Recap: "Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta" Reunion Part 2

Mona Scott-Young did not skip a beat and picked up right where she left off with the question to Stevie J: “Are you and Joseline in a relationship?” In typical Stevie J fashion, he completely dances around the question and only answers “no” when commanded to simply answer the question. After his answer, Joseline makes it clear (repeatedly) that she was and is interested in Stevie for his sex and his money. When Joseline tries to accuse Mimi of being with Stevie for the same reason, Mimi states that not only was she with Stevie J before he had anything but that Joseline was also with him when he was financially down because Stevie was driving Joseline’s car when they first met. OH! So Stevie J is broke?! I guess Stevie was riding the bus not driving the bus! HA!

The next threesome of the season (Erica, Scrappy and Shay) come up next and after reviewing Scrappy’s antics this season, the two women get to attacking! Things get explosive on set as the two women refuse to let the other speak on the matter. In the yelling, Shay manages to try to diss Erica’s hair bun. Pretty bold of her considering Shay showed up to the taping of the reunion with a shaved cat on her head. Mona has to wrangle the girls up in order to allow Scrappy to speak and when he does speak, Shay gets a rude awakening. While admitting that he does still love his FRIEND Shay, in the same breath, Scrappy makes it very clear that the woman that he wants to be with is Erica. I mean that makes sense considering that’s the only woman in the two. His confession sends Shay over the edge and Shay, enraged, storms of the stage. Perfect timing, though, because I don’t think Shay would be able to stomach Scrappy’s proposal to Erica! YES CHILDDDD! Scrappy finally grows up, realized what he had and proposes to Erica! Backstage, Shay watches in grief as the two celebrate their engagement. (We won’t mention the fact that instead of the classic “Will you marry me?” Scrappy chose the more modern “Is you going to marry a n*gga?” line).

For some ODD reason, Mona began to ask questions about Benzino and Karlie Redd’s… as if we care? Mona asks Karlie Redd about the events that occurred the night that Benzino [didn’t] propose and Karlie Redd lets the audience know (while staring into the camera) that she caught a butt-naked woman in his place the same night. Am I the only one who thought Karlie Redd was reading lines? It could be because Karlie Redd kept stumbling over words and quickly correcting herself.

The episode wraps up with a couple of questions from the audience (paraphrased):

To Stevie: Do you think that rat face you make is cute? 
Stevie: *Does rat face* [unanswered].

To Momma Dee: What type of grandmother pole dances?(In reference to pole dancing video below)
Momma Dee: …Seems like the pole does a body good.

To K. Michelle: How many receipts must a person have to get respect from you?
K. Michelle: More than Karlie Redd; Just have a wikipedia page.

To Stevie: Where is your car Stevie J? It seems like you are always walking.
Stevie: I didn’t have a car, I’m not afraid to say it. Now I got a check, therefore, I have a car.

To Mimi: You only dropped off 3 boxes of Stevie’s stuff? After 15 years, is that all he had? 
Mimi: If I dropped off all his stuff, I would have had to call a mover.

Mona ends the reunion perfectly by letting us viewers know that not only will LHHATL be returning for a season 2 but the original “Love and Hip-Hop” will be airing its season 3 next January. I know what you are thinking: “What am I supposed to do on Monday’s now?” Well, I asked myself the same question and to our relief “Basketball Wives: LA” premieres next Monday! Of course, Da Boss Is Speakin will be recapping episodes of BBWLA!


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  1. “Pretty bold considering Shay showed up to the taping of the reunion with a shaved cat on her head.” LOL! Poor Shay, she should have known Scrappy would not leave Erica especially with child support lingering over his head. I missed part two of the reunion because of my new work schedule at Dish. I did record this episode on my Hopper, and have resisted the urge to watch it online. I’m so glad “Basketball Wives: LA” is beginning. I will add this show to my 2,000 hours of recording space. This will keep me occupied until they bring back “Love and Hip Hop: New York.”

  2. Well, I like to keep things pretty bold on Da Boss Is Speakin. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you plan on tuning in for the episode recaps for BBWLA… I am just as pumped as you are for the new season!

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