Recap: "Hollywoods Exes" Episode 6

Oh, thank you Vh1 gods for delivering the first episode of “Hollywood Exes” that I didn’t feel like I was going to die of boredom. Before continuing, please take a minute to observe the amount of FINE-ness that these ladies have. They were OWNING it with these belly dancing outfits. I mean look at those BODS! I know you are wondering what occasion would these women ever be belly dancing?… Hang on tight. 
The three bachelorettes of the show (Mayte, Jessica, and Andrea) all go to a singles mixer and Andrea says it best… those men looked like SERIAL KILLERS! Besides the fact that this “singles mixer” only had the three girls and four guys, the matchmaker of the night was a complete bust forcing the group to take part in silly games to “get to know them.” Nicole is faced with a new challenge in which she has sold her house before finding a new one to live in. Wow! In speaking with her assistant, although I am not too sure why she would need one, Nicole decides she needs to go out house hunting. After looking at a beautiful house with a great view, Nicole passed because it was too small. I understood when she said the dining room (which only fit 8-10 people) was too small considering the fact that her and her man Michael Strahan have so many kids, but when the broad said that she wants a movie theater and a bowling alley… Who does she think she is? The Queen of Zamunda? (Coming to America  reference). 
Anyways, Andrea’s assistant, Tony, throws Andrea a bone and hooks her up with his barber, Percy. For some odd reason, on their date, Andrea felt compelled to reveal that she was once married to R. Kelly. Boo, that’s too big of a bomb to throw out there on the first date! Percy is definitely a keeper, though, he swallowed that pill like a champ! 
Later in the episode, Mayte prepares the girls for a belly dancing performance to be done at Mayte’s mother’s birthday celebration. Can I just say, Mayte’s mom is the cutest  thing I’ve ever seen! The girls arrive in their belly dancing attire (above) and unable to hold it in anymore, the girls mention just how big Andrea’s butt is! THANK YOU! I was beginning to think that I was the only one who noticed! Percy makes an appearance and like little girls, the girls grill Percy and try to find his intentions with their baby Andrea. He makes a pretty good impression till he drops the bomb that he has multiple baby mamas but refers to them as “friends”. Nice Save! The girls finally hit the stage for their performance and beside a couple of blips, they did a pretty good job and looked amazing doing it! Even Mayte’s mom jumps in for some belly dancing fun! 
Next week, however, things get real when the girls get into a heated debate concerning Jessica’s unwillingness to eat certain animals and Sheree’s possible hypocrisy in eating them! This should be good! 

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