Recap: "Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta" Episode 5

I don’t even know where to start with this one! This episode begins with Joseline and Erica meeting up to talk things out after the fight. To be honest, I was expecting another fight so I was on the edge of my seat, and guessing by how the conversation went, Erica was ready for one too. Joseline kept her cool and even apologized for accusing Erica of sleeping with Stevie J. It completely caught me off guard how mature Joseline was being and how immature Erica was acting. I understand that you don’t like someone and won’t be fake, but I mean the girl just apologized for coming at you; Erica was too hostile. Don’t get it twisted though, I am still #TeamNOhoes!

The classiest girl on the show, Ariane, pays Mimi a visit to talk about Mimi throwing Stevie J’s things out. Ariane gets too much respect from me for openly acknowledging that Mimi is also at fault for what Stevie J is  doing. A man does what a woman allows him to. Scrappy has a heart asthma attack, plays dead and then complains to his mother about Erica’s absence during the incident. Scrappy, boo, it was an asthma attack. I understand those things may be severe but if it was as severe as Scrappy made it seem, he would have been thanking God that he didn’t die, not complaining that Erica wasn’t there. Scrappy complains more than a b*tch about the things that Erica doesn’t do, instead of being grateful for things that she does do. He’s worst than Martin:

I know you guys remember the episode… But let’s continue. As Erica explained to Momma Dee…”he’s asthmatic, he’s going to have asthma attacks.” I’m sure this wasn’t the first attack Scrappy has had so he should know by now what to expect from them.

Shay goes over Scrappy’s house and the first thing I thought was… The f*ck she got on her head! Didn’t her weave look like Gina when she got her head stuck in the headboard and tried to cover it up with weave?

Ok, enough with the Martin references. Shay questions whether or not Scrappy ever can see them two together and Scrappy says yes. I almost threw up in my mouth. Then, Scrappy kisses her on the mouth; then I threw up. YUCK! Scrappy picks a fight with Erica later on in the episode just to find a reason to break up with her and poor Erica runs to her girls about the break-up. Poor thing tells them she, honestly, doesn’t think there is someone else. I hope Erica finds out and whoops Shay a**

Karlie Redd’s thirsty, deflated a** meets up with Stevie J, where she tells Stevie J that she is managed by Cash Money. This strikes me as odd seeing as Cash Money can make her a star and record songs with her  but doesn’t do it. HA! Cash Money signed her because they want to make money off of her JUST IN CASE she does make it big but doesn’t want to waste the time and money to put her out there. Stevie J asks Joceline to collaborate on a track with Karlie Redd which sends Joseline over the top but Stevie J, being the pimp that he is, puts his hoe in check and tells Joseline that she will be doing this track. (Side note: Did anyone catch that WACK two step Karlie Redd busted out on stage?)

K. Michelle and Karlie Redd finally meet up to discuss the bullsh*t that Karlie Redd has been pulling by going to K. Michelle’s producer and informing him that he is “messing with the wrong artist.” Right out the gate, K. Michelle points out Karlie Redd’s knock-off jewelry. HA! The two bicker like girls but things escalate when K. Michelle tells Karlie Redd that Karlie has f*cked everyone in the game and Karlie Redd responds by telling K. Michelle that she’s done it too and that she has K. Michelle on tape. I guess Joseline isn’t the only one who has made it to the big screen. K. Michelle hits Karlie Redd with her napkin and then is whisked off into a bathroom by security.

I’ve decided: Mona Scott-Young deserves an Oscar or an Emmy after this show ends because she is really a genius for casting these woman and setting up these events. Next week’s episode gets interesting when Rasheeda searches for outside management (which means she may fire her husband) and Joseline and Mimi meet up once again!


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