Recap: "Hollywood Exes" Episode 5

Took me a minute to write this post because as I stated in the last post about “Hollywood Exes” last time, this show is definitely losing a fan in me but luckily for Vh1 this episode picked up a bit… just slightly. The episode begins with Nicole Murphy and her daughter Bria shopping and all I could think of is: wow, they are both stunning! Bria is currently a model and is encouraging her mother to get into back into modeling. Nicole listens to her daughter’s advice and takes a modeling gig and I was left absolutely speechless. Take a look at it for yourself: 
See what I mean? Later on, Jessica is forced into telling Josie herself about Jose not coming to move in with them. Josie brushes it off but it really was sad to watch because you could tell that Josie was genuinely hurt by that. Andrea finally holds her first dance class but unfortunately only 3 girls and Mayte show up. Poor Andrea was pretty upset but those girls got the class of their life because they were taught how to shake their a**es by a woman with one of the nicest butts I’ve ever seen! Nicole and Sheree go on the hunt for a nice white man for Andrea at the local farmer’s market and definitely show how desperate they are by picking anything that comes their way. Oh, but they were utterly surprised when one man tells them flat out “I’m here for tomatoes, not you.” OUCH! 
The show wraps up with Mayte’s embarrassing blind date with some fool that Nicole set her up with. This was CLEARLY a sick joke planned by Nicole and the rest of the girls because there is no way that Nicole could logically think that man would make a good couple with beautiful Mayte. Mayte was so turned off by this guy that she, out of nowhere, started coughing up a storm just to have an excuse not to kiss him later! HA! 
Anyways, things may be picking up with this show or I may be moving on! I won’t leave you guys hanging… we have much more HOT topics coming soon! 

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  1. Really good episode, I'm finally starting to get into this show fully now that it's had a few episodes to get its bearings together and establish characters. I'm especially fond of Andrea – first off because I like her strong spirit, and second because anybody who was married to R. Kelly has had to deal with some shit. Glad to see her teacher her first master dance class, and also thought it was cool that they used Arama Mara's "Don't You Bring Me Down" during that scene as it seems to embody a lot of what Andrea is all about.

  2. Definitely! Andrea has been the favorite from the beginning for that exact reason: strong spirit! She is HILARIOUS! The show is beginning to take off and I can't wait for Andrea's blind date this week!

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