Recap: "Bad Girls Club" Episode 7

Can I just say that I thoroughly enjoyed this episode? I loved seeing Julie so insecure about herself. Not only because I can’t stand her, but because now I understand why she is such a b*tch! There was a major disappointment during this episode that has left me skeptical about the rest of the season and whether or not I will be tuned in for it. 

The major disappointment: Christina getting removed from the house. Not only did Oxygen remove Erika, but now they removed Christina which, to me, makes absolutely no sense. I know fans, like me, tuned into Bad Girls Club mostly for these two girls. Now we are left with all of the weak girls in the house. Christina was ejected from the house after the fight (which began towards the end of the previous episode) with Rima. The fight was arguably the best fight of the season simply because the fight was pretty equal. For the most part, other fights in the season have been a clear win or loss due to one girl’s ability to whoop a** more than her opponent. For example, Christina vs. Julie and Rima vs. Erika were two no-brainers because they were unfair matches. The Rima and Christina fight, however, could have gone 12 rounds! Sadly, there was only two. In the first round, Christina initiates the fight by one clean hit to Rima’s face. This move was apparently poking a sleeping bear because Rima gets an advantage by locking Christina in a head lock and wins the first round. The girls are split up but are not finish as the girls go in for another round. This time Christina gets the advantage as the girls tumble to the ground and Christina gets a chance to kick Rima repeatedly in her FACE! Rima, being the weakling that she is, does the ultimate b*tch move and BITES Christina on her leg. Who does that?! 

Once the girls break up, Christina is called by producers and is told that she must go home. Oxygen must be going for a weaker approach this season because they let go of the two strongest girls already! Rima basks in the dismissal of Christina and states in the confessional that she has victory. Uh Rima, if you think getting smacked and stomped left and right across people’s television every Monday at 10pm is victorious… to each its own! 

The girls all go out for a night on the town and is approached by staff of the Pink Kitty (the club that they were in) and are asked to do a choreographed dance. The girls all agree yet once they get to rehearsals the next day, things go awry as self-conscious Julie feels that she looks stupid doing the dance due to her weight. 

Dear Julie, 

You do not look stupid dancing because you are overweight. You look stupid dancing because you ARE stupid and have no rhythm. 


After running out during rehearsals to weep and sob, Julie is quasi-comforted by her minion Falen. Her other minion, Mehgan, does not fall for Julie’s cry for attention and calls Julie out for being rude to their dance instructor. This is the first time this season, I believe, that I have ever agreed with that Mehgan has said. This leads to tension between Mehgan and Julie which, as always, causes Julie to turn on her own friend. The gears in Julie’s head get to turning and she turns Falen against Mehgan by telling Falen all the things that Mehgan has said about Falen throughout their time there. She, of course, omits all the things that she has said about Falen or that she agreed with Mehgan in all the things that she has said. 

The girls prepare for their dance at the Pink Kitty and nothing helps prepare for a choreographed dance than…liquor. Minutes before they have to perform, the girls get heavily inebriated and lead to one of the biggest trainwrecks on television since Joseline Hernandez (LHHATL). The P.A.Bs (Mehgan, Julie and Falen) all go out to a personal dinner although there is tension between Falen/Julie and Mehgan. Mehgan senses this tensions but continues to irk the girls by calling Julie out on her drinking and calling her rude. Once the girls get to the house, Mehgan comes up with a fool-proof method to stopping all the hate in the house: Everyone stops talking sh*t about each other. This BIGGEST sh*t-talker in the house now senses that she is being talked about and now she feels that talking smack is a bad idea. This sounded like the most hypocritical and ridiculous coming from Mehgan’s mouth until she said that “being fake my skin crawls.” B*tch, you must like the feeling of skin crawling because all you are is FAKE! 

Let me calm down. Mehgan continues to give the other girls a reason to hate her as she sits Julie down and tells her that she has a problem with Julie always spotting Falen for cash when they come out. Once again, Mehgan is putting her nose in business that isn’t hers. Reporter Julie, of course, tells Falen everything that Mehgan which riles Falen up. Once Mehgan comes out to talk to the girls, Falen confronts her and the episode ends. Oh how you tease us, Oxygen!

Next week’s episode continues the confrontation between Falen and Mehgan and, the episode that we have been waiting for, the biggest fight of the season: Mehgan vs. Rima AND Falen. From the preview on the first episode, it seemed like Mehgan won but let’s see how that fight pans out next week!

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