Kristen Stewart Cheating: She Wanted to Get Caught!

I CAN’T be the only one who was thinking this! I refuse to believe that this girl did not think the media wasn’t going to catch on… I mean does this picture look like the picture of a couple who wants to keep things on the low? Plus, I have come across some pretty interesting details that may suggest that this whole thing may be a ploy! If you’ve been living under a rock and have no idea what I am talking about… it was revealed this week by Us Weekly that Kristen Stewart has been doing the dirty with her Snow White and the Huntsman  director, Rupert Sanders.

I have come to the conclusion that many of these girls that we watch grow up in front of our eyes in Movies and on TV either turn to drugs or promiscuity… you can take a guess what Kristen Stewart chose. But in a recent interview with Elle Magazine, Kristen Stewart said: “I can’t wait for something crazy to f*cking happen to me.” Guess impulse got the best of Kristen and the Twilight  star went bed hopping.

I cannot even imagine how much disdain Team Edward has for Kristen Stewart but really… no one saw this coming? She is the star of a movie in which she stuck between loving two men. Anywho, with her shocking pseudo-confession to Elle Magazine and the plenty of photos that have surfaced of the two lovers out and about, I have concluded: SHE WANTED TO GET CAUGHT! Twilight  is one the biggest films ever made, how does Kristen figure she can move around with a married man without being spotted?

That apology though…. save it Kristen. Apologies after being caught are apologies for being caught. If you were genuinely concerned about Edward’s Robert Pattinson’s heart, you would have kept your legs closed or broke up with him before bed hopping. I may get some harsh comments for this, but if she’s gonna act like an adult she needs to take it like an adult (sexual innuendo intended). Robert Pattinson has been completely quiet about the whole incident, most likely due to embarrassment, and has even moved out of his home that he shared with Kristen.Rupert Sanders’s wife, however, has been speaking out about some of the hardships in their marriage before the affair, specifically, her loneliness while Sander’s is at “work.”

Sadly, this most likely won’t mean career suicide for Kristen Stewart; it may mean the exact opposite. We live in an era where domestic violence, exhibitionism, and other scandals may be the extra push your career needs. This scandal may or may not be a publicity stunt for the “last” (there may be more) of the Twilight  series that is due out in November. However, is it too far-fetched to wonder if the whole Kristen Stewart/Robert Pattinson romance may have been a publicity stunt in itself?



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