Recap: "Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta" Reunion Part 1

The reunion for “Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta” premiered tonight and its host and producer, Mona Scott-Young, delves into the major questions that has been everyone’s mind. No one is safe during the this reunion:

Mona Scott-Young begins the reunion by letting us know that the show was not scripted… I was hoping that it was because this whole thing was f*cked up. Mona wastes no time in asking Karlie Redd how old she is and she makes it clear that… she is not telling her age. Now I am really thinking this bitch is old because she won’t tell her age! If she wasn’t there would be no reason to hide it. She wouldn’t even tell us her daughters age! Next on the agenda, Mona asks the women if they have had surgery. Mimi, Erika, and Rasheeda state that they are au naturale and the audience is pretty accepting but it is when K. Michelle, Karlie Redd, and Joseline don’t admit they have butt implants that the audience calls them out. I mean we aren’t idiots and we are not blind!

Joceline’s history comes to haunt her as her former alias “Shenellica Betancourt” comes up. Shenellica Betancourt is the name that Joseline used to strip under at the tender age of sixteen. Shenellica and her mugshot becomes the hot topic and Joseline explains with ease that the pic is only one of many mugshots she has.

The questions keep rolling and a rather flamboyant audience member asks Karlie Redd of her affiliation with Cash Money. For those of you who don’t know, Karlie Redd claimed on a previous episode that her management is Cash Money and Mack Maine has since protested that statement. Karlie Redd answers that the VP of Cash Money is indeed her manager. We will see in the next few weeks if that is true or not via Twitter.

Smaller topics include the K. Michelle and Rasheeda beef, which gets pretty heated. The two bicker about whether or not K. Michelle’s story is fraudulent and Rasheeda gets rowdy when K. Michelle insults her and the alleged bags under her eyes. Mona also visits the beef between Scrappy and Stevie J where the guys fight over who won the fight during the season.

The first part of the reunion ends with questions about the infamous love triangle: Mimi, Joseline and Stevie J.  Joseline begins to show her real colors when she makes it pretty clear that she was with Stevie J for his money and his sex. The focus turns onto Joseline’s pregnancy and Stevie J is asked if he forced Joseline to get an abortion. His answer: “I made a suggestion.” Do any of you guys believe that? Joseline backs him up and claims that she wouldn’t have a baby for a man who has five kids. Right… You just said you was with him for the money and you’re saying you had the opportunity for some child support money and ain’t take it? B*tch please! Mona asks Stevie J if he and Joseline are dating and before he has a chance to answer, she ends the reunion, priming it for part 2.

Overall, I was expecting alot more heated fights but, by the looks of it, next week’s episode has a boat-load of them. Shay and Erika come face-to-face: the fight I have been waiting for. Also, next week it seems that Scrappy may be popping the question to Erika! FINALLY! Stay tuned for part 2 of “Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta” reunion.


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  1. I do believe Kay ass is real!!! But the other two straight implants

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