Oprah Interviews Rihanna!

Last night was the premiere of the hyped-up Oprah Winfrey interview with Rihanna. Oprah visits Riri’s homeland Barbados to discuss life, love and fame with the star and is given a personal tour of the island. Well to begin with this commentary, I will say watching this interview did bore me half to death but, sadly, the most entertaining part of the interview was when Oprah started to get into some questions about Chris Brown.

While watching this interview I couldn’t help but think… This isn’t the potty-mouth nymphomaniac we are used to. It was like watching a stripper behave in church. Okay guys, I am going to try not to be so hard on her. Oprah began to ask Rihanna about her Gran Gran Dolly and in her responses, my heart went out to her because you could see that she was really hurt by the lost of her grandma. She actually broke down a couple of times in trying to recount stories about her Gran Gran Dolly. I guess the “Hard” singer is really actually soft. Her softness actually becomes pretty apparent when she gushes about Chris Brown…but we will get to that in a second.

Oprah’s next round of questions delved into who Rihanna really is. She asked how did Rihanna become so comfortable with being sexy and Rihanna’s response was that was “fakes” it. I almost booked my flight to Barbados and called that girl out myself. If Rihanna has been faking this “sexiness” the whole time… I will never believe another word that comes out of her mouth. I would possibly believe that if she was only provocative in videos and songs, but Rihanna’s twitter account lets us know that this raunchiness is not only because “sex sells.”

Now, the hard hitting questioning about CHRIS BROWN. To be honest, this whole part of the interview enraged me and pissed me off ridiculously. When Rihanna confessed that when the incident occurred, she was more concerned with how the media was going to treat Chris Brown and that Chris Brown just needed help, I thought one thing:

Hi, Rihanna?… Ummm, this was your face. If you were more concerned with yourself, maybe this could have been avoided. I am definitely not trying to minimize what happened to Rihanna and I understand someone being selfless but this girl was beaten senseless and her first thought was concern for her abuser? Let’s just attribute that confession to her being so young and not knowing any better. Moving on, Rihanna also admits that Chris Brown was the love of her life and that they are now “close” friends. This is another concept I am going to need some help with: people can forgive but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they need to be in your space. Things began to make more sense when Rihanna admitted that in order to forgive Chris Brown she had to fix her relationship with her father. All my judgement was pushed to the side because I understand how crucial it is for a young woman to have a great relationship with her dad and that relationship is fundamental to who the woman is as a person.

From here, the interview gets a little boring as Rihanna takes Oprah around Barbados and shows Oprah the place she called home for all of her childhood until she was discovered. The interview ends with Rihanna surprising her mother with a large, BEAUTIFUL home in Barbados. Her mother was definitely more happy with the fact that her first house guest was Oprah rather than the fact that she just got a HUGE home courtesy of her daughter.

Conclusion: I definitely went to the interview skeptical about how it would turn out. I do still believe that Rihanna wasn’t being herself and she is a lot more provocative and raunchy than she made it seem. I still think that Rihanna’s comments about Chris Brown were completely asinine but considering that she has had such a rocky relationship with her father, it is understandable. She is just a lost and hurt individual. Despite anything I have said on this blog, though, the b*tch makes great music and she is an artist I hate to love!

R.I.P. Gran Gran Dolly.


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