"Girlfriend Confidential: LA" Premieres Monday!

Man, oh man! The newest addition to the Oxygen Network family, “Girlfriend Confidential: LA”, premieres this Monday and to say the very least: I AM PUMPED! Besides the fact that these women are super gorgeous, I am excited to see what they have to offer to my Monday night line up. I mean, with the “Bad Girls Club” being in full swing, these girls have some big stillettos to fill. The series follow four independent women in their pursuit love, success and friendship. Each woman has their own sass to bring to the show:

Eva Marcille: We all know the platinum blonde-haired diva as ‘Eva the Diva’ from her debut on “America’s Next Top Model” Season 3 but now-a-days we can catch Miss Eva making waves with her many guest roles on television and follow her on this show as she continues to pursue a career in acting. Eva wants to make it clear: she is not just a model. Besides the chic wardrobe and fierce pumps, Eva is looking to prove that this girl is multidimensional! I mean, this wouldn’t be the first time Eva went against the odds… Remember she was the little tomboy from L.A. that is blazing runways today! With her girls by her side and a man behind her back, there’s no limits to what Eva can achieve!

Nikki Chu: Speaking of multidimensional, this fashion designer has accomplished things thus far that other fashion designers can only dream of. With a resume that would blow Trump’s toupee right off, Nikki Chu has dabbled her hand not only in fashion, but in interior design as well. After doing some extensive research on Miss Chu, her online portfolio (www.nikkichu.com) put to rest any reservations I had about her being the next Martha Stewart. This independent woman will be blessing our screens with her style soon and *hopefully* teaches us a thing or two about fashion!

Denyce Lawton: If you are ever wondering what “unstoppable” looks like, she is most likely rocking her Louboutins and goes by the name of Denyce Lawton. Surviving a broken engagement and the lost of her brother, the “House of Payne” actress is using her setbacks to fuel her drive to the top. With the girls supporting her endeavors, Lawton will be a household name by the season finale!

Kelly Marie Dunn: If her nickname “Pink Piranha” describes how Miss Dunn is, we will have a fiesty diva who isn’t afraid to bite all while looking cute doing it. Miss Dunn’s resume includes day-to-day product manager for the one and only Lady Gaga as well as being voted #1 in the “Best Consultant/ Strategist” category for the National Association of Record Industry Professionals. Now, Miss Dunn is keeping herself busy with her established career and working her way to the top seat!

Now, I will be honest. I wasn’t too sure what to make of this new series, however, after watching the exclusive sneak peek videos (available below), I will definitely be tuned in every week! I was scared that this show would be a snoozer like “Hollywood Exes”, but this show had more action in a couple of previews than “Hollywood Exes” had in 10 full episodes! It could be that these four woman are 1/2 the age of the women on “Hollywood Exes”. FINALLY! A show where women can argue without throwing drinks or hitting each other and an exhibition of true friendship without the foolishness.

The new season of “Girlfriend Confidential: LA” premieres Monday so tune in to Da Boss Is Speakin for the season premiere recap!


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