New Shows Coming to Da Boss Is Speakin!

Da Boss Is Speakin is now adding some more shows to the lineup! After some careful consideration and some weeding out, Da Boss Is Speakin will be adding 4 additional shows to the site, in which it will provide updates, recaps, and photos of each episode.

Girlfriend Confidential: LA 

I couldn’t get enough of her on “America’s Next Top Model” and now Eva has her own show with her gal pals on Oxygen! This show appears to have its fair share of cattiness and sassiness amongst the girls and I am excited to see what it has to offer. The show, in fact, is supposed to be launched with a similar show, “Girlfriend Confidential: NY” but no word of its developments have been released yet. Don’t be confused by the picture though, Eva isn’t the only one with something going on. Each of these ladies epitomize the word “independent woman”; the cast also includes Nikki Chu (interior and product designer), Denyce Lawton (actress) and Kelly Marie Dunn (talent manager). The new series premieres Monday September 3 at 11pm on Oxygen!

Ev and Ocho

Like everyone else, I am very skeptical about how legitimate the relationship that Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco (who changed his name back to Johnson) really is. Their relationship does make good television though, which was featured on multiple episodes of “Basketball Wives” season 4. Now the pair have their own show which will be 8 episodes and a two-part finale of the wedding. Well, that’s convenient. Whatever the case may be, I don’t doubt that they’re attracted to each other but LOVE… I don’t know. I will be tuned in though. The new series premieres early September (updates coming soon) on Vh1! 

Basketball Wives: LA 

The “Basketball Wives” empire is probably one of the most controversial and highly critiqued on television today. This may be one of the reasons why I am so addicted. While the LA version may not be as entertaining as the original (mainly due to the absence of Evelyn and Tami) “Basketball Wives: LA” does give me my fair share of juiciness! With the removal of one of my favorites, Imani, the second season has added two more groupies to the line up: Bambi and Brooke Bailey, both of which have “Video Vixen” on their resume. Of course. This should be interesting… The new season of BBWLA premieres early September (more updates coming soon) on Vh1! 

Man! September is going to be pretty exciting! Like other shows on Da Boss Is Speakin, these shows will be featured on a probationary status… meaning if the show fails to entertain, I will fail to blog about it! I mean… this is an ENTERTAINMENT BLOG! Why would I blog about something that isn’t entertaining, right?


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