Recap: "Mob Wives Chicago" Episode 7

This week “Mob Wives Chicago” was definitely the Captain Save-A-H*e Edition in which Christina goes around and tries to plead Nora’s case and no one was trying to hear it…

The episode begins with the fight at Christina’s party from the last episode and specifically focuses on the horrific claim Nora made towards Renee about her father raping her every day when Renee was younger. Just posting about it sends a chill down my spine. If Renee ever confided that to Nora, Nora shouldn’t have ever brought it up in that fight anyways. They were fighting about something completely different and that was completely out of line. By the way that Renee reacted, I’m assuming that it was a lie which still leaves Nora in the wrong. After Nora leaves the party, Christina begins to attack Pia for waiting until Renee said something to Nora to say something to Nora herself. *Pause.* Christina, weren’t you the one who called Nora back to the party? Christina personally saw how riled up Pia and Renee were getting after Nora left but still demanded her return… did she think that they were going to hash things out like women? Please refer to Renee’s (Original Mob Wife) party.

I am beginning to come to the conclusion that all these women do is go out to eat and drink because this ENTIRE episode consisted of meetings in restaurants. Anyways, Christina meets up with Nora and Nora reveals her face post- fight (photo above). Personally, it did scare the sh*t out of me but I just imagined that is how Nora would look without makeup. They talk about the fight and Christina is so sympathetic for what Nora is going through which, to me, is so FAKE of Christina! If you cared about the girl, you would of respected her wishes to leave the first time.

Christina’s “Save-A-H*e” campaign begins in which Christina goes to each girl and tries to evoke some kind of sympathy for Nora. Christina probably shouldn’t have made her first stop of this campaign with Leah, who had her own strong opinions of what occurred that night. As Christina tells Leah how she feels responsible for the fight (duh!) and that Nora looks so horrible (duh!), Leah flat out responds: “she deserved it!” AMEN LEAH! As a daddy’s girl myself, I think that Nora deserved the a**-whooping and Leah, being a daddy’s girl too, knows how it feels when someone says something about her father. I woulda fought too. Flat out, as Leah so eloquently put it: “If you can’t fight, shut your mouth!”

Next stop on Christina’s tour: Pia. Futilely, Christina tries again to get some emotion out of Pia but is shot down when Pia also tells her that Nora deserves it. Sigh. Christina, do you get it now? NOPE, because she also tries to get sympathy out of Renee. No idea why she even bothered… Pia and Renee finally meet up to talk things out again after briefly putting aside their differences at Christina’s party. Renee gives Pia a heart-felt apology but in the same breath lets Pia know that stripping for 15 years is BS. I agree and the two begin to bicker about Renee’s statement until Pia drops the bomb that she is quitting stripping! Oh thank goodness! I really like Pia and I am glad that she is ready to move on with her life! Renee is equally excited for Pia and I am actually happy to see where their “friendship” leads.

Unlike the Vh1 tradition, this episode did not end with a fight. Nora goes in for a wine tasting of her wine she personally created to commemorate her father. This event is particularly uninteresting but I was definitely caught off-guard when Nora takes a sip of her wine and states: “it feels like my father is inside me… tingling” *Pause*… But Renee’s father was the molester?…. Right.

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