Recap: "Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta" Season Finale

The season finale of “Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta” was not as eventful but seem to have been used to prime the viewers for a possible season 2 of LHHATL! The scenes were pretty scattered and hopped from character to character so excuse me if this recap is in that same format:

The episode begins with Erika and Scrappy talking over their problems. Both of them seem to have really thought things over and were speaking as if they really had their hearts open, especially Scrappy. I guess he got the h*e out of his system. He still didn’t really admit that him and Shay had something going on but, as Erika said, you can look at Shay and see “SL*T BUCKET!” I love Erika and I really don’t think she should get back together with Scrappy.  Karlie Redd meets up with Roscoe Dash in order to talk about possibly doing a song together but she couldn’t keep her h*e ways under wraps for too long. Karlie Redd was outright flirting with Roscoe Dash knowing that she had Benzino, telling Roscoe Dash that her relationship with Benzino is on the rocks. Uhh, does Benzino know this?

TV’s hottest threesome (Mimi, Stevie and Joseline) meet up in a counseling session again except Stevie J walked in with a completely different demeanor. To start, he came in wearing a “I Am God” t-shirt.  Oh goodness, Stevie J and Joseline made a bit of a mockery of the session as Joseline admits that she accepts Stevie as he is. She tells the therapist that Stevie has had sex with her best friend, in her bed… while she was watching. This h*e… Stevie J suggests that the two women are riding his coat tails and he calls the shots. Right… From here, Mimi makes the decision that she no longer wants to associate with Stevie J anymore. Too bad Mimi is the boy who cried wolf because we’ve been hearing this tune since episode 1.

Stevie J calls Joseline into the studio to possibly due a song with his new artist “Che Mack” but things go awry when Joseline walks in just as Stevie J was rubbing on her arms. This sets Joseline off which is completely ridiculous. Joseline… that’s how he got you. What made you think that he wasn’t doing that with the next girl? Benzino calls Karlie Redd to meet him in a restaurant where the fool actually… PROPOSES (kinda). The words “will you marry me?” was actually never said, and when Karlie Redd asks if he was ready, his response was to “no.” Oh, it gets worst. Not only did he take the ring away, he also dumped her on site! Oh, this fool is cold-blooded! Rasheeda and Kirk have a beautiful ceremony in which they renew their friends in front of their friends and family.

The episode wraps up by giving a quick synopsis of each of the characters:

Stevie J: still a perv whipping his lil Stevie out on women he bring to the studio.
Mimi: busying herself with her daughter and business.
Joseline: is delusional and think she is a pop star instead of just a stripper off the pole. NEWS FLASH: you are the second one.
Erika: moving into a new house alone but working on herself.
Scrappy: still a basic n*gga whose actions are dictated my his momma.
Karlie Redd: hopped on the next guy’s d*ck, Roscoe Dash.
K. Michelle: still telling her story even though no one is listening.
Rasheeda: on the rise and having a great relationship.

Can’t wait for the Reunion which I will be providing a recap for as well (of course). Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for a season two but Mona Scott-Young would be a complete idiot if she didn’t make one!



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