Recap: "Mob Wives Chicago" Season Finale

The Season Finale of “Mob Wives Chicago” premiered last night and it was definitely not what I was expecting. There was no big season finale fight, no “to be continued” scenes, nothing. I mean, I was definitely tuned in intently to see what occurred with Nora and her exhuming her father’s body but other than that… the show was more boring than the rest of season.

Throughout the episode, the girls (minus Nora) go on an all day boating trip where, for the first time in the season, the girls all get along and are all smiles and laughs. It was weird not to have lingering animosity between the girls. While out on the trip, Nora and Renee both did a great job of not going off on rants about Nora. However, leave it to Leah and Christina, who have been complaining ALL season about Renee and Pia’s inability to let the Nora beef go, to bring up her name and basically force the two to talk about her. Even when Pia tried to change the subject after Christina brought up Nora, Christina went back to the topic and forced a response out of her. Ugh, I am completely over Christina.

Meanwhile, Nora is dealing with the B.S. from the funeral home where her father is “buried” and is given the run around. After a battle that took years to conquer, Nora finally got the court order to exhume her father’s body. All her work was almost deemed futile when she was met at the funeral home gate by police who arrested Nora for investigation! After being released (because there was no case), Nora finally was able to get within feet of what is supposed to be her father’s casket, but was advised not to look in due to the level of decomposition of the body. Nora was about to give up until the pathologist deemed it impossible to determine if the body was her father, “The German”, or not. She finally gets to look at the body and is also unable to identify her father. We learn upon the ending of this episode that after referring to some dental records, the body is her father. I am genuinely glad that Nora got some closure on that matter.

Well guys, it has been a great season (kinda) and it has all ended. I am not too sure yet if there will be a reunion show or if there will be a second season, however, I hope if there is a reunion show so that Pia and Renee can hash things out so that season 2 has fresh new fights!

Should there be a season 2 of “Mob Wives Chicago”?


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