Recap: "Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta" Episode 9

This season is definitely winding down to a big finale. Tonight’s episode only had a few remarkable moments but it will definitely be made up next week in the season finale. We will get to that in a second!

This episode begins where the last episode ended and for those of you guys who don’t remember, Joseline was whooping Stevie J’s a** in therapy. Stevie J does what he does the best and runs out of therapy and is halfway home (on foot) by the time camera’s caught up with him. The therapist tries to understand what just happened and speaks with Joseline. She reveals her troubled past and her absence of parents during childhood. Of course. For some reason, Stevie J has found a way to be in love with both Mimi and Joseline and can’t choose. Mother of my child and woman of 15 years… stripper I found 6 months ago. I mean it is a common and understandable dilemma.

Erika and Scrappy meet up outside, away from their daughter to keep the drama out of the home. Erika confronts Scrappy with the piece of information she has about him attending his mixtape release party with Shay. When asked “have you slept with her?,” Scrappy straight up LIES through his veneers and tells her “no” and continues by telling Erika that if he wanted to, he could because they aren’t together. Oh, really? Then why did you lie, Scrappy? Later in the episode, Momma Dee pays Scrappy a visit and he tells her that he is considering taking Erika back. This sends Momma Dee over the edge causing her to call Erika a bicth. No. This is not a typo. As Momma Dee puts it…. Erika is a “BITCH. B-I-C-T-H and in that order.” No, Momma Dee… not in that order. I guess they don’t teach vocabulary on the corners she placed her h*es on!

Joseline pays a visit to Benzino who, eventually, becomes Stevie’s lawyer throughout this episode. Joseline informs Benzino about what went during the therapy session and tells Benzino to convince Stevie to do one more therapy session with her and Mimi to get everything on the table. After, Benzino pays Mimi a visit to get her to be a little calm because in 15 years, Stevie J has ONLY  gotten 1 girl pregnant! His argument could have probably help up if Benzino hadn’t mistakenly called Mimi “Joseline.” Idiot.

As for the juiciness of the show, that is all. Checking up on the rest of the cast, Joseline and Karlie Redd have become the best of friends. Typical. H*es got to stick together. Hopefully, they will both come to their senses about their singing “careers” and Momma Dee can find them a corner to work on! Rasheeda and Kirk are in a much better place and Rasheeda asks Kirk to renew their vows. What a positive example of love! K. Michelle and Rasheeda get into a fight towards the end of the episode when Rasheeda confronts K. Michelle about her allegations of being abused by one of Rasheeda’s friends and K. does not take this lightly…

On the season finale, we get to see if Benzino gives Karlie Redd the ring he’s been carrying; Mimi, Stevie, and Joseline meet up again for another therapy session; Erica and Scrappy talk things out; and Joseline catches Stevie J with another h*e in the studio… oh how the stripper poles have turned!


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