Recap: "Hollywood Exes" Episode 8

Things in this episode of “Hollywood Exes” really took a turn for the worst and had me looking at the characters in a whole new light. Tension between the girls spewed over from the previous episode where the girls took a trip to Palm Springs to do all but relax. Although the initial fight was between Sheree and Jessica, Mayte found herself caught in the middle as she allowed her feelings to interfere with her good judgement.

As you know from the previous episode, it was revealed that Jessica had an abortion which was announced during a fight with Sheree. Jessica invites Sheree out to a lunch where the two talk things out and agree to disagree in their arguments. This was new, to say the least, considering we are used to fights being drawn out over multiple episodes and women being unable to let go of pettiness (see any recap of “Mob Wives Chicago”). Although the two girls clear the air between them, viewers aren’t able to breathe a sigh of relief as one of the other girls, Mayte, is still boiling over Jessica’s comments at Palm Springs.

Mayte visits a fertility clinic in order to find out her options in trying to have a baby. I mean this may sound a bit cruel but it seems that Mayte is feeling this urge to have a baby after her window of opportunity has closed. As the doctor said, her chances of having a baby are pretty slim and considering that older women who give birth to children have a higher risk of having a child with chromosomal abnormalities, I think Mayte’s best bet is to adopt. Mayte meets up with Sheree and Andrea later on to discuss what the doctor’s notes were and to open up about how she feels about Jessica’s abortion. Obviously Mayte has a reason to be upset that Jessica had an abortion, however, I don’t think that should have changed Mayte’s perception of Jessica since the abortion occurred so long ago! Mayte tells the girls that because Jessica threw the word abortion out so nonchalantly, it took a harder blow to Mayte than it would have otherwise. I don’t necessarily believe this because Jessica asked the girls not to bring up the abortion and the girls (Andrea specifically) did anyways.

The episode’s final showdown occurs as the girls all meet for dinner for the first time since Palm Springs. The girls all seem to be in good spirits except for Mayte, who has a bone to pick with Jessica. As the girls sit down to begin their dinner, Mayte immediately interrupts to call Jessica out on things she said in Palm Springs. Jessica immediately gave a, what seemed to be, sincere apology to Mayte and due to Mayte’s inability to think clearly at the moment, Mayte misconstrues the apology and blows up. I can’t be the only one who agreed with Jessica when she called Mayte crazy. Drinks were thrown and Mayte is pulled away from the table by Andrea and Sheree while Nicole stays at the table with Jessica. After clearly feeling uncomfortable, Jessica decides to excuse herself from dinner leaving Nicole at the table by herself.

I didn’t like this episode at all to be honest because the girls, once again, ganged up on Jessica when she, honestly, didn’t do anything wrong. How can you be mad at the girl for a choice she made so long ago? I mean, she didn’t even know Mayte then. Just another example of the foolishness of “Hollywood Exes,” I guess.


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