Recap: "Bad Girls Club" Episode 4

Wow. That’s all I could say about this week’s episode of BGC.  These girls are NO JOKE! I remember back in the day when I wanted to be in the BGC house but after this episode… I’m not too sure I could handle it! (Hehe, just kidding. I would whoop everybody’s a**!) People took to Twitter like crazy during this episode voicing their negative opinion towards Erika’s actions during the show. In any other situation, I would probably agree, but this is the BAD GIRLS CLUB. Can’t handle it? Don’t sign up for it!

The episode begins with the Erika and Rima fight from the previous episode where Erika confronts Rima for telling the PABs that Erika told Rima not to be friends with them. Rima tells Erika that she doesn’t want to bring Charlie (Rima’s weird alter ego) out and when Erika insists that Rima bring him out… Rima backs down. SURPRISE! Watching this, Julie calls Rima a lying, scheming rodent which is particularly funny because this fight between Erika and Rima was all apart of a SCHEME Julie concocted to break the friends up. Ugh. The whole house turns against Rima except for blondie Ashley who has built a great bond with Rima.

The girls devise a plan to pack all of Rima’s things and place her things outside. Hmm… didn’t the girls make a pact that no matter what, nobody touches each other’s things? Anyways, Ashley finds herself in the middle and has to choose between betraying Rima and not telling her or telling Rima and feeling the wrath of the other girls. Like a true friend, Ashley does break down and tells Rima what they are doing. Erika decides to confront Rima one more time and just suddenly… breaks into dance. It was BY FAR, one of the funniest moments in BGC history and for your viewing pleasure, HERE IT IS:

Alright, back to the topic. Julie also tries to get a taste of bullying Rima and starts to push and shove her. This IMMEDIATELY backfires when they begin to fight and Rima delivers to Julie a fresh can of whoop-a**! Julie, the delusional PAB she is, believes that she won the fight but is COMPLETELY wrong… I mean, Rima kicked her in the face! The next day while Rima was out on a beach outing with Ashley, the girls do the PLAYED-OUT “throw the mattress in the pool” stint. Christina is beginning to get tired of the others girls’ antics and later offers Rima an apology for the bullying of the other girls.

Things heat up later in the episode when Rima’s friend calls the house demanding to speak to the “nappy headed h*e from Chicago” (referring to Erika). When Erika gets word of this, she goes H.A.M. on the bullying of Rima. To be honest, that is perfect grounds for an a**-whooping because that is proof that Rima was talking behind her back… but that’s just me. Ashley tries to calm the tensions of the house by arranging a group salsa class for all of them to attend. Everyone agrees to attend except Erika who does not want to go if Ratatouille Rima is going. In the final showdown of the episode, Erika takes a low blow when she suggests that being Rima is easy because if Erika wanted to have a baby for a guy who wouldn’t take care of it like Rima did, she can do it. Rima finally steps to Erika and a fight between the two breaks out and Erika looks like she was killing Rima… we won’t find out till next week’s episode!


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  1. Best season of the whole franchise!!

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