christina gets the advantage as the girls tumble to the ground and Christina gets a chance to kick Rima repeatedly in her FACE! Rima, being the weakling that she is, does the ultimate b*tch move and BITES Christina on her leg. Who does that?! 

Once the girls break up, Christina is called by producers and is told that she must go home. Oxygen must be going for a weaker approach this season because they let go of the two strongest girls already! Rima basks in the dismissal of Christina and states in the confessional that she has victory. Uh Rima, if you think getting smacked and stomped left and right across people’s television every Monday at 10pm is victorious… to each its own! 

The girls all go out for a night on the town and is approached by staff of the Pink Kitty (the club that they were in) and are asked to do a choreographed dance. The girls all agree yet once they get to rehearsals the next day, things go awry as self-conscious Julie feels that she looks stupid doing the dance due to her weight. 

Dear Julie, 

You do not look stupid dancing because you are overweight. You look stupid dancing because you ARE stupid and have no rhythm. 


After running out during rehearsals to weep and sob, Julie is quasi-comforted by her minion Falen. Her other minion, Mehgan, does not fall for Julie’s cry for attention and calls Julie out for being rude to their dance instructor. This is the first time this season, I believe, that I have ever agreed with that Mehgan has said. This leads to tension between Mehgan and Julie which, as always, causes Julie to turn on her own friend. The gears in Julie’s head get to turning and she turns Falen against Mehgan by telling Falen all the things that Mehgan has said about Falen throughout their time there. She, of course, omits all the things that she has said about Falen or that she agreed with Mehgan in all the things that she has said. 

The girls prepare for their dance at the Pink Kitty and nothing helps prepare for a choreographed dance than…liquor. Minutes before they have to perform, the girls get heavily inebriated and lead to one of the biggest trainwrecks on television since Joseline Hernandez (LHHATL). The P.A.Bs (Mehgan, Julie and Falen) all go out to a personal dinner although there is tension between Falen/Julie and Mehgan. Mehgan senses this tensions but continues to irk the girls by calling Julie out on her drinking and calling her rude. Once the girls get to the house, Mehgan comes up with a fool-proof method to stopping all the hate in the house: Everyone stops talking sh*t about each other. This BIGGEST sh*t-talker in the house now senses that she is being talked about and now she feels that talking smack is a bad idea. This sounded like the most hypocritical and ridiculous coming from Mehgan’s mouth until she said that “being fake my skin crawls.” B*tch, you must like the feeling of skin crawling because all you are is FAKE! 

Let me calm down. Mehgan continues to give the other girls a reason to hate her as she sits Julie down and tells her that she has a problem with Julie always spotting Falen for cash when they come out. Once again, Mehgan is putting her nose in business that isn’t hers. Reporter Julie, of course, tells Falen everything that Mehgan which riles Falen up. Once Mehgan comes out to talk to the girls, Falen confronts her and the episode ends. Oh how you tease us, Oxygen!

Next week’s episode continues the confrontation between Falen and Mehgan and, the episode that we have been waiting for, the biggest fight of the season: Mehgan vs. Rima AND Falen. From the preview on the first episode, it seemed like Mehgan won but let’s see how that fight pans out next week!

"Chrissy and Mr. Jones" Coming to Da Boss Is Speakin!

If your face was glued to the screen during part 1 of the reunion special of “Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta” (as mine was), you would have caught the promotion for Vh1’s newest reality show, “Chrissy and Mr. Jones.” I cannot express my utter excitement for this new show.

Before continuing, “Chrissy and Mr. Jones” will be featured on Da Boss Is Speakin this fall.

The promo for the show gives us a brief view of what is going on with the Joneses. It seems as there have been some baby talks in the home! This is the perfect replacement (and even upgrade) from the “Ev and Ocho” show as this show will focus on a couple that is actually brought together through love… not greed or fame! The usual suspect is still in the picture: the physycotic b*tch, Mama Jones. The threesome appear to have worked out a healthier relationship between them and have landed themselves their own show. After the last season of the original “Love and Hip-Hop,” it may be safe to assume that either there won’t be a season 3 of “Love and Hip-Hop” or that the season will be missing these characters. Either way, our fix is satisfied as Vh1 is bringing back our favorite characters: Chrissy, Jim Jones, and Mama Jones.

