Recap: "Hollywood Exes" Episode 7

FINALLY! The episode I’ve been waiting for this entire season and it was GOOD! There was so much drama and hypocrisy going on… I didn’t know if I was watching “Basketball Wives” or “Hollywood Exes!” Either way I was entertained by the amount of juiciness flying around in this episode.

Sheree announces to the girls while shopping for bikinis that she has set up a girls getaway in Palm Springs at the BEAUTIFUL estate of late Bing Crosby. The girls pack their bikinis and make their way out to sunny Palm Springs but their trip is instantly plagued with arguing! Sheree announces that she will be having veal at dinner that evening and hardcore animal activist Jessica speaks up and calls Sheree a hypocrite for being such a “holy roller” but eating animals. Sheree doesn’t take this lying down and the tension between the two is created.

The girls go to dinner only to find that the previous argument had been in vain because veal wasn’t even on the menu. Crab cakes were though but it surprised the entire group when Jessica was the one who ordered it! Jessica’s reasoning for her choice is that crabs are not capable of thinking and are not mammals. WHAT? So, basically Jessica is a conditional animal activist. Whatever. The next day, Jessica and Nicole stay behind for some drinks by the pool and Mayte, Andrea, and Sheree head to the store and concocted a plan to buy lobsters to show Jessica that they have feelings too! When the girls return to the house, they find Jessica heavily intoxicated and on the verge of passing out. After sleeping it off a bit, Jessica returns to the girls and they fill her in about the lobsters. Offended, Jessica tells them that she won’t join them for that and Andrea questions why she would be so offended if they killed a lobster when she recently had an abortion. Yup, you read correctly! JESSICA HAD AN ABORTION! Jessica’s hypocrisy hit a whole new level! Feeling cornered, Jessica shifts her frustrations to Sheree’s “hypocrisy” and calls her out on her hard-liquor drinking off camera. The fight continues to escalate until Jessica excuses herself from the table. After cooling off, Jessica returns to have dinner with the girls but gives Sheree the cold shoulder and doesn’t refrain from taking cheap shots at her. Real mature Jessica.

The episode ends here but the drama doesn’t. Seems like Mayte also wants a piece of Jessica in next week’s episode. Keep it up Vh1!


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  1. Loved it! Though I am a huge animal lover, I am not a vegan or vegatarian any more. I do feel all living things deserve love, respect and sympathy. We do need to eat. It's a cycle. I normally do love Jessica, but she made no senese in last night's episode. I think she needs to stop the drinking and get her act together.

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