Recap: "Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta" Episode 6

Hmm… this weeks episode was not as crazy as the previous weeks but was more focused on tying lose ends here and there with the entire cast… including Mimi and Joseline. But that’s later….

Stevie J FINALLY does one thing correct and goes to put his hoe, Joseline, in check after she sends Mimi threatening texts but Joseline fights back. She reveals that since her and Stevie J are supposedly dating, Stevie J shouldn’t be concerned with what Joseline sends to Mimi. Wow, that man is pretty determined to be Stevie J’s main thing. Anyways, Stevie J throws out the only card he has and once again threatens to end her career. Stevie, when are you going to get it? That n*gga has no future in the business. Mama Dee and Shay meet up to discuss Scrappy and his relationship with Erica like the two rats that they are and can I just say that I definitely do not like Mama Dee? She was basically hinting that Shay fights Erica. Maybe its because Mama Dee used to be a pimp which is why she favors that hoe but Mama Dee really needs to take a seat. Ugh.

Karlie Redd and K. Michelle meet up and, similar to the Erica and Joseline meet up, I was very disappointed that K. Michelle wasn’t acting more like a lady even though Karlie Redd was trying her hardest to have a simple conversation with her.

Joseline is definitely trying to make her way into this business by any means necessary. This is made known when Joseline reveals that she has been speaking to other producers to try to make music elsewhere. As much as it pains me to say it, good for her. Part of Joseline’s disgustingness is her sick attachment to Stevie J (the other part is the fact that she has been a stripper). She also reveals that she has changed her number so Stevie J can’t contact her. Man, you got to be some kind of low if Joseline dumps YOU.

Scrappy and Erica meet up when Scrappy comes over to pick up a couch from Erica’s house. In their conversation, I finally get to see how big of a SCRUB Scrappy is. I am sorry to the Scrappy fans, I was one of you guys too, but after watching how Scrappy is with Erica… he is a SCRUB! After having a conversation about how much they do love each other Scrappy shoves in there that he wants Erica to take him off of child support. Sigh. I will be soooo done with Erica if she does that. Even Erica’s mom warns Erica not to do that!

Rasheeda goes out to outside management after her husband completely drops the ball in packing a club for the premiere of “Marry Me.” (Don’t worry guys, you don’t have to search elsewhere: the video is at the bottom!) Anyways, in meeting with outside management, Rasheeda realizes that the main reason for her failures in the business is her husband. Wow. Tough pill to swallow, but Rasheeda has to realize that it’s very true! She confronts the issue to her husband Kirk and admits that she went to meet up with outside management which, of course, puts a wedge between them. Personally, I feel that if Kirk wants Rasheeda to make it big, he should take a step back, let professionals handle it, and be quiet as he rakes in the benefits of being married to her.

Mimi and Joseline meet up at the end of the episode and once again Joseline is being a
grown man woman and apologizes for getting pregnant by Mimi’s man. They have a mini heart-to-heart which was actually great to see because they were both being women! But as Mimi so perfectly put it, in not so many words… we still don’t trust that hoe.

Next week, Mimi takes Stevie J up on his offer to go to therapy. Yes, I do think they need it for the sake of their daughter but if Mimi takes that n*gga back… I’ll be DONE with Mimi, too!

Here is Rasheeda’s new video… coulda been better if she had a better team….

I have purposely omitted the date with Benzino and Karlie Redd due to the fact that it is too STAGED to mention. 

What do you guys think about Rasheeda’s video and Episode 6 of LHHATL? Comment Below and check out the LHHATL Forums! 


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  1. WOOOOOOOOW! That video…hoe anthem! It aint for me. Well, maybe because I am not a hoe.

  2. My gosh thats what it all about! Wonderful and smart women stay away from ghettoness like this!

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