Make sure you keep up with the Joneses! The show premieres Monday, September 24th at 9:30PM.

Recap: "Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta" Reunion Part 1

The reunion for “Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta” premiered tonight and its host and producer, Mona Scott-Young, delves into the major questions that has been everyone’s mind. No one is safe during the this reunion:

Mona Scott-Young begins the reunion by letting us know that the show was not scripted… I was hoping that it was because this whole thing was f*cked up. Mona wastes no time in asking Karlie Redd how old she is and she makes it clear that… she is not telling her age. Now I am really thinking this bitch is old because she won’t tell her age! If she wasn’t there would be no reason to hide it. She wouldn’t even tell us her daughters age! Next on the agenda, Mona asks the women if they have had surgery. Mimi, Erika, and Rasheeda state that they are au naturale and the audience is pretty accepting but it is when K. Michelle, Karlie Redd, and Joseline don’t admit they have butt implants that the audience calls them out. I mean we aren’t idiots and we are not blind!

Joceline’s history comes to haunt her as her former alias “Shenellica Betancourt” comes up. Shenellica Betancourt is the name that Joseline used to strip under at the tender age of sixteen. Shenellica and her mugshot becomes the hot topic and Joseline explains with ease that the pic is only one of many mugshots she has.

The questions keep rolling and a rather flamboyant audience member asks Karlie Redd of her affiliation with Cash Money. For those of you who don’t know, Karlie Redd claimed on a previous episode that her management is Cash Money and Mack Maine has since protested that statement. Karlie Redd answers that the VP of Cash Money is indeed her manager. We will see in the next few weeks if that is true or not via Twitter.

Smaller topics include the K. Michelle and Rasheeda beef, which gets pretty heated. The two bicker about whether or not K. Michelle’s story is fraudulent and Rasheeda gets rowdy when K. Michelle insults her and the alleged bags under her eyes. Mona also visits the beef between Scrappy and Stevie J where the guys fight over who won the fight during the season.

The first part of the reunion ends with questions about the infamous love triangle: Mimi, Joseline and Stevie J.  Joseline begins to show her real colors when she makes it pretty clear that she was with Stevie J for his money and his sex. The focus turns onto Joseline’s pregnancy and Stevie J is asked if he forced Joseline to get an abortion. His answer: “I made a suggestion.” Do any of you guys believe that? Joseline backs him up and claims that she wouldn’t have a baby for a man who has five kids. Right… You just said you was with him for the money and you’re saying you had the opportunity for some child support money and ain’t take it? B*tch please! Mona asks Stevie J if he and Joseline are dating and before he has a chance to answer, she ends the reunion, priming it for part 2.

Overall, I was expecting alot more heated fights but, by the looks of it, next week’s episode has a boat-load of them. Shay and Erika come face-to-face: the fight I have been waiting for. Also, next week it seems that Scrappy may be popping the question to Erika! FINALLY! Stay tuned for part 2 of “Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta” reunion.

"Mob Wives Chicago" Season Wrap-up

As you may know (by the absense of promotion for it), there will not a be a MWC reunion. This could be either a good or bad thing considering what kind of fan you are. If you thoroughly enjoyed the antics and bickering between the girls, you will be dissappointed in this fact. However, if you tuned into MWC to watch the catty side comments that the girls had to say about each other in the interviews, than you dodged a bullet with there being no reunion. I mean let’s be honest, the reunion would have been focused on the beef between Pia/ Renee vs. Nora and as I have expressed in previous blogs… I AM OVER IT!

So to quench your thirst for more MWC, I will be providing a season wrap up to give you guys one last taste of the five characters we love to hate and hate to love:

Overall, MWC was a perfect example of lightning not striking twice. Vh1 had a gem on their hands with the four original mob wives and each woman brought something to the screen that we were not used to seeing: Drita was the whoop-ass, Carla was the chill mobster mom, Renee was the drama queen, and Karen was the thug. Even with the new addition, Ramona (the b*tch/devil), Vh1 knew what they were doing. However, there was something that kept the MWC from being as successful as their predecessor; it could be the fact that none of the women were wives! As I’ve b*tched about time and time again, the show should have been called “Mob Daughters Chicago.” I mean the show wasn’t a complete bust; it provided us with some characters that we want to see more of and a couple that we won’t miss too dearly.

