"Mob Wives Chicago" Season Wrap-up

As you may know (by the absense of promotion for it), there will not a be a MWC reunion. This could be either a good or bad thing considering what kind of fan you are. If you thoroughly enjoyed the antics and bickering between the girls, you will be dissappointed in this fact. However, if you tuned into MWC to watch the catty side comments that the girls had to say about each other in the interviews, than you dodged a bullet with there being no reunion. I mean let’s be honest, the reunion would have been focused on the beef between Pia/ Renee vs. Nora and as I have expressed in previous blogs… I AM OVER IT!

So to quench your thirst for more MWC, I will be providing a season wrap up to give you guys one last taste of the five characters we love to hate and hate to love:

Overall, MWC was a perfect example of lightning not striking twice. Vh1 had a gem on their hands with the four original mob wives and each woman brought something to the screen that we were not used to seeing: Drita was the whoop-ass, Carla was the chill mobster mom, Renee was the drama queen, and Karen was the thug. Even with the new addition, Ramona (the b*tch/devil), Vh1 knew what they were doing. However, there was something that kept the MWC from being as successful as their predecessor; it could be the fact that none of the women were wives! As I’ve b*tched about time and time again, the show should have been called “Mob Daughters Chicago.” I mean the show wasn’t a complete bust; it provided us with some characters that we want to see more of and a couple that we won’t miss too dearly.

Whether there will be a MWC season two is definitely still in the air, however, the lack of completely craziness this season may have just been to prime us for the drama ahead. But does all characters deserve a spot on the next season of MWC? Well, vote on the side left bar for the ones you would want to see more of. Since I know you guys are wondering what we think of each of the characters, here is our character analysis of the women:

LEAH: She started off the season as being the one mob daughter who had something to prove: her Italian-ness. She threw in Italian words every here and there for no reason considering not a majority of the viewers know what any of it meant. Her tough demeanor let the viewers know that she was the muscle of the group, even though time and time again she proved otherwise. Leah is actually the only character that wasn’t involved in any fights this season. Could it be that she doesn’t believe in violence or she is all bark? We believe the latter considering every other sentence from her was a threat. We did warm up to Leah eventually but it was when she flip flopped in the matter with Nora where all respect was lost. To be honest, if Leah didn’t return for the second season, we wouldn’t miss her let alone remember her.

CHRISTINA: Before we delve into her analysis, please raise your hand if you know Christina’s real connection to the mob? If your answer is her father, you get an “F.” Her father, from what we heard, was a petty thief and had minimal relations with the mob. Let’s move beyond the fact that Christina isn’t a mob wife or mob daughter and let’s talk about her role on the show. The thirst was real when it came to Christina as she was the ultimate sh*t starter and instigator. The season opener involved a fight between Christina and Pia which occurred because Christina wasn’t okay with the fact that Pia had forgiven Nora so easily for statements Nora “allegedly” made. Then comes Christina’s dinner party where she instigates the entire fight between Nora, Pia, and Renee all while claiming she wanted a peaceful dinner. Due to the fact that Christina’s involvement with the mob may have been a tad exaggerated, the chances of her returning for a second season is slim to none. GREAT! Maybe now we can get a character who is actually connected to the mob. Hey, maybe even a WIFE!

PIA: From the beginning, Pia was our favorite character due to the fact that she was completely REAL! There is no other way to put it other than Pia was not an instigator, was not a drama queen, and was (for the most part) more focused on herself. I know what you are thinking, but sometimes we tend to (unnecessarily) give a bit more attention to those we hate. She always owned up to being a stripper and never downplayed it for anything else (like Nora did by saying she had only work there for 5 months). Another reason why we loved Pia, is because of her transition from the pole to film… photo film that is. We are surely hoping that Nora’s chances of coming back for a second season is 150% and possibly a chance for Pia’s daughter to get a step-daddy!

NORA: We spent time trying to figure out which is our least favorite… Nora or Christina. Nora won. Nora wasn’t always our least favorite; she began the season much like Pia did, humble and responsible. However, it was Nora’s effortless tendencies to burn bridges with each of the girls that rubbed us the wrong way. We did leave her a chance to make it up to us but it was when Nora claimed that Renee’s father raped her every night that we knew that we wouldn’t forgive her. I say the chances of Nora coming back are also slim to none due to the fact that much of her involvement in the show was in her search for her father’s body. Now that that’s solved, what more does she have to offer to the show? Her (un)witty humor? No. See ya Nora, maybe you shoulda made friends with the two best characters in the show, not fought them.

RENEE: She was definitely the fan favorite even though she came second to Pia in our books. Renee started off as our least favorite character due to her ability to JUDGE everything in her path., specifically, Pia. She slowly started to impress us episode by episode with her middle-aged humor and through realizing her ways, apologizing and making it up to her. We also loved her sneaky and conniving ways when she was up against Nora. Renee rose in our charts and became a fan favorite, becoming an anchor on the show and will more than likely be featured on the second season of the episode.

While the show wasn’t a huge hit such as the original “Mob Wives” or other shows such as “Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta,” however, its failure to deliver comparable drama this season only leaves room for more next season (and hopefully some replacement cast members).Comment below on your thoughts of the MWC and whether  you think there should be a new season.


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