Recap: "Bad Girls Club" Episode 3

Can I just say… I LOVE ERIKA AND CHRISTINA! Okay, now that I’ve got that out of the way, time to recap this week’s episode of BGC. This week’s episode was filled with plenty of hate and manipulation and I enjoyed watching every minute of it!

Finally, Mehgan admits that she has no problem when people call her fake because she is fake: her nose, hair and boobs are fake. WOW! I’ve never heard that from a Bad Girl but hey, she is a P.A.B.! Julie is still running her mouth left and right for her unjustified hate for Christina and even Falen is tired of it. Julie is definitely jealous and obsessed of Christina which is completely understandable because Christina is a badder b*tch than she is. The “winners” formerly known as the “not-so-classy” girls (Rima, Christina, Ashley, and Erika) are definitely the fun ones in the house because instead of focusing on what the other girls are doing, they are just being themselves… except for Rima.

Rima, in a drunken stupor, goes to the P.A.B.s (Falen, Mehgan, and Julie) crying and pouring out her heart about her failed friendship with Mehgan. Cue the violins. After going into a drawn-out explanation about how Rima and Mehgan had a legally binding pinky promise to be BFFs, the “winners” come out to pick up their mess (photo above). Sigh. To be honest, I thought that Ashley would be the crazy, trashy one of the group because of her free-spirit, but Rima DEFINITELY takes the cake for trash of the house.

Later, the P.A.B.s do their usual routine in the confessional and talk their usual smack about the rest of the girls while Christina is outside eavesdropping. The girls walk out and catch Christina eavesdropping which leads into round two of Christina and Julie. Julie makes it a point that she is always the one to hit Christina first, however, considering that Christina always tosses Julie like salad, I would say that Julie shouldn’t take much pride in that.

Julie is not a dumb one though. Her and her minions concoct a plan to turn the “winners” against one another which actually works! After apologizing and hashing things out with Christina, Julie goes behind Rima’s back and tells Erika that Rima told the P.A.B.s that the “winners” told her not to hang out with them. It did bother me how easily the “winners” fell into wack a** Julie’s trap but Rima did say it.

In next week’s episode, Erika checks Rima for her statements and the rest of the girls join forces to get Rima out of the house. Now, why couldn’t they do this for Mehgan? Ugh!


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