Recap: "Mob Wives Chicago" Episode 8

This week on “Mob Wives Chicago” was pretty disturbing as far as getting to know who the real “Renee” is. The episode focused on Renee’s daughter, Giana, and her trip to the jailhouse to meet her father. Leading up to the trip, Giana begins to slowly piece evidence in her past that suggests that Renee may have kept Giana from her dad… which is not what Renee has been telling her.

Leah decides that she wants to be proactive in her mom’s fight against breast cancer and wants to get all the girls together to participate in the breast cancer walk. In teaming up for the walk, Leah also wants to get the girls together to make matching shirts. BAD IDEA! The girls meet up for the shirt making party (minus 1: Nora sits out for obvious reasons) and, of course, tempers flare when Leah announces that Nora will be attending the event with the rest of the girls. Good for Nora for putting the BS aside to participate in a more serious event such as the breast cancer walk. Pia and Renee, who are BFFs at this point, begin in the Nora-bashing but Christina has another bone to pick with Pia and Renee. We learn that Renee used Christina’s phone to text Nora and harass her and Pia, being the accomplice, purposely lured Christina away from her phone so that Renee could do it! Okay, I am usually Team Pia and Renee but that is taking it a bit too far. Christina confronts the two and Renee says “I said it was me!” Unfortunately Renee, that doesn’t make it better: Not your phone, not your business.

Renee celebrates her victory of winning custody of her younger daughter, Isabella but is still plagued by the fact that her older daughter, Giana, is still bent on going to see her father in prison. Giana is clearly confused about the entire situation because her entire life, her mother has been telling her that her father doesn’t care about her because he never comes around and Giana is beginning to realize that may not be the truth. She starts to piece different parts of her childhood that proved that her mother may have been keeping Giana away from her dad. One example of this is when Giana reveals that when she was younger, her father came around to see her and her mother ordered her nanny to take Giana in the house and call the police. If this is true, Renee may definitely be losing some brownie points because as a daddy’s girl, I know how important it is to have that relationship with the dad. I understand if the dad wanted to be a jerk and not come around but if he wanted to see his daughter and she was keeping that from happening: No Bueno, Renee!

Next week’s episode gets a bit interesting when the cops pay a little visit to Renee’s business… I wonder what that’s all about!


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