Recap: "Bad Girls Club" Episode 9

Andrea… you’re up! Time to prove just how bad of a bad girl you really are! For those of you who watched this week’s episode, how do you think she did? If you ask me, Andrea proved that she is tougher and has a stronger mind than all of those girls put together. Rima already proved to us viewers that she is weaker than everyone in the house, becoming a pawn in Julie’s game of chess and Falen being a mere bishop. The girls are all on the hunt for a new victim now that Mehgan is out of the house and they have their eyes on Andrea.

Why Andrea? Well, during a night out partying, Andrea ends up flirting with Rima’s man Ricky J making her the easiest target in the house. Zuly decides to remain the neutral party in the house and focuses her attention on trying to turn Rima out! When the girls return to the house, Andrea warns Rima about her man Ricky J pushing up on her at the club. Rima, of course, does not believe a thing out of Andrea’s mouth and instead rallies the girls and try to push Andrea out of the house. What a weak b*tch! Rima, if you had that “good good” like you claim you do, you wouldn’t have felt so threatened by Andrea!

I digress. Another round of partying leaves an open ground for trouble as Rima gets jealous when Zuly makes out with another girl in the club. I don’t even know what to say about this other than Rima likes to get around. She is playing Zuly making it seem like she is interested in her by getting mad when Zuly pursues other girls but pushes Zuly away as soon as Ricky J comes around. This night also ends in even more trouble when the house bookkeeper, Julie, has a problem with the amount that Andrea tips at the club. This fight is brought back to the house because Andrea won’t drop the fact that she just got called “cheap.” Rima is the first to confront Andrea to her face trying to assert her dominance by being loud and telling Andrea that she has kicked 3 girls out of the house victoriously.


Also, am I the only one that thought Rima looked like such a… dare I say it… “wankster” hollering in Andrea’s face? You are not a thug Rima, get over it. Ugh. The fight between Rima and Andrea fuels Ashley to stand up for her best friend (the one who screwed her over last episode) and Ashley begins a screaming match with Andrea. After Ashley pushes Andrea, Andrea decides to hit Ashley with a low blow and calls her a “fat sl*t.” It’s funny how Ashley whimpers away after this statement and is no longer into yelling and screaming.

The girls have to suck all the drama from the previous night in as they perform for the Pink Kitty (again) to redeem themselves from a horrifyingly embarrassing performance. The performance was much better than last time and Andrea kills it on the pole! After the performance, Zuly confesses her love for Rima and tells Rima that she is jealous of Ricky J. Not only does Rima not tell Zuly how she feels, but Rima tells Ricky J what Zuly confided in her and has a laugh with Ricky J about Zuly. Oh my goodness, Rima is really working my last nerve.

Nights and nights of torment on Andrea seemed to really be taking a toll on Rima leading her to meet Andrea outside after Andrea returns from doing some errands. Rima offers Andrea a peace offering and tells Andrea that she will be calling a house meeting the next day and expects Andrea to apologize to Ashley for her “fat sl*t” statement and apologize to the rest of the girls. Thankfully, Andrea is much smarter than that and realizes that this move by Rima is all just a ploy. Seems like Andrea’s instinct is correct because in the next episode it seems like the girls are still relentless in their journey to get Andrea out of the house!


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