Recap: "Mob Wives Chicago" Episode 10

Things definitely get sexy in this episode of “Mob Wives Chicago” (as you can see by the pic above) as Pia tries her hand in a new trade. Besides this occupation change, things on MWC have been pretty much stagnant as the girls still linger on the previous beef between Pia/Renee vs. Nora.

The episode begins with the breast cancer walk that has been long anticipated and prepared for but, as usual, the girls couldn’t put their differences for one day and a great cause. Leah has one request for the girls in attendance which was to just stick together in a group and, although for a minute they all abided, besties Pia and Renee decided to branch off from the rest of the group because of their inability to cohabit with Nora in the same vicinity.

We really get to see how close Pia and Renee get in this episode because they do EVERYTHING together. I am beginning to think that these girls actually… like each other! The two go to do botox together, just as all besties do, in preparation for Pia’s modeling gig! Yup, you read correctly. Pia tries her hand in some modeling. Anyways, during the botox sesh, Renee encourages Pia to talk things out with Nora and tell Nora how she really feels. PAUSE. Where is this coming from? Sounds a bit sketchy coming from the President of the “I Hate Nora” fan club. Is it me or are the girls kicking a dead horse? I can’t be the only one that is over this beef.

Pia finally gets some balls and takes professional pictures. The session started off pretty awkward as Pia couldn’t get her face and body right for the pictures but, surprisingly, Pia began to wow the photographers and get it together when her pal Renee showed up to show some support. It was really shocking to see how Pia relaxed and how happy she was when Renee was there (pics below). Later on, Pia and Leah sit down for a talk and Leah confronts Pia about her being fake. Specifically, Leah calls Pia out by saying her calling Renee “Riri” sounds phony. PAUSE. How was this any of her business? Also, was it not Leah who said that Pia and Renee should talk things out? Ugh.

The episode ends with Nora and Pia meeting once again to talk things out but almost immediately the conversation blows up as both girls came with a point to prove as opposed to actually listening to the other. Pia states that it is almost impossible trying to talk things out with a 50-year old woman and Nora becomes enraged because she is only 48. Really? Nora, it wasn’t that far from the truth.

Next week’s episode is the season finale and the girls take a trip together and Nora finds herself in some trouble after she finally gets a chance to exhume her father’s body… well, maybe just the casket he was supposed to be in.


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