PUBLICITY STUNT ALERT: J. Lo Speaks Out About Her New Man!

Someone PLEASE tell me they caught the interview J. Lo recently did about her tour with Enrique Inglesias and her new boyfriend, “Casper” Smart. Not only was J. Lo shameless enough to promote her tour in the same breath as speaking about her boyfriend, but she also had no shame going on television with those eyebrows!

Oh, and get this: her new man/tour choreographer, is 18 years her junior! Didn’t J. Lo learn her lesson about dating her dancers? Also, how is she suppose to explain to her kids that she is dating their baby-sitter. Well, in her defense, by the time that they’re old enough to know what a baby-sitter is… he’ll be LONG gone. J. Lo… I was a big fan when you was “Jenny from the Block” and even though you are becoming a victim of  what is happening to music, I still listen to your music… But if I have to hear this “love at first sight” schtick from you again, I am going to lose it! We all see through this and even though I thought that Marc Anthony was another publicity stunt, I was beginning to think that it was real and you got this out your system… guess not….


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