Whether there will be a MWC season two is definitely still in the air, however, the lack of completely craziness this season may have just been to prime us for the drama ahead. But does all characters deserve a spot on the next season of MWC? Well, vote on the side left bar for the ones you would want to see more of. Since I know you guys are wondering what we think of each of the characters, here is our character analysis of the women:

LEAH: She started off the season as being the one mob daughter who had something to prove: her Italian-ness. She threw in Italian words every here and there for no reason considering not a majority of the viewers know what any of it meant. Her tough demeanor let the viewers know that she was the muscle of the group, even though time and time again she proved otherwise. Leah is actually the only character that wasn’t involved in any fights this season. Could it be that she doesn’t believe in violence or she is all bark? We believe the latter considering every other sentence from her was a threat. We did warm up to Leah eventually but it was when she flip flopped in the matter with Nora where all respect was lost. To be honest, if Leah didn’t return for the second season, we wouldn’t miss her let alone remember her.

CHRISTINA: Before we delve into her analysis, please raise your hand if you know Christina’s real connection to the mob? If your answer is her father, you get an “F.” Her father, from what we heard, was a petty thief and had minimal relations with the mob. Let’s move beyond the fact that Christina isn’t a mob wife or mob daughter and let’s talk about her role on the show. The thirst was real when it came to Christina as she was the ultimate sh*t starter and instigator. The season opener involved a fight between Christina and Pia which occurred because Christina wasn’t okay with the fact that Pia had forgiven Nora so easily for statements Nora “allegedly” made. Then comes Christina’s dinner party where she instigates the entire fight between Nora, Pia, and Renee all while claiming she wanted a peaceful dinner. Due to the fact that Christina’s involvement with the mob may have been a tad exaggerated, the chances of her returning for a second season is slim to none. GREAT! Maybe now we can get a character who is actually connected to the mob. Hey, maybe even a WIFE!

PIA: From the beginning, Pia was our favorite character due to the fact that she was completely REAL! There is no other way to put it other than Pia was not an instigator, was not a drama queen, and was (for the most part) more focused on herself. I know what you are thinking, but sometimes we tend to (unnecessarily) give a bit more attention to those we hate. She always owned up to being a stripper and never downplayed it for anything else (like Nora did by saying she had only work there for 5 months). Another reason why we loved Pia, is because of her transition from the pole to film… photo film that is. We are surely hoping that Nora’s chances of coming back for a second season is 150% and possibly a chance for Pia’s daughter to get a step-daddy!

NORA: We spent time trying to figure out which is our least favorite… Nora or Christina. Nora won. Nora wasn’t always our least favorite; she began the season much like Pia did, humble and responsible. However, it was Nora’s effortless tendencies to burn bridges with each of the girls that rubbed us the wrong way. We did leave her a chance to make it up to us but it was when Nora claimed that Renee’s father raped her every night that we knew that we wouldn’t forgive her. I say the chances of Nora coming back are also slim to none due to the fact that much of her involvement in the show was in her search for her father’s body. Now that that’s solved, what more does she have to offer to the show? Her (un)witty humor? No. See ya Nora, maybe you shoulda made friends with the two best characters in the show, not fought them.

RENEE: She was definitely the fan favorite even though she came second to Pia in our books. Renee started off as our least favorite character due to her ability to JUDGE everything in her path., specifically, Pia. She slowly started to impress us episode by episode with her middle-aged humor and through realizing her ways, apologizing and making it up to her. We also loved her sneaky and conniving ways when she was up against Nora. Renee rose in our charts and became a fan favorite, becoming an anchor on the show and will more than likely be featured on the second season of the episode.

While the show wasn’t a huge hit such as the original “Mob Wives” or other shows such as “Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta,” however, its failure to deliver comparable drama this season only leaves room for more next season (and hopefully some replacement cast members).Comment below on your thoughts of the MWC and whether  you think there should be a new season.