Recap: "Girlfriend Confidential LA" Episode 2

Oh, this episode of GCLA had my neck rolling both left and right! Things are definitely starting to get rowdy amongst the girls and contrary to popular belief, it isn’t just lipstick and cocktails with these ladies. The group dynamic and friendships are definitely tested this episode, however, like true friends the girls stick through it. *Group Hug Y’all!*

Ok, let’s get into the nitty gritty of the episode. The girls gather at Eva’s house in preparation for a red carpet event for OK! Magazine and Eva fills the girls in with the events that transpired in New York, specifically, the absence of Eva’s boyfriend Anthony. She tells the girls that Anthony missed his flight to New York due to oversleeping after attending a Grammy event. Much to my surprise (and Eva’s) the girls were not as hard on Anthony as she thought they would be. This may be because of the fact that Anthony has been making it up to Eva by throwing down some g’s… Gifts that is.

After attending the OK! Magazine red carpet (Oh, so fabulously might I add), Eva invites Denyce and Kelly over and surprises them by announcing she is going back to rocking her platinum blonde hair. Kelly LOVES the idea and cheers Eva’s decision on, while Denyce has a slightly different response. Denyce warns Eva that with the upcoming pilot season, dying her hair to such a color so unnatural for Eva is a big mistake. This concern of Denyce’s is also a concern of Eva’s manager and becomes a problem later on when Eva is asked at an audition if it was possible to change her hair color!

Nikki invites the girls to a party in celebration for the completion of decorating football player’s Terell Owens, a.k.a. T.O.,  house. The girls are all pumped except for, you guessed it, Denyce. Denyce expresses to the girls that she feels uncomfortable going to T.O.’s party because she and T.O. were friends for over 10 years until T.O. unexpectedly dropped Denyce. We’re talking no phone calls and deletion off BBM, Facebook, and Twitter… OH NO, HE DIDN’T! Denyce eventually becomes a team player and agrees to go to the party.

The girls arrive at the party and the party host T.O. greets everyone but Denyce! They eventually cross paths and give each other the most awkward hug I’ve seen. Denyce tries her hardest to hold her tongue as much as possible but eventually calls T.O. out for not speaking to her anymore. Like a man who just got caught cheating, T.O. was hymning and hawing and gives her some crazy excuse!

Denyce calling T.O. out becomes a problem for Eva that she addresses at dinner the next evening. Eva (rightfully) thinks that Denyce should not have called T.O. out in his home at his event that was created in celebration for Nikki’s work. There is obviously tension between Eva and Denyce because of this , however, the girls put this aside for Eva’s upcoming barbeque. Eva invites old friends and new friends over to her home for the barbeque and one of the invited is Kelly’s neighbor, Shawn. Shawn caught the attention of Denyce via Facebook… and Google… and Twitter.

Also amongst the invited is Eva’s old friend Stephanie who stirs up some trouble when she tells Eva, “Denyce f*cks everybody.” Denyce hears her, too! Oh the sh*t hits the fan as Denyce grabs her phone and makes a phone call to a mutual friend of Stephanie and hers to find out what Stephanie has been hearing about her. I think this is a good move on Denyce’s part because Denyce is perfectly liable of blowing up on Stephanie but took the mature route and excused herself. The other guests didn’t think that this was a good move and reprimand Denyce for blowing up on the phone the way that she did (even though she did it in private). Denyce tries to flee the scene but is held back by Eva and Stephanie who try to understand what is going on and the party guests all raise their eyebrows about Denyce’s antics.

Oh Denyce, we feel you. Next week is going to get even more hectic for Denyce as she receives an intervention from the girls about her “problems.” That should be interesting!


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