Yeah Boy Ent. Does It Again: Sxmmxr Jxmz Vol. 2 Mixtape Released!

Just as I am in the middle of wearing out the first volume… Yeah Boy Ent. releases the second volume of their compilation mixtape: Sxmmxr Jxmz Vol. 2. Yeah Boy found a way to top its prior volume by adding more laid back tracks as we all end our summers while still incorporating the tracks you want to blast it. 
Before I continue, make sure to download the first volume of Sxmmer Jxmz here
As you can see from the tracklist above, this mixtape allows listeners to take a breather from the mainstream “rap,” and listen to the newest up-and-coming underground artists. I mean, I know we are all tired of hearing from Lil Wayne and the rest of the same artists we hear on the radio over (and over) again. One artist that specifically stood out to me in listening to this mixtape is Shawn Chrystopher who is featured a couple of times in the mixtape and chill lyrics make you want to light one and float. 
Want to know what the hype is about? Download Sxmmxr Jxmz Vol. 2 HERE for FREE and come back here and tell us what you think of it! 

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