Recap: "Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta" Episode 7

This season is definitely slowing down but I won’t be fooled… I know it’s just because it is leading to a big finish! This episode didn’t have as many OMG moments as the other episodes but it sure did have its share of “Oh No He Didn’t!” moments:

Mimi meets up with K. Michelle in her studio where K. Michelle surprises Mimi with a slow jam that she wrote for her! It was a very nice gesture coming from K. Michelle and it sounded really beautiful… especially compared to that fail of a diss track she wrote about Joseline and Karlie Redd (listen here). Joseline hits up the studio to record her track with… NOT STEVIE! As we learned last episode, Joseline has been stepping out on Stevie J by seeing other producers to make her tracks. Stevie J makes a surprise visit while Joseline is recording her track in the studio and uses his usual mind games on her. Joseline has really been stepping up her game because she was not having it! Stevie even went out on a limb to say that they will stop having sex in which Joseline steps up to say “You can’t leave this alone!” I’m really starting to like this dude!

Has anyone else noticed that Benzino has the HUGEST head EVER? Anyways, Karlie Redd spends countless nights at Benzino’s house (well, let’s say 7 nights since they really “met” like a week before) and Benzino surprises her with a key to his house. In response, Karlie Redd let’s Benzino know that her manager has some concerns about her dating Benzino considering that Benzino and his career are cold. *PAUSE.* If Benzino and his career are cold, what does that make Karlie Redd and her career? FROZEN?! Karlie, boo, Benzino had a career. Has a career. You? You are a career groupie with a fake a**. Sit down. Benzino doesn’t keep quiet and asks Karlie the same thing if that means she isn’t cold?

At an event, Stevie J and his band performs a song for Mimi in which Stevie J does not  apologize but instead, complains about how sick and tired of all of the fighting. Duh! If you are tired of fighting… stop messing up! Stevie J then pulls Mimi to the side in which Mimi breaks down about how hurt she was by his actions. If this show is scripted, Mimi may be trying to work on her Academy award because that girl put on her Angela Bassett face and put on the performance of her life!

Basic a** Scrappy and his now girlfriend Shay discuss Erika reneging on her agreement to take Scrappy off of child support and Scrappy opens up and tells Shay that he wants to get a lawyer. Scrappy has to be one of the most thirsty, basic “men” (which I use the term loosely) that I’ve ever seen. Who plans to take their baby momma to court to be removed from child support? Scrappy is broke enough and he wants to WASTE money trying to take Erica to court? Boy, sit down.

The episode wraps up when Mimi and Stevie J see the therapist that they agreed to see. It began pretty well when Stevie J finally admits that he is a liar but goes left when Stevie J also admits that he loves Joseline but “as a friend.” Right.  The therapist doesn’t neglect to call out that Mimi has definitely been an enabler to Stevie J’s actions. In delving deeper, it is revealed that Mimi was kicked out by her mother when she was 13 and Stevie J doesn’t know his mother which is great in revealing why these two have their sick attachment to others.

In the preview for next week’s episode, the love triangle (Joseline, Mimi, and Stevie J) seek group therapy and Benzino seems to be getting a little sprung over Karlie’s cat when he goes ring shopping! My heart might give out by the end of this season! This show needs an Emmy!


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