Recap: "Bad Girls Club" Episode 5

Oh, the shade on this episode! I have never seen such a dense amount of hate in one episode. It’s not even consistent hate… it’s seasonal hate, meaning these girl’s don’t have any one girl for a specific reason. They hate every girl at a different point in time for no reason.

The episode begins with Erika and Rima battling it out. Well let me correct myself: it was a massacre.  Erika definitely got the belt for this fight for going H.A.M. in one of the most brutal fights in BGC history (next to Stasi’s hand-delivered a**-whooping to Shelly). I know what everyone is thinking… “what about the fight in season 8 with the twins?”… well that wasn’t a fight, it was a jump. The twins were two punks who got beatdown by 5 other punks. Back to this season: the producers of this show have really showed their a** in their decision to kick Erika out. I thought girls got kicked out if they were the first one to throw a punch? If that’s was the case (as it used to be) then Julie should be sent packing and so should Mehgan! But nope, their reasoning for throwing out Erika was because the punch to the face was too brutal! Come on now, you can see Erika and know she was going to pretty girl bounce on the other girls… y’all wanted weak fights, then cast weak girls. DUH!

**Moment of silence for Erika A.K.A. Boss B*tch A.K.A. Lucci Vee/ Lucci Two-times/ Lucci Balboa…**

Following Erika’s depature, the rest of the girls are over messing with Rima. What a coincidence. Now that the muscle isn’t around the girls don’t want to mess with Rima anymore. Falen approaches Rima and apologizes to her for the torture they put her through. For the most part, the apology really did seem sincere and Falen was on her best behavior with Rima for the rest of the episode but Falen is a GRADE A HATER in our book, so we are keeping an eye on her.

The picture of the new girl is placed in the house and you can already tell which of the girls had been drinking on that HATERADE! Mehgan immediately feels jealous and goes to the other girls asking if they think that the new girl looks better than her. WHO DOES THAT?! After intensely evaluating the new girl’s picture Mehgan proclaims in confessional with a tone of disgust, “Ugh, she’s black.” PAUSE. B*tch, you’re black! The PABs (Mehgan, Julie, and Falen) individually do their confessional on their thoughts of the new girl and of course, they hate on everything on the new girl. Head to toe. Christina, Ashley, and Rima are definitely more accepting of the thought of a new girl during their individual confessionals and are anticipating her arrival.

Once the new girl (Andrea) arrives, the PABs all give her the cold shoulder leaving Andrea no choice but to bond with the cooler girls. Better for her, she won’t have to deal with the concentrated hate going on with the PABs. The PABs stay home while the other girls head out and Ms. “DON’T TOUCH MY STUFF AND I WON’T TOUCH YOURS” A.K.A Mehgan, goes through all of Andrea’s things to find her last name in order to do a google search. STALKERS.  When Andrea’s pictures come up from a spread in King Magazine, the girls have a field day with the hate: “her boobs are saggy,” “her weave is gross,” “these pictures are horrible.”

The girls all take a trip to La Paz which is apparently different from Cabos San Lucas according to the girls (it all looks the same from my couch). Rima walks into the PABs room to invite Falen out to party and when Mehgan mocks Rima, Falen tells Mehgan to shut her mouth. One point for Falen! When the girls return from a night of partying, a fight ensues between Christina, Ashley and Andrea. Correct me if I’m wrong but this fight began because the girls left Christina to sleep in a room IN PEACE  and when she woke up and found out that she was alone, she went to the other girls to yell at Andrea and Ashley steps in to defend Andrea. Christina was definitely not having Ashley defending herself and busts Ashley upside the head. PAUSE. Shouldn’t this mean that Christina should go home too? Oh, just Erika. Cool. Before the night is done, Christina, Ashley, and Andrea hash things out and cool off.

The episode wraps up with some fun outings with the girls such as swimming with the sharks and riding on a float during a carnival. The girls return from their trip to La Paz and Mehgan, Julie and Ashley have a heart to heart about their exes. The house is definitely calm compared to how it was the past couple of days but everyone has their eyebrows raised about Christina for how crazy she went in La Paz.

Whew! As you can see by the post length, it was a pretty eventful show but things get a bit more eventful next week when Rima and Christina go at it and another girl gets sent home! See ya guys next week!


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