Recap: "Mob Wives Chicago" Episode 9

Things have definitely slowed down this week on MWC but hasn’t come to a halt completely. One thing that I can say is that things are definitely getting… REPETITIVE! I mean the girls are still talking about beefs from 3 episodes ago. I am ready for some new fights! Am I the only one who is tired of hearing Pia and Renee b*tch about Nora?

At the top of the episode, we join Leah, Pia and Renee in a yoga class in which the dangerous duo (Pia and Renee) go on and on with their sh*t talking about Nora. Leah comes to Nora’s defense which I find particularly odd because Leah was defending Renee and Pia a couple of weeks ago. One thing that I did agree with Leah about is… why are these girls still talking about this?! Pia and Renee have definitely found a way to bond over their hate for Nora and even went shopping for bikinis together. Renee actually admits that she genuinely likes Pia! FINALLY! I’m not sure how real this friendship is though, Renee seemed a little fake in her friendliness towards Pia while shopping. When it came time to pay for the merchandise, things got real when a couple of Renee’s cards got DECLINED! embarrassing.  Seems like Renee’s man may have cut her off!

Leah arranges a golf outing for the girls just to ensure that the girls are cool with each other before the breast cancer walk. Poor Leah is trying her hardest to get things to go smoothly during the walk. Christina is still boiling from the beef she has with the dangerous duo for their plot to take Christina’s phone and text Nora. No idea what I am talking about? Read last week’s recap here to get caught up. At a post-golf outing lunch, the girls get together and talk things out. Renee wasn’t afraid to bring Nora’s name up (again) and Captain Save-A-Hoe Christina comes to Nora’s defense and gets into an argument with Pia and Renee. At this point, Leah should just un-invite the girls to the walk because there is no way this will go smoothly.

Christina, being the fake rat that she is, went to Nora and told Nora everything that Pia and Renee said at the golf outing. Ugh. Later on, Renee’s boyfriend Dave… you know the dumbass… stands Renee up for dinner to hash things out. Dave really doesn’t understand that he is a solid 3 who happened to snag a 9. Be humble, Dave, and know your place. The very next day Renee arrives at her shop “Eye Candy” to find police in there trying to remove Renee’s brother, Frankie, from inside. Dave calls the police on Frankie! To be honest, I would too. I mean, Frankie is a scary-looking dude! He looks like he has a mob behind him and a gunman waiting for a signal! Towards the end of the episode, Renee receives a call from her daughter Giana’s dad who is in prison and Renee confronts him for LYING to Giana and telling her that Renee kept him from her!

On next week’s episode, Leah and Pia get into it and Pia stands her ground. Also, Pia comes face to face with Nora one more time!


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