Recap: "Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta" Episode 8

You guys know what I thought about today… Where will I be in my life when this show is done?…How will I be able to move on? Anyways: To begin, I would like to clear up any confusion… There WILL be a REUNION SHOW for LHHATL with all of the members of the cast on stage! Now on to the recap…

The episode begins with a nice family outing between Mimi and Stevie J and their adorable daughter. It is a progressive step in the right direction but I still am not too fond of Mimi being so willing to open her heart up to Stevie J all over again. He informs Mimi that he is such a changed man and is in a different state of mind (after one session? right.) and would like to meet up with the therapist again… but this time with Joseline. I really don’t understand his attachment to that man. I mean, what future is he so sure she will have that he doesn’t want to let her go? Joseline and Karlie Redd meet up for the first time since Stevie J asked them both to collaborate on a song and Joseline informs Karlie Redd that she will not being a song with her because Stevie J no longer has a say over what she does. Karlie Redd tells Joseline about her relationship with Benzino and the girls talk as if they are old pals….FAKE!

Rasheeda pays a visit to the studio to meet up with Scrappy to collaborate on a track and Rasheeda is caught off-guard when she sees Shay with him and witnesses her give him a goodbye kiss on the lips. At this point in the show I am PRAYING that Rasheeda tells her homegirl Erica! Rasheeda prepares to perform with Scrappy at his mixtape release party and invites K.Michelle, Mimi, and Ariane. Of course, Rasheeda fills the girls in on the up and up with Shay and Scrappy. Scrappy and Shay arrive together which puts the girls on high alert, specifically K. Michelle, who takes it upon herself to tell Erica herself. K. Michelle later meets up with Erica and informs her about Shay and Scrappy. Even though she is trying to have a strong exterior, you can tell Erica is hurt by this. I can see the pain in your voice Erica, I can hear it in your eyes! LOL!  
Rasheeda and her husband Kirk decides to go in to meet with Deb (CEO of Mizzy Ent.) and simply put… it was a disaster. Kirk comes in on the defense and Deb and him go at it. Deb tells him frankly… you are the reason why Rasheeda’s career hasn’t taken off. Kirk answers by telling Deb that it isn’t his fault and its not his problem. The award for the WORST MANAGER EVER: Kirk. Of course, this meeting opens the ground for the most awkward car ride ever for the two and instead of clearing things up… the meeting has made it worst. Sigh… I really hope this doesn’t wreck their relationship.

Now for the moment we’ve been waiting for: the three-way counseling session. Mimi and Stevie J arrive to counseling together and Joseline arrives shortly after. Joseline gives the rundown of her and Stevie J’s relationship and as she is talking… Stevie J wipes the sweat off her nose! The therapist calls him out on his actions and when Mimi lets Joseline know that she is still with Stevie J and lives with him… Joseline pounces on Stevie J and WHOOPS HIS A**!!! Joseline made whooping Stevie’s behind so easy… why was Scrappy struggling when they fought? Anyways, Stevie J does his classic move and runs away and Joseline goes crazy on the crew!

The episode ends here but before I go:


This is a photo of the K. Michelle and Shay at Scrappy’s mixtape release party. If you’ve read before… K. Michelle SNITCHED on Shay to Erica about her relationship with Scrappy but apparently was all buddy-buddy with her at his party. The thirst is real, y’all. 

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