Recap: "Bad Girls Club" Episode 6

I hate Julie. I repeat. I HATE Julie. I don’t use that word too lightly because it is a strong word, but I don’t understand how someone can be so manipulative and disgusting. I just hope EVERYONE whoops her a** during the reunion once they get a whiff of all the BS she’s been pulling all season. Whew. Let’s get down to the recap:

Mehgan, Falen, and Julie are being their typical hater selves, hating on everything about the new girl Andrea but once Mehgan realizes that Andrea moved some of Mehgan’s things, the three decided to take matters into their own hands (kinda). Instead of confronting Andrea directly (like real women do), Mehgan calls upon her minions to plot and write “Don’t start drama that you can’t finish” on her picture. Really? P.A.Bs. Once Andrea comes home and finds this writing on her picture, she confronts the three and, of course, the chihuahua of the three (Julie) gets into a barking match with Andrea. I mean that’s all she knows how to do. Andrea directly challenges the three and asks them “are you going to hit me?”… and they do nothing. Weak a**es.

The girls all go out to party except for Mehgan and Julie. Falen seems to be pulling the most guys which prompts Christina to ask “how do you get all the guys?” WHO ASKS THAT?! Better question: WHAT BAD GIRL ASKS THAT? Of course, this one moment of vulnerability on Christina’s part leaves it open for Falen to call her weak. One slip up and the girl is weak. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

There is a definite divide between the girls as the whole house (except for Andrea) go against Christina after her blow up in La Paz. Rima (who, to me, is looking like the weakest of them all) stupidly bonds with the same girls who tortures her in the beginning and listen to them as they create lies about Christina. For example, Julie tells Rima that it was Christina who put water in her foundation, not Mehgan, as Christina told her. IT WAS MEHGAN! This, along with other lies, leave Rima boiling and pissed at Christina but she says nothing to Christina’s face. Weak.

Christina and Andrea, both, have some (un)noteworthy fights with their guys. Of course, these are not the showdowns we tune in for. The showdown we DO tune in for is between Christina and Rima this episode, as Christina gets tired of Rima’s side eye-ing her. Christina confronts Rima and the two get into a fight where Christina knocks Rima’s block off….

The episode ends here and I would love to say see you guys next week for the next episode’s recap, however, but Oxygen has been pretty finicky with their scheduling and episode premieres. Rumor has it that the Episode 7 of BGC will be three weeks from now. I guess I will see you guys then!

By the way… either Rima and Christina go home next week due to this episode’s fight!



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  1. Rumor has it that CHRISTINA is the one to go who which makes since considering she's the one who threw the first punch. I guess we will see in three weeks!

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